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Welcome to our best cordless pressure washer reviews!

Everyone is well aware than cleaning around the house can be very demanding especially if the right tools are lacking and that is where pressure washers come in. A cordless pressure washer (or cordless power washer, or battery powered pressure washer) has become very important tools for many homeowners because it makes cleaning stubborn debris or dirt that has gathered over time easily.

Gone are the days of using buckets and sponges to clean because this method took too long. These days we are spoiled for choice and have so many pressure washers to choose from on the market.

5 Best Cordless Pressure Washers

#1. Sun Joe SPX6001C 1160 MAX PSI 40V Cordless Pressure Washer, Kit

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This is the perfect tool for those who want to get some cleaning done at home. Of course, it is our best cordless pressure washer. Everything from RVS, boats, decks and cabins can all be cleaned with this pressure washer. The performance of this product is of the highest order and one will go a long way in finding a better pressure washer than this one on the market.

It is very efficient at what it does and pressure select technology allows one to pick the pressure that is perfect for the job. You have the option to choose between 507 PSI, 650 PSI and 800 PSI. It also has a detachable bucket that has a capacity of 5.3 gallons, a 20 foot pressure hose and a 34 inch extension wand.

Best cordless pressure washer - Sun Joe SPX6001C 1160 MAX PSI


  • Detachable buckets that has a capacity of 5.3 gallons
  • Pressure select technology
  • 20 inch pressure hose and a 34 inch extension wand
  • User friendly cordless pressure washer
  • Perfect for light indoor and outdoor tasks


  • Not ideal for heavy duty tasks
  • The wheels are not durable

#2. WORX WG630.2 20V 4.0Ah High Flow Hydroshot

WORX 20V Brushless Hydroshot WG630.2 Cordless High Flow Pressure Washer, Car Washer, Home Cleaner Portable Garden Watering, PowerShare, 5-in-1 Adjustable Nozzle, 1 * 4.0Ah Battery & Charger Included
  • [BRUSHLESS MOTOR] Brushless motor delivers 50% longer runtime, 25% more power and 10X longer motor life time than brushed tools, which enables WG630.2 portable pressure washer to have excellent performance on powerful cleaning.
  • [6 TIMES MORE PRESSURE] Comes with 350 psi pressure, Worx high pressure washer WG630.2 has 6 times more pressure than the regular garden hose with a nozzle attached. It is much easier to blast away the dirt. Moreover, if you want to save water, you can press the eco button, meanwhile, the peak pressure can be up to 350psi.
  • [5-IN-1 NOZZLE] - Multiple spray patterns from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and watering for multiple functions and applications. This cordless pressure washer lets you easily switch 1 nozzle for different using conditions.
  • [DRAW WATER FROM ANYWHERE] Self priming function allows pressure washer to draw water from any fresh water source like a pool, lake, or bucket. At only 5.52lbs with battery attached, you can take Hydroshot to anywhere you want. Thanks to the portable and lightweight design, you are allowed to operate with one hand for a long time. Cleaning around house and on-the-go is no longer a problem with Worx.
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] Worx PowerShare 20V battery is compatible with all range of WORX 20V cordless tools, so you can expand your collection without paying for extra batteries and chargers.

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If you are looking for a pressure washer that is ideal for light tasks and is portable, WORX WG630.2 20V 4.0Ah High Flow Hydroshot is exactly what you need. This is our 3rd best cordless power washer. The freedom of movement this tool offers is amazing and makes outdoor cleaning such a breeze.

Since this pressure washer is battery powered, you can get your water from a large variety of sources like rivers, lakes and  streams. This gives you complete freedom when it comes to the water source you want to use as you don’t need piped water. With a PSI of 350 you can do light tasks easily and you can spray from different angles thanks to the multiple pressure control.

WORX 20V WG630.2 - 2nd best battery powered pressure washer


  • A lightweight product that offers you different spraying angels
  • 350 PSI which is good for light tasks
  • You are in full control of the cordless pressure washer
  • You can get water from rivers, lakes and streams since it is battery powered


  • The WORX WG630.2 20V 4.0Ah High Flow Hydroshot is not good for heavy duties and they are question marks over its durability.

#3. MR-XK005233 40V Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

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Second best battery powered pressure washer is the MR-XK005233 40V Cordless Portable Power Cleaner by mrliance and this is the perfect tool for cleaning things like grills, cars, tools, garden furniture and bicycles. The design of this pressure washer is eye catching and it is very flexible to use.

What makes it appealing to many people out there is the fact that it is super lightweight plus there is no need to plug it into a power outlet. Its weight helps as far as maneuverability is concerned and it comes with a variety of accessories. You also get a pressure of MAX 520 PSI which makes tasks as easy as possible.

3rd best cordless power washer - mrliance Pressure Washer


  • Delivers a pressure of MAX 520 PSI
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for cleaning grills and bikes around the garden
  • Eye catching design


  • Not good for cleaning large areas and the instruction manual is so hard to follow

#4. HUAHE Cordless Portable Power Pressure Washer Cleaner

HUAHE Portable Power Cleaner 20V 2.0Ah High Pressure Washer Gun Sets Cordless - 363-580 psi Working Pressure with Cleaning Accessories
  • Huahe Portable Pressure Washer Cleaner with Water Pipe, Foam Pot, Long Brush, Long Pole and Extension rod.
  • With this portable power washer, you can do cleaning jobs around any water source like a bucket, pool or lake.
  • Working pressure : 363-580 PSI. Dual mode operation lets you quickly switch between cleaning and watering tasks. Max Flow Rate: 0.66-0.79 GPM. Working hour: 18-40 Mins, depending on different working mode.
  • Provide long pole to make deliver 360 degrees of water penetrating power for easy spot cleaning.
  • Multi functional spray nozzle lets you switch between varying degrees of water stream, the larger the degree, the smaller the water stress, which means that the "0" degree spray is the strongest.

