Best Mop for Dog Hair on Hardwood 2022

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Dog on hardwood floor

Welcome to our best mop for dog hair on hardwood reviews!

Mops are fantastic and preferred by many homeowners due to their ability to perform significant work with excellent results.

Pet owners who use mop for dog hair have something to smile about. Have you been worried about why you use a specific mop and not the other? How can you get the best products in the market? This article is the solution to your worries.

Jump to Our Top Picks:

  1. JINCLEAN 18″ Microfiber Floor Mop
  2. Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System
  3. MEXERRIS microfiber floor mop

This guide is here to take you through the best mops for hardwood. The market is flooded, and not every product will guarantee you the best outcome. You need a dog hair broom that will make the hardwood clean, hygienic and fresh. Also, you want to prevent hair allergies, and having the best mop is the answer.

3 Best Mops for Dog Hair on Hardwood

In this article, we will outline your top choices of mop to clean any type of hardwood flooring. Anyone who has a dog who needs regular grooming will likely understand this problem, and this guide is for you. After that, we will give you some bonus tips on alternative methods of cleaning up loose fur.

Let’s have a look at the best mops for dog hair on hardwood;

#1: JINCLEAN 18″ Microfiber Floor Mop

JINCLEAN 18" Microfiber Floor Mop | Dual Side Different Action Dust Mop Dry to Attract Dirt, dust, pet Hair Or Hardwood Floor Clean, Telescopic Aluminum Pole Adjust Height max 51"
  • ★ MUST HAVE ITEM FOR PET LOVERS - Your lovely Dog and Cat hair solition, We believe once Your Dog and Cat cleaning with this Mop by themselves, We hope. ★ WASH Mop Pad Refill below 120℉ water in washing machine, DO NOT use dryer. AND Add 2 Packs of Refill Pads ASIN : B01I2UE6A4 You can automatically discount $$$1
  • ★ NO STRESS - We will delivered you perfect assembled Pad and Pole with Clean PE Bag.
  • ★WORKS WITH ALL DETERGENTS OR NONE - In addition to the microfiber's amazing absorbency, its fiber makeup offers considerable yet gentle brushing power.
  • ★ERGONOMICS - 360° mop head frame, easy to reach and clean any corner from any angle. JINCLEAN JC110011 Microfiber Dust mop packs multiple household cleaning innovations into one lightweight design. To effortlessly bring tile, vinyl, wood and glass surfaces to a shine without the need for switching between mops.
  • ★WORK ON EASY - Pad Cleaning Path :18" x 6" features two different wiping surfaces on its two sides: One is a super-fine microfiber cloth, and the other is an ultra-absorbent microfiber chenille mop. The microfiber used is made up of thousands of tiny fibers that attract and lock in even the smallest dust, dirt and hair particles. The material is also machine washable. For best results, do not use bleach or fabric softener, and lay flat to dry.

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This most highly rated mops from JINCLEAN is our best mop for dog hair on hardwood. It offers users the ultimate cleaning capability.

JINCLEAN has a lot of desirable features that clients seek. For dog hair, it is entirely impressive and gives the users the best services possible. Here are some of the more notable features that will help you in cleaning up pet hair off many different surfaces:

  • Telescopic Aluminum Handle. The JINCLEAN 18” is made of a high-quality, durable aluminum pole. Unlike other dog hair mops, this can be lengthened from 30” to 51, enabling it to reach farther and into tight areas.
  • Use of Multiple Detergents. The microfibers are not limited and can use numerous cleaning agents, but this doesn’t entertain softeners or bleaching agents- refrain from using any of them.
  • Large Clothing Pad. The cleaning pad measures 18”x 6” and cleans a large surface area at a time. The size is big for cleaning substantial hardwood floors as it gets the work done in a few minutes.
  • Quality Microfiber Film.  The mop has two sides, one with a microfiber cloth and the other one a microfiber chenille that is ultra-absorbent. These microfibers attract and lock the dog hair. After cleaning the floor, you can machine-wash the mop and leave it to dry.

Pros and Cons

JINCLEAN 18" Microfiber Floor Mop | best mop for dog hair on hardwood


  • Best for a big floor. With the surface area of the cleaner being large enough, it can clean a large hardwood surface within a short period. Despite cleaning dog hair only, it is also effective for dust removal.
  • High Absorbent Capacity. The little fibers and the chenille microfiber attracts a large amount of your pet’s hair leaving no hair on the floor. The rate of absorption is high enough to hold hair for the entire floor.
  • Strong, durable handle. The idea of making an Aluminum handle was a great one, as many users find it tremendous and less vulnerable to damage. It is made with innovative design to ensure that it is lightweight for easy use.


