Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use 2020

If you run some commercial activities, you probably already know that there is need to have a robust pressure washer to keep your customers well serviced. If involving in various interior and exterior operations that require a lot of work and effort, your tool needs to live to its expectation.

Terraces, cleaning buildings, exterior walls, gardens, fences, pools and other surfaces that require regular washing to get rid of just all sorts of dirt and grime and accumulate over time. A compelling pressure washer is a tool that you can use to simplify the heavy work of keeping the various parts of the client’s property sparkling clean.

A flawless commercial pressure washer must have a motor that drives high pressure, a hushed water pump, high-pressure hose and a trigger-gun type switch.

#1. AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383, Candidate for the Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

Made by Reverberi (AR), the AR383 is the commercial pressure washer to solve your client’s problems.

About the AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

The fascinating features of the AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer include;

With only a simple twist, you can select the correct water spray that works best for your cleaning application.

It turns the washer only when the spray gun trigger is pressed and spontaneously turns the motor off. This activity happens to protect the pump from overheating.

They are about 19 inches long and are attached to the trigger gun, one which has a rotating head that can be used to adjust water velocity and power. Controlling pressure is not difficult compared to replacing the nozzle each time water pressure needs adjustment.

This Electric Pressure Washer is mostly used for commercial cleaning tasks like; Quick outdoor cleaning, cleaning offices and garages, washing conference halls, etc.

This electric pressure washer cleans cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles in one minute and this makes it one of the world’s best pressure washers for commercial use.



#2. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000, Candidate for the Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

The Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer is an excellent machine that can wipe out a thick layer of dust in just minutes. It has superior power for cleaning various areas. It can be your perfect choice for a variety of uses like cleaning building, cars, trucks, and boats.

About The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

What makes the Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer an excellent tool for engaging in commercial activities?

This is a perfect electric pressure washer that offers five quick connect spray tips at different angles, such as 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees. You can even use soap to tackle light, medium as well as substantial cleaning for specific tasks.

They have two 0.9 liter tanks which carry a large variety of detergent that helps you simultaneously tackle your all necessary household and outside surface cleaning tasks.

It provides 14.5 AMP per 60 hours. This is one of the most trusted and highly influential electric pressure washers with 2030PSI and 1.76 gallons per minute of water flow.

Other features of this washer include safety lock switch, twenty-foot superpower pressure hose, a 35-foot power supplying cord with a beautiful needle clean out feature which makes this machine an excellent one.



#3. Briggs & Stratton 20667 Electric Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton 20667, Candidate for the Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

Briggs and Stratton is one of the worlds most renowned manufacturers of gasoline engines designed for outdoor power equipment.

About Briggs and Stratton 20667 Electric Pressure Washer

Here are some of the top features;

They provide light and ensure that the machine can still work in the dark. This makes the device more convenient and efficient.

It is framed by a durable aluminum case, ensuring long-life and increased efficiency during the harshest conditions.

This combination will let you use the snow blowers control with one hand while driving the chubby unit with another hand.



#4. Generac speedwash 6882 pressure washer

Generac 6882, Candidate for the Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

Generac speedwash 6882 pressure washer is a complete washing machine with excellent features and includes a family of innovative cleaning attachments to deliver perfect cleaning results in commercial use in less time. If you are looking for a good pressure washer for use in commercial cleaning, look no more. The Generac pressure washer is the best, whatever job, it will get it clean. 

About Generac Speedwash 6882 Pressure Washer

The topmost features that make this pressure washer the best include;

This PowerDial gun is designed to be adjusted according to the type of function or surface to be cleaned. It has four application settings which are used on different occasions.

It has a comfortable index finger pull-trigger with a cushioned grip which makes operation easy even with extended use.

This pressure washer has the most flexible hose with a polyurethane cover that remains supple even when under pressure, so you don’t have to wrestle it.

It has a smooth, easy starting horizontal OHV engine that provides enough power to drive the pump to full capacity.

The cam pump gives an incredible spray over an extended period. It has a maximum lifespan, and you can quickly make connections without inconveniences.



Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use – Comparable Features

AR Blue Clean AR383 Sun Joe SPX3000 Briggs and Stratton 20667 Generac 6882
PSI 1900 2030 2000 2,900
GPM 1.5 1.76 3.5 2.4
Cleaning power rating 2850 5996
Weight(pounds) 27 31 43.2 57

To Sum Up…Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

Of all the four above commercial pressure washers, we can say they serve the user well. With any of them, you can mint the bucks while making your clients happy. When buying any of the above tools, check their features and see if they suit your demands, and if it’s affirmative, you are good to go.

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Best pressure washer for commercial use

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