Best Way to Clean Fiberglass Shower- Easy Methods

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Best Way to Clean Fiberglass Shower

Fiberglass shower areas are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Such showers are known for their elegance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Adding a fiberglass shower area to your bathroom is a good way to increase your home’s resale value.

However, installing this shower area comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. If you’re searching for the best way to clean fiberglass shower, you’ve come across the right place. We’re here to tell you of some methods for looking after your fiberglass bathroom.

Here are the main aspects you need to keep in mind for the best way to clean fiberglass shower:

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Solutions

When you’re doing regular cleaning, try using warm water and liquid detergents only, like dishwashing liquid. You can also opt for all-purpose cleaners or something natural like baking soda. Applying harsh chemicals on your fiberglass shower can ruin the surface material. Over time, it can also affect the overall look of the fiberglass.

If there’s any situation where you feel like you need to use a harsher solution for a difficult stain, use borax and lemon. Your aim should be to only use a commercial-grade cleaner in situations where nothing else works. Start with a small area first to make sure that you aren’t damaging the overall bathtub or shower. Remember, your objective is to clean the shower area, not to tarnish it!

For regular cleaning, which is essential to maintaining the shine and cleanliness of your bathroom, use natural substances. These won’t corrode your bathroom over time, unlike commercial-grade cleaners. We talk about other, less harsh solution later on as well.

While using any chemical to clean your bathroom, wear gloves to protect your skin from damage.

Don’t Use Harsh Brushes

When cleaning the bathroom, you need to remember that the best way to clean fiberglass shower floor is to use softer brushes and pads. Use soft sponges in lukewarm water to avoid any scratches or long-term damage to your floors or shower. You might be tempted to use something rough like steel wool for tough stains, but they’ll do more harm than good.

If you feel like a certain stain needs a good scrubbing, you need to apply the cleaner over the surface and let it stay there for a while. Let the stain soak up the cleaning liquid. This way, you won’t have to scrub too much or unnecessarily. Only scrub in situations where it won’t permanently scratch or damage your bathroom’s surface.

Use Baking Soda and Water

If you’ve been wondering how to clean fiberglass shower stall, it might be because of the soap and scum buildup in your shower. For this, you can try using baking soda and water to remove difficult stains. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the affected area. Ideally, you should leave it for a few hours before rinsing it away. Use warm water when removing any cleaner residue.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

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If you’re struggling with how to clean fiberglass shower floor that is riddled with tough stains, try using hydrogen peroxide cleaners for the ones that are dark and obvious. The best way is to put some layers of cloth over the stained area and pour hydrogen peroxide over them. They’ll absorb the chemical over a few hours and remove the stains. The next day, you can rinse the area with warm water.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you want to know how to clean fiberglass tub that is stained, use vinegar. The combination of vinegar and baking soda can create an effective yet mild solution to apply on your fiberglass tub. Put baking soda on the area and then spray it with white vinegar. Use a gentle brush or sponge to wipe it down. If you regularly clean your fiberglass shower and tub this way, you’ll avoid having any major stains.

Not only is vinegar an important everyday ingredient for cleaning, but you can also use it to polish your bathroom taps and showerheads to keep them looking brand new.

Use Alcohol

An everyday cleaner that is usually gentle on your fiberglass is alcohol. Buy some isopropyl alcohol to have on hand if there’s ever a minor stain that only needs minimal cleaning and scrubbing. Apply it on a cotton swab or pour it directly onto the surface that needs cleaning. It won’t take very long to remove the stain.


Q) I need to know the best way to clean fiberglass shower stall floor?

If you have a white fiberglass shower, you probably struggle to keep it the same shining way that it once was when you first got it installed. One of the main appeals of fiberglass is the way it looks, so a dirty shower can be a major disappointment.

Try using natural techniques that won’t damage the material. If you use the methods mentioned above, you’ll find that your shower no longer gets as much scum buildup as it used to. Remember, maintenance matters, so be sure to clean at least once a month.

Q) I can’t figure out how to clean fiberglass shower pan without ruining it, what do I do?

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One thing that isn’t discussed often is the effect that water has on bathroom appliances. If you have water that is rich in minerals, it’ll add to the amount of buildup in your shower. One way of dealing with soap and shampoo residue building up in your shower pan is to use a water softener. This will take out the minerals in the water before it reaches you, and leave your bathroom appliances cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve given you the best way to clean fiberglass shower without damaging the material. Keep in mind that if you’re ever unsure of what to use, it’s always better to experiment on a small surface before risking any serious damage. If you have any other suggestions, ideas, or experiences with cleaning that have worked for you, let us know below. We’d love to add to our collection of bathroom cleaning methods that leave your bathroom looking shiny and brand new!

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