Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave

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Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave, which one is better?

If you have this kind of question in mind, you are not alone.

First thing first, you must ask yourself what your floor type is, what your expectation from cleaning equipment is, your pain point (sanitization, lack of time, etc)

After you are clear about your requirement, you could find the right answer by reading the following section.

Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave

Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave – Main differences

The main difference between the Bissell Steam mop and Spinwave is that Spinwave is NOT a steam mop, but uses rotating mop pads while the Steam mop uses the power of steam.

Floor types is another factor to consider. While these two can be used on almost the same floor types. But if your floor is vinyl, you’d better go for Bissell Spinwave

Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399, White/Black

Some model of Bissell steam mops offers above-floor cleaning, handheld steamer like PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop (2075A), PowerFresh Lift-Off Steam Mop (1544A) while Bissell Spinwave is just floor mopping.

BISSELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop, 2075A

We will look into details in the next section

Comparison Table

 Bissell Steam mopBissell Spinwave
Cleaning methodSteamScrub
SanitizationUsing steamUsing formula
Floor-typeSealed Hardwood, Ceramic, Linoleum, Granite, MarbleSealed Hardwood, tile, linoleum, Vinyl
Above-Floor cleaningIn some modelsNo
PriceLow price rangeHigher

Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave Explained

Let us look into the details of Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave;

Cleaning method

Scrubbing vs Steaming is the comparison of cleaning methods of these two.

The Bissell steam mop uses the power of steam to sanitize flow plus it is corded. This mean it can be use on hard-floors like sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, marble.

The Bissell spinwave on the other hand, using rotating mop pads, NOT steam. In addition, it is safe for cleaning sealed, hard surface floors like tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, vinyl.

Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399, White/Black


For Bissell Spinwave, simply fill the clean water tank with water and Hard Floor Sanitize or Wood Floor Formula, spray and mop pet messes away!

For Bissell Steam mop, as suggested by its name, using power of steam, not formula.

Above-Floor cleaning

While Bissell Spinwave does not support above-floor cleaning, Bissell steam mop has Above-Floor Cleaning in some models like;

Choosing Bissell Steam Mop or Spinwave?

Pick Bissell Spinwave IF;

  • If you do not want to use power of steam to sanitize your floor. Just mopping is enough
  • You hate mopping yourself
  • If you want to clean vinyl floors (which using steam mop is not recommended)

Pick Steam Mop IF;

  • You need to use steam to sanitize the floors (eg. have kids)
  • You need above-floor cleaning (only some models)
  • You need handheld steamer, fabric steamer (only some models)
  • You need to use steam on bathroom sinks, countertops, stovetops, inside microwave, or oven

Different Cleaning Procedures

The Steam mop and Spinwave when used incorrectly, can produce horrible making it very important for one to know how to use them properly. Below are the steps you  need to follow to get the best results when cleaning your floor

How to Use Bissell Steam Mop

Let’s see how to use Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop. Even though we demonstrate only Power Fresh steam mop, it is more or less the same process as other steam mops. You will get an idea how it differs from Spinwave

  1. You begin by assembling the steam mop
  2. Know everything your steam mop brings to the table
  3. Grab the freshening disc and connect to the mop pad
  4. Fill the tank with water
  5. Plug the machine to a power outlet or source
  6. Begin cleaning the floor

How to Use Bissell Spinwave

Let’s see how to use Bissell Spinwave

  1. Ensure that your machine has enough water and cleaning solution in the tank before you begin using
  2. Pick the correct mop for the tasks at hand because soft touch pads are good for cleaning laminate and hardwood floors while scrubby pads are good for tough stains
  3. Plug the machine to the power outlet and press the on/off button
  4. Start cleaning the floor surface making sure you  do not over wet the floor otherwise you might cause damage
  5. Move the machine back and forth making sure the surface is clean and shiny.


1. Is Bissell SpinWave a steam mop?​​

​It is not a steam mop it is an electric-powered rotating mop.

2. Is a steam mop better than a spin mop?​​

No, it depends. If you want to deep clean your surfaces, its best to use a steam mop but, if it is light cleaning jobs you are about to do then it is best to use a spin mop,​​​ Moreover, if you need handheld device, you should choose steam mop models that offer this functionality.​​

3. Do steam mops damage tile floors?​​​​

If you force steam onto cracks and gaps on your floor, you will cause damage that can be very costly to fix especially on tile floors.

Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave summary

Hope this Bissell Steam Mop vs Spinwave article has highlighted all the things you need to consider to make the correct choice.

If you want an easier way to clean your floor without having to turn to a mop and bucket, you should go for the Bissell Spinwave.

If you want something that will deep clean your floors and is lightweight, the steam mop is an excellent choice.

Lastly, please be careful to pick the right tool for your floor type as mentioned in the table. 

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