The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor

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Dog urine soaked into hardwood floor?

Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor

Most people consider dogs as part of the family, and although they love them dearly, they can sometimes take a toll on their hardwood floors. It might be easy to deal with the scratches animals leave on the floor, but dog urine tends to be the most difficult stain to remove. While you might be glad that it always spares your expensive Persian rug, it’s essential to ensure that your dog piss is properly cleaned before he sniffs the spot and goes again.

One of the things you can’t avoid when it comes to owning a dog is dealing with the messes he makes. Given that dog urine can easily damage your hardwood floors, cleaning them immediately can go a long way in preventing further damage. This guide will explore some of the key steps to follow when cleaning dog urine soaked into the hardwood floor.

Dog Urine soaked into Hardwood Floors: What to do

Wet Stains

You’ve just come home from work and as you walk in the front door your dog’s wet odor hit you right in the face. In such instances, the best plan of action is to grab an old cotton towel or a wad of paper towel and soak up the urine by placing several layers of the old cotton towels or paper towel on the puddle. Step on the towels gently for a few seconds (with shoes on) before discarding the towels.

If your dog has been pissing all day, you should repeat the same procedure but ensure that you get rid of the towels once they get too wet. You should only stop once a fresh trowel comes dry when pressed on the same area. Once all the urine is soaked, rinse the area with water but ensure that you immediately bloat up the water.

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Handling Odors

Once you are done cleaning the urine, it’s crucial that you treat the area for odor. Although you might not smell the odor your dog can and he will frequent the same spot which is something you want to avoid. Removing odors soaked into hardwood floors is difficult, but the good thing is that wood is tolerant to stronger cleaning agents.

One of the ways you can get a stronger agent is by mixing 50% water and 50% white vinegar. You should then apply the resulting solution on the area using a soft towel or sponge. Let the solution cure for about five to ten minutes before wiping it off with a dry, clean towel.

Alternatively, you could use baking soda. It comes highly recommended when dealing with persistent odor, and this is because it acts as a natural deodorizer. Sprinkle a few tablespoon of the baking soda on the damp spot and spread it evenly. It’s important not to use more than 120 grams since excessive amounts can sometimes be difficult to clean. You should then let it sit for about two hours before vacuuming it away.

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Dealing With Discolored Flooring And Old Stains

Dog urine soaked into hardwood floor can cause serious damage to your flooring. In fact, when the stain is old, ammonia from the urine can cause a lingering odor and discoloration. While it’s best to get rid of urine stains immediately from hardwood floors, the strategy to dealing with older stain is more complicated. When it comes to dealing with such stains, you should start by removing the finish to get the discoloration and odor out of the wood. Before doing this, it’s crucial that you clean the finish with soapy water and dry it thoroughly. If this is not done, you might end up grinding the uric acid particles as you sand off the finish.

Steps to get rid of old stain and discolored flooring

Step 1: Sanding Off The Finish

The first step to dealing with old stain and discolored flooring is to sand off the discoloration left by the urine stain. It’s best if you use 80 to 100 grit sandpaper because you can easily sand off the stain without having to dig deeper into the surface. It is not possible to get rid of all the discoloration, but you’ll see some improvements.

Step 2: Bleach The Wood With Hydrogen Peroxide

Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stained areas of your hardwood floor. It’s important that you use enough to wet the wood surface without producing puddle. Hydrogen peroxide will foam, and you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Gently rub the hydrogen peroxide into the stain using a sponge and let it dry. Repeat the same procedure several times until you notice changes on the stained surface.

Step 3: (Optional) Using A Stronger Bleach

If hydrogen peroxide isn’t working for you, it’s best if you switch to stronger bleaches. Chlorine comes highly recommended in instances where other bleaches don’t work. It can easily remove urine and dye stain from wood, but you need to add water and a saturated solution of swimming pool bleach to achieve a stronger solution.

For optimum results, you should rub the bleach on the stained surface and let it dry for a few minutes before rinsing with water. If that doesn’t work, you could try mixing water, and a solution oxalic acid then allow it to soak into the wood before neutralizing with baking soda and rinsing with water.

Step 4: Restain And Refinish

If you manage to remove dog urine soaked into hardwood floor, the stained area will appear lighter compared to the surrounding flooring area and to make the floor uniform you need to even out the floor with pigmented wood stain. You can mix it yourself by adding colorants to mineral spirits then apply two to three coats of wood finish.

Additionally, you can use a paintbrush to feather the edges and seal any urine odor from your floor. If you find it difficult to do it by yourself, you should get in touch with a professional contractor to work on the floor because he can help you match your existing finish.

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Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor

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