  • Requires Extra Care. Many users complain that the mop’s handle collapses when you apply extra pressure to it.
  • Leaves spots on the floor. The pole keeps popping out often, and thus the mop ends up leaving spots behind.

#2: Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System - 18-inch Dust Mop with 4 Reusable Pads for Hardwood and Tile, 360-Spin Floor Mop Head & Extendable Handle - Household Cleaning Tools
  • Microfiber
  • ?? PREMIUM QUALITY: Want a professional commercial grade floor mop for your home, apartment, dorm, office, bathroom, basement, or laundry room? Extra length lightweight microfiber mop system with hard strong aluminum alloy and reusable, washable pads. Longer length durable handle with dry mode to dust or sweep, wet for mopping and scrubbing Hardwood, Tile, Laminate, Vinyl, Wood. Includes mop head, mop handle, 2 microfiber refills & 2 scrubbing pads. Perfect Mop For Cleaning Companies or Maids!
  • ?? BEST VALUE : Aluminum mop handle and large strong metal head. Rotating 360 spin head, industrial grade mop swivels without being heavy or expensive. Cheap Price + Premium Quality. Low-Cost Reusable Mop Pads With Replacement Refills Included plus no self-wringing needed. No Question, Full Money Back Guarantee! Pads compatible with Microfiber Wholesale, Swifter Wet Jet, Shark, Bona, Bissell, o-Cedar, Quickie, Libman, Rubbermaid, Light N' Easy. Bruce, Casabella, Rejuvenate, & Mr. Clean MF Mop
  • ?? MACHINE WASHABLE / ECO-FRIENDLY : Turbo cleaning mops come with 2 washable microfiber pads that can be reused, rewashed, refilled, replaced. Reuse our microfiber pads again & again - wash up to 100 times in your washing machine to save money and protect the environment. Mop pads easily attach to fixed velcro on mop head and can be removed and washed quickly and easily. The perfect green wash mop system for kids or adults.
  • ? LIGHT WEIGHT & PERFECT SIZE: 360 degree rotating, 18 inch large mop head, 35 - 60 inch Long Length adjustable telescoping handle ( great for short or tall people). Made from strong, but light aluminum alloy metal. Extra long, easy to extend aluminum handle for cleaning hard-to-reach places in the kitchen, under the couch, up on windows... less tiring than plastic or steel cleaning mops. Perfect for handicapped and elderly. Lightweight design for dusting and mopping under the couch and on walls.

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Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System is our 2nd best mop for dog hair on hardwood.

Are you not sick of having pet hairs fly all over your home, settling in all unwanted places? Well, Turbo designed a mop for you to get rid of all hair. These mop pads are constructed with over then thousand loops that ensure that the animal hairs are trapped within them. They are well suited to protect all types of floors including hardwood floors, laminate, tile, bamboo, cement, stone, vinyl, marble, granite, and drywall. That means it is suitable for use in homes, apartments, dorms, schools, offices, restaurants, and garages.


  • Large Pivoting Mop Heads. Turbo comes with an 18-inch mop head mounted on a swiveling joint that allows you to clean easier, reach into corners, under couches, and into crevices. This also allows you to clean faster and easier. You will find your mopping a breeze. This is especially applicable for pet hair because of the scattergun nature of their air on the floor. You do not have to contort your body just to clean the floor. Your mop does that for you.
  • Microfiber Pads That Trap Hair Well. Another main feature of the mop is the pads. They are made of Extra Thick  Premium, Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Pads with Microfiber Gripping Technology that allows them to grip everything and adequately suck up all fluids. In addition, they trap pet hair very well. This is due to the special attention the manufacturers place on making this mop well suited for use by pet owners. The mop has a dirt-trapping looped microfiber design.

Machine Washable Pads. The microfiber construction also ensures that the mop won’t damage your floor. Lastly, when you are done cleaning, or your mop pads become dirty, you can simply toss them into the washer to clean them up. These pads are designed to be washed up to a whopping ONE HUNDRED TIMES. The fact that you can use them this much means that they save you money.

Light Weight. Despite the size and technology involved, the mop is made to be lightweight. This way, you will not be lugging around a piece of unwieldy equipment. Instead, you will be more focused on the actual cleaning. You also will not get tired easily.

Pros and Cons

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System - 2nd best mop for dog hair

  • Light Weight. Despite the size and technology involved, the mop is made to be lightweight. This way, you will not be lugging around a piece of unwieldy equipment. Instead, you will be more focused on the actual cleaning. You also will not get tired easily.
  • You can use any Cleaning fluid on the mop. This mop does not require you to use specialized fluids to clean with it. You can use any brand of cleaning fluid or detergent with it. This mop ensures that cleaning is fun.


  • Some plastic parts might break easily.

