Do Steam Mops Work On Hardwood Floors?

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hardwood floorsHardwood is absorbent by nature, so placing the hardwood in a wet and watery surroundings can cause it to start pealing, molding, twist and losing it beautiful view. So how do steam mops work on hardwood floors?

One of the merits of cleaning the hardwood floor with a steam mop is that the floor will dry fast enough before the water is absorbed into the wood, the floor won’t remain sticky, it will be more smooth and shiny, the hardwood floor will be able to retain its original glow.

There are exact models of steam mops that are specially made to mop hardwood floors, steam mops have proven and remain to be the driest means of cleaning the hardwood floors. Steam cleaning is also the best way of eliminating dust from the floors.

However if not correctly used, steam mops can damage and ruin the beauty of some types of wooden floors, all of these damages can be avoided if the right mopping devices are chosen.

How to Choose the Right Steam Mop

The question how do steam mops work on hardwood floors? Can be answered only by choosing the right steam mop. You can either pick a stick or a canister machine model where each comes with various specifications and attachments, on a wooden floor, a canister machine is better.

The stick steam mop is challenging to use because it is cumbersome, it’s hard to lift it from the floor when triggering the steam, the canister machine is easy and efficient to use since it can directly be raised from the floor while provoking the steam. Canister machines come in various models, but for a hardwood floor, it’s better to use the dry vapor canister that discourages wetness at all costs.

How to Use a Steam Mop on a Hardwood Floor

The secret to keeping the wooden floor as bright, beautiful and original is keeping the washing cloth as clean as possible, the moment the fabric catches some dirt, change the fabric and put on a clean one on the steam mop. It is because of this reason that it’s important to choose a model that you can quickly change the cloth at your convenience.

The safest way of using a steam mop is by lifting it off the floor while cleaning; this information might not be clear from the manufacturers as they want to make sales. When cleaning, you need to lift the mop head and trigger the steam just lightly to get the cloth a little bit wet; the fabric is not supposed to be thoroughly wet. When the cloth becomes a little bit more damp and dirtier, just change the cloth for the purity of the floor.

Just in case you come across sticky stuff on the floor, don’t blow a lot of steam on it trying to remove it, just try to remove it manually by scrubbing it using your hands. Make sure that you don’t scratch the floor.

In case you get streaks on the floor once it’s dry, then don’t use the same detergent, look for a better cleanser, or you can use less of the soap. The secret to keeping the hardwood floors neat is the light touch; it’s about going comfortably on the floor.

Examples of the best steam mops for wooden floors in the market;

#1. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop for hardwood floor

This is an example of a canister machine; it has been designed for wooden floors. It has a triangular mop head, a microfiber pad, and a cushion. It is very light and easy to use. It also heats up very quickly, it heats up in less than 20 seconds, and you can begin to work as soon as possible. The steam mop is also very light, and it’s not heavy at all, this means that it’s convenient for wooden floors that require a bright steam mop.

The triangular head is crucial while cleaning the corners; it’s convenient while removing the dust from the square edges. The O-cedar microfiber has a snap on carpet attachment; it can be used to refresh your carpet. If the steam is exceeding, then it can be used to remove the spots and the stains on the wood floor.

Depending on your flooring requirements, you can adjust the steam levels to suit your wood flooring needs; it comes with the option of low steam, full blast, and medium levels. Since it doesn’t leave a lot of water behind, it’s perfect for hardwood floors.

#2. Bissell Power Fresh

This mop is sold by Amazon. It is cheap and modernly designed. The steam is controlled at three levels, from a lower level where the steam is just light, medium level then the more intense level meant for hardened junk.

In the box, there are two pads, they are both machine washable, and their material is made from soft fiber. Also, it has a scrubbing pad made of rubber to add on the power. The mop pad fabric spreads all the way around the head, creating a bumper, so you don’t scratch molding as you mop around the edges of a room. We like this kind cushioning for hardwood floors. It can’t scratch the floors or the walls! You can clean as tight as you want without distressing over damage.

Bissell power fresh also has a water tank that is removable. It can be filled over the sink on a regular basis. Bissell also has a fragrance disk that leaves your house smelling nice after cleaning.

#3. Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

It has a broad mop head. The head is a thick rectangular shape for significant coverage. The pads for mopping are highly absorbent and cushioned. It cleans the floors very quickly, it heats up the steam fast, hence time-saving. It has a large water tank that can last up to several rooms. It is not heavy, and it’s very convenient to use.

So how do steam mops work on hardwood floors? You now know the answer to this question.

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