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HUAHE is a well known brand when it comes to house hold products and their HUAHE Cordless Portable Power Pressure Washer Cleaner is an exceptional product for those who are not looking to break the bank. If you have clean your bike, car, garden and furniture occasionally, this is the pressure washer you need because it has quick snap connection which makes installation very easy and has a PSI of 363 – 580.

Another feature that make HUAHE Cordless Portable Power Pressure Washer Cleaner a wonderful product is its max flow rate which is between 0.66 – 0.79 which is very impressive. You also get a few accessories like long pole, form pot, long crush, extension rod and a small bucket and pipe.


  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Very durable meaning you can use if for a very long time
  • Easy installation thanks to the quick snap connection
  • A working pressure of 363 – 580 PSI
  • Comes with a few accessories like long pole, form pot, long crush, extension rod and a small bucket and pipe


  • Instructions are not exactly clear
  • Pressure not strong enough for hard tasks

#5. Power Pressure Washer 1300 PSI

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The Power Pressure Washer 1300 PSI Cordless Lithium Battery 1.2 GPM 36V Brushless is portable, lightweight as well as cordless. It is the perfect pressure washer for home use and it works well when it comes to washing things like cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

You get a 1300 PSI lithium battery which when fully charged, allows you to work none stop for up to 40 minutes. On top of this, you also get a variable nozzle and a fixed brushed to make cleaning effortless. If you are on the market looking for a battery powered pressure washer that does not require electricity, look no further than this one.


  • You get a 20 metre hose with this product that comes with a soap dispenser
  • An amazing portable product
  • Super lightweight and not noisy
  • Amazing design with a get a 1300 PSI lithium battery


  • Not exactly the most durable pressure washer if overused

How do you get the best out of your Cordless Power Washer?

  • When you buy a pressure washer or power washer, it will come with a list manual which will have all the instruction you need to set it up and use it correctly. Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or you ruining your new tool before you get the best out of it.
  • Educate yourself on how to be safe when you are pressure washing because just like many DIY tools out there, they can be very dangerous if not handled properly. You have to be extra careful when you are doing the cleaning with a pressure washer that heats up water or one that has very high PSI. Accidentally spraying very hot water on someone, for example, can cause serious burns.
  • Always make sure that you the area you are about to clean is pre-soaked with a chemical or detergent. This is a good way to make sure that your pressure washer blasts any dirty clean.
  • To avoid damaging surfaces that are fragile or those made out of wood, set your pressure washer on low.
  • Cleaning with hot water is much more effective than cleaning with cold water
  • Every person out there will have a pressure washer of their choice and if the one you have purchased doesn’t come with certain accessories you need, you can always hit the internet and buy what you want from there.
  • Clean any detergent off any surface with your pressure washer before it has a chance to dry.
  • Always use the correct nozzle for the task at hand because using the wrong one can damage property or surfaces.

What is the major drawback of owning a battery powered pressure washer?

There are four reasons why certain people are put off from purchasing a battery powered pressure washer.

  • Cost

When compared to corded pressure washers on the market, a battery powered pressure washer costs double and triple the price.

  • Poor battery life

The average battery powered pressure washer on the market gives you a washing time of around 20 minutes per battery which is not good enough for many people. This is barely enough to clean the patio or even the driveway.

  • Poor cleaning power

The one thing that makes people part with their hard-earned money to purchase a pressure washer is the cleaning power. The higher the cleaning power, the better is the rule of thumb here and gas-powered pressure washers are known to have more power compared to battery powered pressure washers and this put many people off buying them.

  • Not much value for your buck

A battery powered pressure washer has half the power of a gas pressure washer and need to be charged every 60 minutes. This can be a source of frustration to many customers and ultimately, this is not good value for money.

FAQs on battery powered pressure washer

Q1: Is there a specific detergent I need to use with my pressure washer?

The first thing you need to know is whether the pressure washer you own has a tank where detergent can be poured. If the pressure washer does indeed have a detergent tank, you can purchase and use a wide range of brands that can be bought online or in shops that sell DIY or household items. Always remember to pick the correct detergent for the correct job. If you are cleaning your wall, patio, floor or car, there is a specific detergent that needs to be used.

Q2: I have picked the best battery powered pressure washer I could find on the market, how often should I use my pressure washer?

If the majority of your tasks are small ones, you only need to use a pressure washer at least once every two weeks, however, if your tasks are large or need to clean large areas that can accumulate more turn, you need to use your pressure washer once a week.

Q3: Should I buy a pressure washer that has wheels or not?

This is all about preference however, for easy maneuverability especially if the tool is heavy, you should buy a pressure washer that has wheels. If it is lightweight and easy to carry around, you can buy one without wheels.

Q4: When washing my cars, how much Bar PSI is needed?

At least 700 PSI is needed when you are washing your car.

Wrap Up on best cordless Pressure washer

When you look at what a cordless pressure washer brings to the table, especially the ones on this list, you will see that it is a very good tool to have around the house because it is easy to carry and handy.

Cleaning can take hours but with the help of a battery powered pressure washer, this task can be done in minutes. However, please bare in mind that they are not ideal for heavy duty tasks.

Our best cordless power washer like Sun Joe SPX6001C (1160 psi), WORX WG630.2 (350 psi), or mrliance’s MR-XK005233 (520 psi) come up with different PSI. So it is suggested to pick the size of pressure washer that suit your requirements.

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