#3: Mexerris Microfiber Floor Mop for Hardwood Cleaning

Microfiber Mop Hardwood Floor Mop for Floor Cleaning- MEXERRIS Wood Floor Mop with 4X Reusable Pads, Dust Wet Mops with Adjustable Handle Flat Mop Commercial Home Use for Wood Laminate Tiles Hardwood
  • ✓ Upgrade 3th Generation MEXEERIS Floor Mop - Unlike other brand mop, MEXERRIS microfiber mops for floor cleaning never stop updating our microfibre mop quality stand on customer’s side. Reinforced stainless steel poles applied thicker and high purity material, sturdier and rustless. Upgrade premium ABS microfiber dust mop head connector, say no to cracking! Increased gravity on the microfiber dust mop plate, perfect solve the flip over problem when mopping!
  • ✓ Cleaning with Ease – 360 degree rotating microfiber hardwood floor mop head for full direction cleaning solution. With this flexible Swivel Head, you could reach out narrow place that you can’t cleaning before, like under the couch, up on windows.The sturdy and well constructed handle is extendable so the floor mops for cleaning can adjust the height you want. No more bend over cleaning, no more hiding stains or dust in your house with our professional microfiber mops for floor cleaning.
  • ✓ Reusable 4 Pack Microfiber Floor Mop Pads - Come with 4 pcs cost saving reusable mop pads, which is easy to take off and put on. Superior microfiber material features high water absorption, attracts and keeps hold of dust and dirt from your floor like a magnet. Microfiber mop pads can be washable and reusable, no self-wringing needed. you can always have a spare while one is in the wash. microfiber dust mops come with a Dirt Removal Scrubber, help you to remove dirt from the pads easily.
  • ✓ Dust Mop and Wet Mop – Thanks to the durable microfiber Pads, efficient in both dry and wet use, dry as a dust mop for floor cleaning for collecting dust and cleaning dirt, dog, cat and other pet hair, and use as a wet mops for floor cleaning to clean wooden floor, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone and concrete floors.
  • ✓ Buy with Confidence – Choose the best performance microfiber mop pad to achieve better water absorbing and removing dirt at mininal efforts, applied reinforced stainless steel poles for long life span, all parts material are strictly selected by our technical team to ensure your excellent shopping experience. We offer 12 months no hassle money back or replacement from the date you received if you are not happy with our product!

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As our 3rd best mop for dog hair, Mexerris crafted a mop specially for hardwood floors. More accurately, this is the third generation of their mops for hardwood floors. They made a great product and challenged themselves to make a better version. Now, we have this mop with reinforced stainless steel poles that are thicker, sturdier, and rust resistant. The mop head also has stronger joints that won’t crack easily.


Washable and Reusable Mop Pads. Made of high-quality microfiber, the mop heads soak water, trap dust and dirt off your flooring, making mopping effortless. The mop pads are washable and reusable and as a result, save money. They also can be washed by machine or hands. They are suitable for both wet and dry floors. Besides trapping pet hair, they can be used for polishing and waxing all flat surfaces including walls and windows. The fiber is versatile enough to clean various types of floors including wooden, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone, and concrete floors. They are not abrasive on the floor and a few swipes will leave your home clean and nice.

360 Degree Rotating Mop Head. The mop has a swivel head that goes 360 degrees. With this head, you can maneuver the mop around your floor and up walls and windows. There is also a reinforced joint with a Double Row Tooth click design that won’t break easily and will keep the head from falling off the handle. And the handle has an ergonomic grip that makes your sanitation easy and quick.

Warranty. The company trusts their product so much that from the day you receive the mop, there is a twelve-month money back or replacement warranty in case you don’t like the product.

Pros and Cons

MEXERRIS Microfiber Floor Mop for Hardwood Cleaning - 3rd best mop for dog hair

  • Comes With A Scraper And Spare Reusable Microfiber Floor Mop Pads. The mop has a scrapper that can clean pet hair and grime from it. The scraper can also be used to scrape stains from the floor. Also in the pack are four reusable mop pads. These extra pads are easy to take off and on, washable and reusable. If cleaning your pet hair is what you care about, you can do more.
  • Easy To Assemble. The design of the product is good enough that everything is intuitive and easy to assemble.


  • Not Well Suited For Scrubbing
  • The mop is not well suited for wet use. It is primarily a dust mop.

Comparison of 3 best mops for dog hair

JINCLEAN 18” Microfiber Floor Mop Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System Mexerris Microfiber Floor Mop for Hardwood Cleaning
Dimensions 39.7 x 5.9 x 1.5” 60 x 4 x 17” 6 x 15.75 x 60”
Weight (lbs) 1 1.2 2.89
Color Blue Green red
Max. Handle length 51” 60” 60”
Cleaner Microfiber and chenille Microfiber loops Microfiber loops

What is The Best Mop for Dog Hair on Hardwood?

