Does Steam Mop Really Work?

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Lately, I have researched the different types of mops that are available. I came across the Steam Mop. As my curious self, I wanted to experiment with one to see just how well it works which leads me to my next subject, Does steam mop really work? Yes it does!

Before we begin, please keep in mind that a steam mop is a maintenance tool that should only be used on small areas that do not have a ton of dirt or debris nor should it be soiled. A steam mop is heated steam or cool steam in which it places a mist of water on the floor to clean. This type of mop does not completely remove the dirt which means you will have to wipe the dirt away with a cleaning pad that is located on the head of the mop itself.

It would be a great idea to purchase multiple cleaning pads since you will not want to use the same cleaning pad on your whole floor. Do not worry though, the cleaning pads can be washed in a washer and hung up to dry after each use.

Ideal places to use a steam mop

Steam Mop (like Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe) is safe to use on sealed surfaces like Tile, Hard Wood, linoleum, marble
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Steam mops should be used on sealed floors which consist of hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and tile. This is an important factor because the moisture from the steam can damage floors easily and no one wants that to happen. A good tidbit is to always test a smaller area of your floor to be sure that it will work efficiently with your flooring plan.

How often should you use a Steam mop?

If you plan to use a steam mop, you will want to do so regularly as a steam mop is not recommended for dirty flooring that is not well kept. You will ruin your cleaning pads by doing so.

What makes a Steam mop different from other mops?

Because of the temp of the water in the mop itself, Steam mops disinfect your floors without using harsh chemicals and does not leave a nasty residue afterwards. It basically kills the bacteria that is on your floor and leaves a shine after cleaning. Not only does it disinfect the floor but it can also remove stains and mold in hard to reach areas of your flooring such as tile or in the creases of the walls and flooring.

What else can a Steam mop do?

If you are anything like me, you always dig deeper into the reviews and such that come with a new purchase. While doing this, I found out that you can actually use a steam mop on your carpets as well. Depending on the type of steam cleaner you purchase, it may come with a vacuum like attachment that can be used on carpets.

How will the steam mop work on my carpets?

The Steam will loosen any dirt, dust etc. from your carpet threads making for a cleaner living area. How neat is that? I thought so!  Saves time from the messy shampooer that embeds water inside of my carpet follicles which can cause a ton of allergy hazards for my family. A steam mop can use “dry” steam to prevent such from happening on my carpets.

Using a Steam Mop on Carpet
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I am not done just yet, but here was where my deal breaker was. Did you know, that a steam mop can remove most stains? Whether it be on your kitchen floor or on your carpet, the steam mop can pull the gunk as I call it straight out of the fibers or flooring!

What do others say about Steam mops compared to other mops?

One thing that I look for while making a purchase is look at the reviews. Almost every website I had searched on about reviews has had a positive review. The most complaints came from those who did not like the idea of having a electric mop near water due to safety hazards.

In conclusion, In my honest opinion I do believe a steam mop really works. Considering the fact that you can disinfect your floors while cleaning them WITHOUT using nasty chemicals makes me a believer.

Many people will have their preferences on mops. Many factors come into play such as price, value or if it is best fitting. If you’re considering to purchase a steam cleaner/mop, research the many options they have available. Different mops have different attachments. You can choose which mop will best fit your flooring plan properly. Only you can really decide if a steam mop really works for your home.

Does steam mop really work?

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