Do Robotic Vacuums Really Work?

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The world of cleaning is changing before our eyes and has become much simpler with the help of technology. With the growing popularity of automated cleaning tools, it poses the question do robotic vacuums really work? Many cleaning aficionados are impressed with their capabilities, but like many products, there are advantages and disadvantages to relying on technology.

What Are Robotic Vacuums?

Robotic vacuums are small low-profile machines that deal with vacuuming so you don’t have to. Depending on the model you choose you can either schedule a set time for the vacuum to clean or you can manually start the machine. They will work their way through your property and pick up dirt, dust, and other forms of fine debris.

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The main appeal with robotic vacuums is that they are all automated, meaning you won’t have to worry about carrying upright, canister, or stick vacuums up and down stairs, trying to vacuum hard to reach areas, or setting time aside to sufficiently clean your home. They’re powerful, convenient, and in some cases, they’re also quite affordable.

The Pros and Cons of Robotic Vacuums 

The Pros of Robotic Vacuums

The Cons of Robotic Vacuums

Vacuum effortlessly on their own

Typically offer a variety of features

Can sometimes include a mobile application

Offer the ability to set cleaning schedules

Have integrated safety features to protect your furniture and walls

Have a low-profile design to get underneath beds and couches

Include powerful motors to deal with tough dirt and grime

Great for dealing with pet hair and other types of debris

Charge themselves at the end of every clean

Easy to store in small spaces

Useful for different types of flooring

Can be costly

Takes more time to vacuum than with a traditional manually operated unit

Dirt reservoirs need to be emptied and cleaned more regularly

Battery life can be an issue depending on the size of your home

Units without anti-tangling features can get clogged

Some units can get stuck






Extensive Features of Robotic Vacuums

The main reason as to why home owners look into robotic vacuums is because they typically have an extensive list of features that you wouldn’t be able to find with a traditional vacuum.

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The Differences Between a Robot Vacuum and an Upright Vacuum

When considering a robot vacuum vs. upright it’s important to consider the features that make then different from one another, as you’ll want to make the right purchase.

Robot Vacuums

Upright Vacuums

 Offer an extensive catalog of features

 Technologically advanced


 Easy to store due to their small size

 Powerful on all types of flooring

 Useful for hard-to-reach areas

 Perfect all types of homes including small apartments and large houses

Takes a longer time to finish cleaning

Offer a certain amount of battery life, typically 2 hours of consistent cleaning

 User-friendly, minimal room for user error

 Gives you the ability to clean quickly

 Phenomenal for deep cleaning carpets

 Adjustable rolling brushes for pile thicknesses

 Unlimited power as they are typically plugged into a wall socket

Traditional in design

 Manual use

Larger in size, more difficult to store in small spaces

Difficult to carry around while cleaning

Need to use attachments to get to hard to reach areas

Cleaning Large and Small Properties

Your property size shouldn’t be a concern when dealing with robotic vacuums, mostly because they generally have enough battery life to work on one floor at a time. Once they run out of power, they will dock themselves and finish the clean on their own.

They are perfect for cleaning hardwood floors, laminate floors, thick carpet, and tile floors in small apartments.

Cleaning Under and Around Furniture

Robotic vacuums are also preferable because they easily clean under and around the furniture in your home. You won’t have to worry about moving couches or tables as you would with an upright vacuum. Instead, the robotic will automatically navigate through hard to reach areas. You’ll find your home has never been cleaner as they get to areas you never thought of such as behind curtains and closet floors.

Perfect for Pet Owners

Another great advantage to robotic vacuums is they are specifically designed to help pet owners, especially those dealing with dog hair and long hair (more on best robotic vacuum for dog hair) . There’s nothing more frustrating than having a pet that has the tendency to shed, and although you love them, you don’t love the dirt they leave behind.

Your robotic vacuum will pay special attention to pet hair and suction it into the dirt reservoir more effortlessly than any other types of vacuums. Whether you’re dealing with a pug or an Australian Shepherd, you can rest assured that pet hair won’t be a problem any longer.

Finding a Robotic Vacuum for Under 200

Instead of breaking the bank and putting a lot of money into a cleaning tool, home owners can easily find a robotic vacuum for under 200. One of the largest disadvantages that are assumed about these unique cleaning tools is that they cost an insurmountable fortune. There are manufacturers with units that cost far more than you would expect, but these models also include luxurious features that you may not need.

If you’re shopping on a budget, you can easily find an inexpensive unit that offers the right amount of help when it comes to getting your home clean.

All in all, robotic vacuums have been tested, tried, and proven true in residential and commercial properties around the world. If you’re looking for an innovative tool that will change the way you clean, they are essential.

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