The starting point is the need to see my lovely home clean.

Hi, my name is Sam Oskun, founder of GreatCleaningGear.com. Actually I have engineering background, as a result, at home I have been appointed as CFO, and CTO (Chief Fixing Officer, and Chief Technology Office) of my start up family. The CEO (you know who) assigned me to seek for any cleaning equipment to make our life easier since both of us are very busy outside. She really needs to see our sweet home clean as if we are in our little paradise. Of course I agree with her vision. With this responsibility, I gradually familiar with various kind of cleaning equipment for home use.

Thanks for my neighbors that ask me for the advice to select the right vacuum, steam mop, carpet cleaner for their house, I expand my knowledge in this kind of equipment. I eventually create small blog to share my expertise to others and make some commission.


Sam Oskun