Best Robotic Vacuum Under $200

If you’ve spent time in the cleaning aisle of a home goods store, you’ve undoubtedly noticed robotic vacuums. They are incredibly useful tools that allow you to have your flooring completely spotless without having to do any work. The only problem is that the majority of models can cost hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars. Instead of having to break the bank to find a robotic vacuum from high-end brands, consider the ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, the best robotic vacuum under $200.

All About the ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum, Best Robotic Vacuum Under $200

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Instead of opting for more expensive models, the ILIFE V3S offers an ample amount of power. Users will be able to experience a device that has vacuuming, dry mopping, and sweeping all in one.

It offers a low profile design to get into hard to reach places such as under beds and sofas. You’ll also benefit from its great user-friendly technological features that allow you to program schedules and use the auto clean feature.

Color Pearl White
Body Size 11.8” x 3”
Charge Station
Remote Control
Filtration Type HEPA and Primary
Side Brushes 2
Capacity .3 L
Weight 4.5 lbs
Battery Capacity 2600mah
Power 20W
Charging Type Auto and Manual
Cleaning Modes Auto, Edge, Spot, Scheduled
Charging Time 250-300 minutes
Cleaning Time 90-110 minutes

The ILIFE V3s is recommended for homeowners that are looking for a simpler way to keep their home clean and free of allergens, dirt, and grime.

With the ability to have your carpet and hardwood cleaned on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry about family members with respiratory illnesses or caked on dirt throughout the years.

Whether you’re tired of using your old vacuum or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for an elderly family member, this inexpensive yet powerful robotic vacuum is a necessity more than a luxury.

It has an incredible amount of features that are specifically designed for not only a simple user experience, but to also transform the way that you clean.

Features at a Glance

Cleaning Modes for Our Best Robotic Vacuum Under $200

The most important features that the ILIFE V3S has to offer are the multiple cleaning modes. Instead of focusing primarily on auto cleaning like most models, it also offers edge cleaning, spot cleaning, and scheduled cleaning.

With edge cleaning the vacuum will bring itself along baseboards and the surrounding areas of the room to ensure that all hidden traces of dirt are removed, in fact, it will reach areas that a generic vacuum wouldn’t be able to get to.

The spot cleaning feature is essential for spills or pet owners that need a specific area of the hardwood or carpet to be taken care of and you’ll have the ability to program which spot needs the most attention.

As for the scheduled cleaning, if you’re the type of person that would like to set their robot to clean while you’re out of the house, schedule cleaning is the perfect function for you. You will be able to program a specific date and time for when you’d like your ILIFE V3S to clean, ensuring that your flooring is returned to its original pristine condition.

Smart Technology

Another large selling feature for the ILIFE V3S is the fact that it offers state of the art smart technology. With sensors installed in the front of the unit it will help to prevent the V3s from being affected by barriers, including your furniture and walls.

This means you won’t have to worry about any dings or scratches as you allow your robot to vacuum, mop, or sweep your floors. Also, it is equipped with a TPU bumper as a preventative measure to protect your belongings.

If you’re worried about your robotic vacuum falling off of high ledges or down the stairs, you’ll also appreciate the integrated cliff sensors that are designed to stop the vacuum before it takes a tumble.

At the end of each cleaning cycle, the robot will automatically dock itself and recharge for later use.

Unique Features and Specs

The sleek 11.8” x 3” design is essential for home owners that need a little extra attention in hard to reach areas. You won’t have to worry about moving furniture or crouching down to access under beds or sofas.

One of the main concerns of a traditional vacuum is noise, particularly if you’re the owner of pets that hate the idea of any vacuum. This particular model only operates with 55db, which is an incredibly low volume to help promote a more comfortable environment while cleaning.

14 smart sensors are included in the entire design, which is essential for avoiding bumping and falling off of ledges or stairs. Also, the ILIFE V3S has 15mm obstacle-climb features that are perfect for multi-floor cleaning. Meaning that unlike other models, this robotic vacuum is perfect for hardwood, carpet, tile, linoleum, and other flooring types.

With up to 110 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge, you won’t have to worry about the vacuum losing an ample amount of battery before it finishes the job. The 2600mah fade-free battery gives you the ability to get your house cleaned quickly and without having to wait for the unit to dock itself and recharge before finishing other rooms.

If you’re a home owner that deals with allergies or if you simply want to make sure that you have the highest air quality possible, you’ll be happy to take advantage of the integrated HEPA filters that are designed to eliminate all traces of dander, dirt, and dust.

To help add to the convenience of the vacuum, be sure to take advantage of the included remote control. It allows you to program the vacuum remotely as well as alter its cleaning schedule and turn the unit on and off for manual use. In the event that you want to change the cleaning type, it’s also accessible from the remote control. With easy to use buttons and a simple user interface, it makes operating the ILIFE V3S far more convenient.

2 side brushes are all that you need to get the most amount of dirt and debris out of high and low pile carpet, as well as hardwood floor. They work in coordination to pick up anything ranging from pebbles to pet hair and store it safely in the dustbin. Once the vacuum is full, an alert will show on the unit and you can easily remove the bin from the robotic vacuum, empty it, and reinstall it to the unit. The bin is also 100% washable, so you can regularly thoroughly clean it.

What Users Think of the ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Overall, the reviews for the ILIFE V3s are quite positive. Users appreciate its ability to work on multiple surfaces including hardwood, carpets, and removable rugs. Another great feat of the vacuum is that it works quite well with pet hair, which is imperative for individuals who own larger breeds of dogs.

The low operating sound is essential for people that live in apartments, that would want to sleep during the clean cycle, or that watch television while cleaning. The unit is quite unobtrusive and quietly gets the job done without being an inconvenience.

Not only does it offer quiet cleaning, but it also offers an ample amount of power that surpasses an ordinary broom or vacuum. With the ability to deal with many different types of dirt and debris, your floor will never look cleaner.

One concern that a few buyers have noted is that if you have any light objects on the floor, it is advisable that they be moved, otherwise the vacuum could potentially knock them over. As an example, if you have thin lamps or cords on the floor, it’s important they are moved before cleaning. This is also a caution that the company brings to your attention prior to purchase.

Another important concern to note is that over time, the brushes on the vacuum may deteriorate, particularly if the ILIFE V3s works on high pile carpet during every clean cycle. In the event that the brushes start to tangle, it is advised that you contact customer service and they should send replacement parts or a new unit to you at no cost.

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If you’re in the market for the best robotic vacuum under $200, the ILIFE V3s robotic vacuum cleaner is the perfect model for your needs. It boasts an incredibly simple design that is sleek and modern. You have an ample amount of cleaning options to choose from that work well on carpet, removable rugs, and various types of hardwood and linoleum.

With all of the important technological features including bumping sensors and stair sensors, you can rest assured that it will get the cleaning job done without damaging any of your furniture or belongings. Feel free to visit the product’s Amazon page to transform the cleaning in your home.

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Best Robot Vacuum Under $200

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