Are Oreck Vacuums Any Good

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Are Oreck Vacuums Any Good?

Oreck Commercial XL

Most homeowners are always in search of a vacuum cleaner that can tackle every floor type, cranny and nook and that is what you get by purchasing Oreck vacuum cleaners. Oreck has been in operation for over fifty years, and their business model has always been centred on the provision of high-quality vacuum cleaners that meet their client’s cleaning needs. This outline will explore the different aspects of the Oreck vacuum cleaners to guide you in deciding whether they are right or not right for you.

How They Work

The vacuum cleaners are designed with a motor which runs using electricity from your outlet. The motor spins the fan which has angle blades that push air up towards the bag. The air moves from areas of high pressure to low pressure, and this is how dirt is removed from your floor.

Apart from the fan, the vacuum cleaner also comes with a rotating brush that sweeps your floor. The brush is usually pushed back and forth, and this serves the purpose of loosening any trapped dust or dirt particles stuck in the carpet that would otherwise not have been picked by the air pressure.

Once the vacuum cleaner has sucked in the dirt and air particles the high-pressure area above your fan makes them move upwards, and this is where the air and dirt enter the porous bag. The bag then allows air to pass through, but it’s dense enough to trap any dust, dirt and other large particles from your floor.

What’s included in the Box

Apart from the vacuum cleaner, you will get additional four piece attachment kit including four bonnets for the head. This means that you can attach different tools making it easier to clean any surface apart from floors.


Oreck vacuum cleaners have a reservoir that doesn’t spill when turned upside down. This is one of the reasons that make them extremely versatile. They not only come in handy when vacuuming upholstery in your car but they are also perfect for ground in the dirt around the sinks in your kitchen and on the grout of tiles in your bathroom.

If you are ready to spend more on oreck vacuum cleaners, you should buy different attachment (if not included) to handle any crevices where dirt can hide. Also, you need to ensure that the size of the mop head meets the cleaning requirement for the area you are working on. If the head is too large, you will have issues getting into corners or to the edges, and if it’s too small, it will take longer to clean.

Most oreck vacuums are lightweight with the upright weighing between seven to nine pounds and the canister 3 to 5 pounds. With such a weight and given their portability the cleaners can easily be taken up and down stairs. Additionally, you can include different attachments which can be used to clean your ceiling, walls as well as vacuuming your car.

HEPA Filtration

One of the main reason why most homeowners highly sort the vacuum cleaners is the fact that they are not only designed to remove dirt and dust particles but they can also get rid of 99% of allergens and dust keeping your home sanitized.

Thanks to the saniseal system the dust bag automatically shuts locking in the dirt. With this technology changing bags is a lot more effortless. Unlike the bagless machine canister, you won’t have to empty the bags as often since one bag can hold as many as four bagless dust cups.

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Are oreck vacuums good?

Maintaining Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Oreck vacuum cleaners don’t require much attention, but simple maintenance practices can prevent them from breaking down which might lead to costly repairs. Here are some of the ways on how to maintain your vacuum cleaner to boost its longevity.

1. Unplug Before Performing Any Maintenance

If your vacuum cleaner turns on unexpectedly, there are high chances that it might injure you and it’s prudent that it’s always unplugged. What’s more, don’t forget to check whether your cleaner has a ground prong and if it’s missing have it installed before using.

2. Check And Replace The Bag When Full

A bag that’s halfway full can be difficult to clean. You should keep in mind that air must pass through the collected debris and dust and you should always check for a line on the bag which is a sign that it’s full. Alternatively, if your machine leaves behind fuzz or misses debris on your carpet, it’s also an indication that the bag is full.

3. Clean Your Brush

It’s crucial that you always check under the machine and clean the brush roll if necessary. Since it acts as a scrubber, it will always be full of thread, hair and debris. The first step to cleaning your vacuum is by removing the bottom plate which might have latches or clips, or screws holding it in place.

Once that is done, use your fingers or a pair of scissors to clean the brushes. It doesn’t need to be spotless, but you need to ensure that any strings or hair is completely removed from the brush and the best tool to use in this case is the seam ripper.

4. Replace or Clean Your Filters

There are models that have filters on the exhaust air which helps to catch particles. Therefore, if your filter is made out of foam or plastic, it’s best if you regularly clean them with water but ensure that they are thoroughly dry before replacing them in the vacuum. If they are made out of foam or plastic, you should pond or shake out the debris between the replacements.

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