Compare BISSELL ProHeat 2X Models – The Ultimate Comparison

If you’ve got a busy schedule and also have kids or pets at home chances are that you are going to struggle with stubborn stains and pet messes. When you compare BISSELL ProHeat 2X models the one thing you are guaranteed is exception cleaning results regardless of the damage caused by your kids or pets. The cleaners have the reliability and power to beat rental machines which saves you the expense and time of hiring a professional cleaner.

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1. ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner (1548)

ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner (1548)

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BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner is among the top cleaner that comes highly recommended by most homeowners. If you own a pet, then you understand the kind of mess that you go through on a daily basis. That is why you need to get yourself this carpet cleaner.

The cleaner comes with antibacterial cleaning formula that cleans while at the same time controlling odour-causing bacteria. It accomplishes this task by removing odour from the source leaving your carpet smelling fresh

One of the things you’ll love about the cleaner is that it not only comes with a long hose but it allows for multiple attachments for spot cleaning on pet beds, upholstery and stairs. The spot tool is one of the attachments that come in handy if you’re in need of a deep scrub. It can scrub deep down to the back of your carpet removing pet messes, stains and odours.



2. ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner (1986)

ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner (1986)

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This cleaner is the upgraded version of the ProHeat 1548, and this is one of the things that guarantee you a great cleaning experience. Whether you have a thick carpet, busy home, pet and kids then the BISSELL 1986 pro cleaner is your ultimate companion. Also, it can work as a vacuum and carpet cleaner, and this delivers incredible results compared to other cleaners. The other thing that stands out is the five-year warranty. When you compare BISSELL ProHeat 2X models none beats the 1968 model in terms of warranty, and this puts durability as a key feature on this model.

The brush roll cover can be easily removed which makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Unlike most cleaners, you don’t have to source for cleaning detergents thanks to the oxy formula with pet urine eliminator. With this formula, you are going to get incredible results for stain and pet odours as well as skunk odours. The odour-controlling technology removes bad odour leaving behind a fresh scent.

With the innovative 2 in 1 upholstery tool, the cleaner can easily remove odour, stains and hair with one tool. When you switch it to dry mode, it lifts up dry debris including pet hair and stores them in the dry tank for easy disposal. Once you switch to wet mode, you can get rid of stains and spots using the oxy formula.



3. ProHeat 2X Lift-Off Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner (15651)

ProHeat 2X Lift-Off Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner (15651)

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BISSELL Lift-Off is one of the most popular cleaners available on the market today. It is popular among homeowners due to its deep cleaning action that makes cleaning your floors, carpet and upholstery an easy task. It’s also packaged with a cleaning formula that deeply cleans and removes odor compared to most cleaners. Given that it is detachable and that it comes with different accessories you can conveniently clean your car, upholstery and stairs.

Portable Cleaning Convenience – Thanks to the different attachments that come with the cleaner plus the fact that it has a removable canister you can easily clean the dirt from your car mat or those accidental coffee spills on the seat. There is also the lift-off portable spot cleaner with powerful suction that gives you deep cleaning results of a full-size machine.

Powerful Carpet Cleaner – There are a lot of features that make this machine a powerful cleaner. First, it comes with a powerful suction which removes water and dirt from the fibres, and this helps the carpet to dry faster. It also comes with a dual-action power brush scrub that loosens dirt deep down giving you incredible results.



BISSELL ProHeat 2X Models – Comparable features

1548 1986 15651
Cord Length 22 ft 25 ft 22 ft
Heater/Heatwave  Technology
Under 20 lb
Warranty 3 years 5 years 3 years
1-gallon capacity
Tool Included 3” stain tool, pet stain tool 3” stain tool, 2 in 1 pet upholstery tool 3” stain tool, spraying crevice tool
Antibacterial Cleaning

Comparing BISSELL ProHeat 2X Models – Final Thoughts

Settling on the BISSELL ProHeat 2X vacuum cleaner can be challenging given that there are certain aspects that they share. When you compare BISSELL ProHeat 2X models the main features and functions are similar, but you will find that each model comes with a few unique aspects that are in line with a particular audience and this should be your focus when selecting the model to buy.


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