The Best Way to Vacuum Stairs

If you live in a home with multiple levels, you’re undoubtedly aware of how easy it is for dirt, dust, and hair to get stuck on your stairs. Whether you’re living with hardwood or carpet, every time someone walks from one level to another, they’re going to track dirt with them.

To enhance the beauty of your home and to protect the integrity of your floor, it’s important to learn about the best way to vacuum stairs. Below are just a few of the best methods that you can use for relatively any type of material used on your staircase.

Best Way to Vacuum Stairs


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Tools to Vacuum Stairs

#1. Carpet Cleaners

If you’ve begun to notice the dirt on your floors has settled into the fabric of your carpet, it’s time to consider a carpet cleaner. Finding a carpet cleaner for stairs is easy because they are the more traditional method of deep cleaning and have been designed by a variety of top vacuum manufacturers including Dyson and Bissell.

A traditional carpet cleaner is typically larger than a vacuum but operates in a similar fashion, as it has rolling brushes with suction. It will also include a dirt reservoir and can be plugged into a traditional electrical outlet. What makes carpet cleaners different from regular vacuums is that it uses water to loosen dirt. Instead of a traditional dirt reservoir, you will have a water tank that filters the dirt, leaving your flooring spotless.

With a carpet cleaner, you will be able to add carpet fresheners and enhanced cleaning solutions to help get rid of stains and visible signs of dirt.

These units are perfect for stairs as they typically offer attachments for an easy cleaning experience so you can get into all of the hard to reach areas such as in between banisters and against baseboards. Though it is important to remember that they are typically heavy and can be difficult to maneuver.

#2. Steam Cleaners

As one of the most modern methods of cleaning stairs, steam cleaners combine all of the best features of a traditional vacuum and carpet cleaner but with improved mobility and ease of use.

If you’re in the market for a steam cleaner you should look for a model that has proven to remove allergens, dirt, and different types of bacteria from your carpet.

These units are specially designed to heat the water inside of the water tank to give you the best cleaning experience possible. Hot water has been proven to be the most effective way to remove stains and caked-on dirt from carpet.

Another added benefit to steam cleaners is they can typically be used on relatively any type of flooring, as long as you have the appropriate attachments. For example, you can use your steam cleaner on your carpeted stairs or you can use it on hard floorings such as linoleum or hardwood.

If you live in a home with someone who suffers from respiratory illnesses or if you have pets and children that shouldn’t be exposed to cleaning solutions, a steam cleaner for stairs is the best option. They’re 100% environmentally friendly, child-safe, and have been proven to remove allergens from carpeting.

#3. Traditional Vacuums

For the home owners that are interested in sticking to traditional methods of cleaning, there’s always the ability to take advantage of a traditional vacuum. There are various models that you can choose from including handheld, upright, stick, and canister.

Traditional vacuums are easy to use and are typically portable, aside from the heavier units such as canister vacuums, which are perfect if you intend on cleaning your stairs.

You’ll want to find vacuums that offer additional cleaning attachments so you can reach every area of your stairs to ensure that there isn’t any dirt left behind. In most cases, if your vacuum has large brush heads it should also come with telescopic poles and crevice attachments to get to hard to reach areas.

Although traditional vacuums for stairs are useful for suctioning dirt and grime, they won’t leave your carpet as clean as a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. Also, they’re not typically recommended for harder types of flooring, unless they offer adjustable spinning brushes that are designed for low pile flooring.

Traditional vacuums are typically more affordable and can be used every day without the risk of exposing your floor to too much water.

#4. Hardwood Vacuums

Hardwood stairs are becoming increasingly popular simply because they’re easier to maintain than carpet. If you have hardwood stairs in your home, you may want to consider searching for a hardwood vacuum.

Hardwood vacuums are designed for any type of flooring aside from carpet as their suction is designed to get as close to the floor as possible to help eradicate even the smallest traces of dirt from your home.

In most cases, these models are designed to be highly portable and easy to store, which makes them perfect for any type of home ranging from a loft to a 5-bedroom house. Also, since they are much smaller than other types of vacuums they are also far more affordable.

Depending on the model you choose, you may be able to find a hardwood vacuum that also includes a wet function to mop your floor once you’ve vacuumed all of the dirt away.

The Best Way to Vacuum Stairs

Now that you’re aware of the units you’ll need to vacuum and clean your stairs, here are the steps to help make the job easier.

Step 1: Remove Large Objects

The first thing you’ll want to do is take a look over your stairs and see if there are any large pieces of debris that could clog your vacuum, such as large pieces of paper. You’ll want to make sure that you have an unobstructed path while you’re cleaning to get the most seamless vacuum lines possible.

Step 2: Focus on Corners

Before you vacuum the whole staircase, pay special attention to the corners, particularly in between banisters, as this is where the majority of dust tends to settle. You can use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum to clean the edges of the carpet and at times, it may require you to go over each spot twice.

Step 3: Cleaning the Stair Surface

Once all of the dirt has been removed from the corners and crevices, you can clean the surface of the stairs with a nozzle attachment with a wider brush. When you’re vacuuming, make sure to run the nozzle width-wise on the stairs, as it’s far more time-efficient.

Step 4 (Optional): Cleaning the Stairs with a Wet Vacuum

If you’ve decided you want to thoroughly clean the carpet or hardwood, all you’ll have to do is start your wet vacuum and repeat step 3. Ensure that once you’ve finished cleaning your stairs that you let them dry for a few hours before use.

Finding the best way to vacuum stairs is up to personal preference, but with the many types of vacuums that you can find on the market, you’ll want to think about which units will give you the deepest clean. With the combination of vacuuming and wet mopping, your stairs will look brand new and feel fresher than ever before.

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