Best Way to Clean Tile Floors Without Leaving Streaks

Tile Flooring

There is nothing more irritating than a freshly mopped tile floor that has been worked on vigorously with cleaning products, supplies, and a bit of elbow grease. When standing back to take in the finished product there appears within plain sight  a mark, demarcation, smudge or streak front and center on that tile floor.

That measure of imperfection can make knees weak causing an air of frustration at the very least after all of the hard work put in. Having to clean any floor especially a tile one achieving “good “results are never good enough. It is the objective to create and have the best results…a perfectly clean floor.  Have no fear because the solutions to this problem are here, ones that will serve  future efforts well. The best ways to clean tile floors without streaks comes in some simple yet specific steps.

Now let’s first consider the material in question, tile. That can come in the form of vinyl, ceramic, or porcelain. Today many establishments from homes to commercial businesses boast tile floors with very good reason; its staying power and durability. Tile is resistant to dirt, stains, is permanent, and promotes a more hygienic environment.

Armed with product specification information it is time to put together a plan that targets the needs of this type of floor since cleaning it can be difficult to get right. When getting to the task of cleaning any tile floor think vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket and cleaning products…in other words the traditional mode. Another method will be discussed later.

As it comes to the cleaning solutions and liquids necessary the route can be natural/organic or ready made options. It is just up to personal choice, the issues that tile floor may already contain or what is already on hand.

At one time or another cleaning this type of floor will call for one or all of these items working in tandem effectively to master achieving pristine unblemished floors without a hint of  streaks or any other issue. Here  are some choices to consider:

Natural CLEANERS Ready-made Brand
Mild dish detergent and water Aqua Mix
Vinegar and water Magic

*Do not use too much cleaning solution less is definitely more.

Step 1. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Stay on top of cleaning the tile floors frequently by using a dust mop as a first choice and vacuum with appropriate attachment as another. When thinking models consider the Dyson or Dirt Devil as two of the best vacuums for tile floors.  Be very selective and careful so that the surface does not get scratched. Using a steam mop weekly keeps the tile shiny, clean and without streaks. A very important step to not omit is drying the floor directly after mopping so that falling dirt or debris will not settle and become adhered to the surface. Always remember to dry the floor no matter what. So regular attention to this step cannot be stressed enough keeping streaks, scuffs, and stains to a minimum.  Always place attention on breaking up the floor into smaller sections, cleaning it  completely before moving on.

Step 2. Cleaning and Mopping Method

There is a proven method that is the best way to clean tile floors leaving no room for streaks. Use fresh water and a fresh mop (when available) each time the tile floor needs attention. If using the same mop it should be rinsed well and free of any debris or residue from previous use. Make sure the mop is completely wet then wring out the excess water. Start in smaller sections going in one pass in a single direction. Make another pass in the opposite direction always applying a bit of pressure on the mop for effective results no streak in sight.

Step 3. Deep Clean If Necessary

Over time of taking mop to the tile surface the same way over and over will call for stepping up the process. There will be smears, stains and yes streaks that will occur and if left unaddressed  can and will become problematic. At this point regular cleaning must be enhanced and a more intense method of deep cleaning becomes the better choice, presenting a perfectly beautiful tile floor. You will use this step when the usual mop method is ineffective in achieving the results desired.  Make the following a part of your cleaning routine. Now always protect the finish when using this method by  when some normal cleaners may be too harsh by using baking soda or gentle dish detergent as a successful  alternative.

Step 4. The Second Time Around

Any type of vacuuming or mopping with a bucket, warm water and cleaning agent is great. However to ensure a no streak zone repeat the process one more time to release any of the cleaning liquid residue as a result there before you will be a surface that is stain and smudge free. Remember the first time going over the tile floor may just be the thing needed to see what the floors truly needs applied as an extra measure of effectiveness.

Step 5. Use The Art of Steam

Steam is vaporized water at an increased temperature that works wonders on a tile floor for many reasons.  The art of steam cleaning takes less effort, time with no need for lugging a bucket of water and cleaning solution. Drying time is less than conventional mopping so the probability of marks also decreases.  A special mop such as one with steam is very effective at getting the result of clean and streak free. Instead of solutions with messy or sticky ingredients imagine using a blast steam method to get that floor you so desire. There are many design models that fit every use and user in its duty of eliminating dirt.   There are handheld and upright mops that work for every small and intricate space to the largest square footage . Names such as Bissell and Oreck are leaders in cleaning with the latter being a more professional or high grade model of the best of the best mops for tile floor.

Putting it all Together

So it is clear that tile floors are beautiful by nature and in order to maintain that beauty cleaning by methods of specialized or conventional cleaning are necessary often, with deeper methods, and mopping technique. If the steps are used then what could start out being a truly daunting chore will become easier and one of the best ways to clean tile floors without streaks. Now the finished product will shine with pristine and unmarred beauty and what will be achieved is the best way to clean tile floors without leaving streaks.

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