How to Clean a Messy House Checklist to Make Life Easier

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clean a messy house checklist

Have you ever thought of taking a week off work just to give your house a good cleaning? If you’re torn between what to tackle first and want to use your time efficiently, here is our ‘Clean a Messy House Checklist’ to make life easier for you.

You probably won’t even need more than a day, because time is money and we care about saving yours.

Here is our “Clean a Messy House Checklist” for you:

Remove All Trash

If you don’t remove the trash first, it’ll get in your way throughout the cleaning process. Get out a big trash bag and go to each room, picking up all the garbage you see. This goes for things you no longer need and want to throw away. It also goes for pieces of trash you find throughout the house (although that should be rare.)

You might feel inclined to start cleaning up the house as you go, but things are always easier done in steps. By the end of this step, you should have gathered up all the garbage in your house into as many garbage bags as you need.

Collect and Wash Dishes and Mugs

The next step is to collect all the cups, plates, forks, and whatever kitchen items you find lying around the house. You’ll probably find them on the tables or nightstands in your room.

It is not necessary to wash them as soon as you’re done with collecting. It might get you off-track and turn into a distraction. For now, make sure they’re all in the kitchen.

Gather All the Laundry

Again, go room to room and pick up all the soiled clothes you find. Gather them in the laundry basket and take them to the laundry room. If you have a few minutes, start a load of laundry before moving on to the next task.

Clean Up Clutter

One step that you’ll have the most trouble with is cleaning up clutter. This is because not only do you have to clean up any random items strewn across your living room, you have to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to throw away as well.

Just organizing the clutter and putting it into drawers isn’t enough. You have to throw away all unnecessary items to really feel like your house is cleaner than before. Some ways to dispose of toys, clothes, books, or anything else you no longer need is to give them to charity or hold a yard sale.

Clean Floors

Sweep the floors thoroughly and make sure you get in the corners as well. Thorough vacuuming is important for carpets; however, sweeping can often be much more effective. It is important to reach the area under the couches, chairs, and tables. You can’t do a deep clean without getting rid of all the dirt and dust buildup.

Mop the floors when you’re done sweeping. It’ll remove any residue such as food spill stains and dirt from shoes. If you can’t mop all the floors, at least do the ones near the entrance of your house and especially the kitchen. These areas have more stains and dirt buildup than anywhere else.

Clean Counters and Tables

Cleaning off your counters will make you feel a lot better about how your kitchen looks. Get rid of the extra clutter. Stack up or arrange the items on your counters so that they’re more organized. Clean countertops looking more aesthetically pleasing and make your home feel airier too.

If you notice large piles of magazines or newspapers on the counters, scan the ones that are important to you and save them digitally. Buy a hard drive to store all the data, which saves tons of physical space in your home.

Clean Bathrooms

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Once you start cleaning, you’ll want to cover every bathroom in one go. This is likely to tire you out, so it’s better to do one bathroom at a time.

One helpful tip for cleaning your bathrooms at your convenience is a bathroom bucket. Make a collection of cleaning items that you need for your bathroom and keep a bucket filled with these items in each bathroom.  Whenever you feel it is the most convenient time to clean a bathroom, like when you’re free for an hour during the weekend, you can clean that bathroom.

Some things that you should keep in your bathroom bucket are:

  • Paper towels
  • Bathroom cleaner. For a good bathroom cleaner, try this one.
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Toilet bowl cleaning brush
  • Garbage bags

Clean Kitchen

You’ll only feel like your house is clean once your kitchen is clean. You are most likely to have a small dining area in your kitchen as well, which means the cleanliness of the kitchen is going to affect the experiences of everyone who lives in your house.

Some aspects to keep in mind when cleaning your kitchen are:

  • Clean the counters until they’re tidy and shiny. Remove any food residue and wash off sticky stains.
  • Give all the kitchen appliances a wipe down with a clean, damp cloth
  • Sweep and mop the floors. Use a fresh, scented cleaner to have your kitchen smelling fresher
  • Wash those dishes you initially left in the sink. Put them all away and empty out the dishwasher completely. Wash the sink out as well
  • Give your kitchen cupboards a wipe down with a cleaner and cloth to remove water drops or food stains


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Q) Are there any tips for cleaning a house and getting it to stay clean for more than a few days?

One major mistake that you might be making is putting everything away hurriedly and without organization. If you’re only cleaning for the sake of making your house appear clean and not actually be clean, this is okay.

However, if you want your house to stay clean for longer periods of time, you have to organize everything and put it into proper compartments from the very first time you clean. This is the only way for you and everyone else in your family to make it a habit to put everything in its rightful location from the start. When you see that there is a designated place for everything, and you can reach it hassle-free, then you’ll put your things there instead of putting them in a temporary place.

For a convenient kitchen organizer, try this one.

Q) How to clean a house faster when guests are coming over?

The last thing you want is someone coming over to your house and seeing your bathroom filthy and smelly. If you know that guests are coming over, your focus should be the guest room cleaning first. Clean the guest room bathroom and bedroom. Vacuum the floors and change the sheets.

The next places your guests will see are the kitchen and living room, so clean those up too. Don’t delve into deep cleaning when you know that you’re on a time limit. Deep cleaning requires time and almost always creates a bigger mess before the cleaning process begins.

Final Words

Hopefully, we have helped you figure out how to clean a house by providing you this “Clean a Messy House Checklist.” Use it next time when cleaning and let us know if it helps!

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