The above are among the top products that you need to purchase for your household. They are great, with desirable features and qualities that amaze users. When choosing the best mop for dog hair on hardwood, it is necessary to exhaust all avenues of information to acquire the best.

The JINCLEAN 18” Microfiber Mop is one of a kind, and you should consider it. Although the rest mops of the mops are good, it edges all of them due to its state-of-the-art nature.

Alternative Methods of Cleaning Pet Hair

Before we wrap up, here is a quick guide on some alternative ways to get pet hair off your hard wood floors. A mop is a great tool for doing this, and you won’t regret any of the options above. However, if you are interested in a different method, here are some options:


Of course, a vacuum is a trusty method for cleaning up all types of messes on hardwood floors. A vacuum is generally reliable, but you might find it has trouble picking up pet fur that is very static-y and has stuck to the floor.

Generally speaking, a vacuum with added suction, that is specifically designed for use on hardwood floors, would be your best bet here.

Regular Grooming

Of course, if you regularly groom your pet, you can help solve this problem before it starts. Running over your pet’s mane with a brush or with a specialized grooming tool will help to get out all of their shedding hair before it becomes stuck to your floor, carpet, or furniture.

Be sure to be diligent in this process, and to do it often, or as often as your pet sheds. Some pets shed much more than others, and you should set your grooming schedule based on these shedding patterns.

Lint Roller

KEEOU Lint Rollers for Pet Hair, [400 Sheet Extra Sticky] Pet Hair Lint Remover with 2 Rollers + 3 Refills, Lint Roller Value Set Brush for Dog & Cat Hair Removal, Clothes, Funitures, Car
  • An Effective Daily Cleaning Assistance You WILL LOVE TO HAVE - Our KEEOU extra sticky lint roller for clothes will help you stay lint and dust-free. In addition, it helps you remove pet hair and difficult-removing things from your outfit, furniture, automobile seat. Effectively picks up cat & dog hair, dust, dirt, and lint with ease to keep your area tidy and clean.
  • Rolls Smoothly with Safe Adhesive! Never Hurts Your Clothes & Furniture - The value pack of KEEOU lint roller comes with 2 reusable ergonomic roller handles and 5 rolls (400 sheets in total). It features rolling smoothly to pick most of the annoying trash things up. 100% recycled paper refills are eco-friendly made and never hurt your clothes & furniture.
  • Easy to Peel the Used Sheet off for A New One - It is easy to find the cutting edges while using this sticky roller. Moreove, Tearing the used sheet off is also a brezee. Thanks to its clear cut, it never get stuck. Always help you clean up quickly by removing pet hair on your clothes and funitures.
  • Enjoy A Neat & Tidy Life with KEEOU LINT ROLLER - A practical lint remover helps you keep a tidy dressing, making you more confident and focus more on work. Bring you a wonderful day without lint, dust and pet hair. A portable travel size lint remover makes your life clean, simple & convenient.
  • HASSLE-FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE: KEEOU strives to provide our customers with the best products and services. Please let us know if you have any problems with the product. We stand behind our product. Always at your service!

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A lint roller is a sticky, reliable tool for removing static-y hair. While generally used on clothing, it can be used on hardwood floors as well. Of course, taking a lint roller to your entire floor can be very time consuming, so your best approach would be to simply use this for more stubborn hair or for reaching into and under hard-to-reach spots.

FAQs on dust mop for pet hair

Q: How do you remove dog hair from hardwood floors?

A: To remove pet hair from hardwood floors, follow the following two steps

  • Wet mop with water, till it’s damp
  • Proceed to wipe the floor till no hair is left.

Q: Should I use a vacuum or mop to clean dog hair on hardwood floors?

A: A vacuum is suitable for daily cleaning but when dealing with stubborn areas where pet hair can accumulate (in corners, beneath furniture, for instance), using cloth mop is more effective. Please note that you should use lightweight vacuum with hardwood floor attachment or robot vacuum.

Q: Can this mop clean short pet hair on wooden floors?

A: All mops included can efficiently clean all types of pet hair from the floor.

Q: Can dust mop clean out short pet hair on wooden floors?

A: Dust mops can comfortably clean pet hair on most types of floors including wooden floors.

Q: Then what do you do with a dust mop full of dog hair?

A: You can clean out the dog hair with a scrapper. If your mop does not come with one, you can buy one at the mop.

Wrap Up on best mop for dog hair on hardwood

We hope you have enjoyed our list of best mops for tackling dog hair on hardwood floors. We know that this can be a very frustrating issue for dog-owners, especially if your dog is known to shed a lot. First, evaluate what it is you are looking for in a cleaning tool, and then match it to one of our choices above.

We are confident that one of these mops will help you to tackle your dog hair problem once and for all!

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