Best Broom for Dog Hair on Hardwood Floors 2020

dog hair off hardwood floors

Keeping a dog might prove demanding when it comes to cleaning. All dog keepers need to have the perfect broom for the floor if they want to keep it tidy. Your home has to be clean, so do you need to have the best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors. You, therefore, need to keep maximum attention on your floor.

  1. The FURemover Broom Squeegee

FURemover Broom Squeegee - best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors

This is amongst the best dog hair removers on the market. It is known for its ability to clean hair from hardwood floors easily. It’s tall and extendable thus making the process easier and comfortable.

About the FURemover Broom

Sometimes cleaning just becomes easy with such a well-crafted broom. Getting rid of hair on your hardwood floor is one of the easiest household chores provided the required tools are at your disposal. The features below make the FURemover one of the most adored brands in the market.

Extendable Telescopic pole. With no ladder required, this rod lengthens from 3ft to 6ft, thus creating a comfortable cleaning environment. The extension means that you can reach farther thus reducing fatigue. The telescopic handle is a smooth addition that creates an ergonomic nature.

Rubber Mop. The mop is the cleaning agent on the broom. It is this inbuilt squeegee that enables the cleaning of hard surfaces such as hardwood floors. The squeegee is durably designed to sustain vigorous activity.

. Unlike many brooms, the FURemover is made of soft natural rubber bristles that remove fur from the hardwood floor without raising it up. These bristles clean the hardwood floor without necessarily scratching it.

Well Patented design. The FURemover has a well-patented design that makes cleaning fast and comfortable as well.

  1. Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic Broom

Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic Broom, candidate for best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors

Extendable Telescopic handle. Being considered as one of the most versatile sweepers for hardwood floors, the numerous features that make it preferable to most dog owners. To keep your household without a trace of dog hair, this can be what you need to keep the floor free from fur. 

Special TPR rubber. This broom uses a special rubber material known as TPR. This material ensures that the floor doesn’t damage while cleaning. 

Detachable broom. When cleaning, the dog hair does not stick on the broom bristles, rather gets into an inbuilt collector that is washed away after cleaning. The detachable broom thus facilitates this process. 

Telescopic handle. You can lengthen the broom handle so sweep a large surface. It can extend from 29” to 51”, thus creating a wide cleaning aperture. The handle is made up of a strengthened material to ensure durability and service. 

Electrostatic charges. This broom functions under the mechanism of electrostatic charges. When the broom is pushed back and forth, the bristles get charged and hair sticks on them.

  1. YCUTE Hardwood Floor Squeegee

YCUTE Hardwood Floor Squeegee, candidate for best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors

The YCUTE is an excellent dog hair broom for hardwood floors with specific features;

The YCUTE is important household equipment for homeowners and is many consider it as an appropriate tool for pet care. The features below are the reason why this broom is an efficient tool for pet owners.

Ease of Use. This is a simple device to use and utterly different from the models mentioned above. The YCUTE uses water unlike the others that clean by absorbing the dog hair. After sprinkling water on the hair, all you need is to push the broom smoothly draining the water with is now mixed with water.

Protective Design. The head of the squeegee is designed in a way that hair is completely pulled out, and water dries up leaving no hair traces behind. The dog fur does not stick to the squeegee due to the well-fitted head,

180% rotation. The primary purpose of this is to enable the cleaner to reach further parts of the floor that seem difficult to clean. If you have a mosaic floor and you don’t want to experience a headache, this is a superior tool.

Strong Handle. Everyone wants quality assurance, and a robust ergonomic handle sums it up.  Apart from being strong, this broom’s handle is made of sturdy stainless steel that will assure you a longer life.

Comparison table of features of the best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors

FURemover with Squeegee PB5579 FurStatic

YCUTE Floor Squeegee

Dimensions 1.65 x 36.9 x 7.9 in 11 x 39 x 2 in 15 x 37.4 x 1.61 in
Weight (Ibs) 1.4 1.2 0.63
Extension 3ft to 6ft 29” to 51” 39”
Material Rubber TPR Rubber blade
Color Black Blue/White Biege
Style of cleaning Bristles Electrostatic charges Water washing

Pros of the FURemover Broom with Squeegee

Cons of the FURemover Broom Squeegee

Pros of the Pet Buddies PB5579

Cons of the PB5579 FurStatic Broom

Pros of the YCUTE Hardwood Floor Squeegee

Cons of the YCUTE Hardwood Floor Squeegee

Although the YCUTE might be a good dog hair broom, it still has some shortcomings.

Why you need a great broom for your hardwood floor

If you have an ideal broom for your hardwood floor, cleaning becomes an easy job that you will ever enjoy. Ever wondered about having the best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors?

When you acquire the best tool, it becomes easier to clean. With the many available options in the market, and you need to have the best so that you can wash the dog hair easily.  A good broom reaches all corners of the floor, taking out debris and all sort of hair on it.

The FURemover has all that it takes to be considered as the preferable dog hair broom. It comes at a fair price, and it has features that satisfy the customer needs. It’s made of quality materials, durability is core, and with the extendable cord and non-scratch rubber material, you should not hesitate to have one to clean up your pet’s hair.

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