Hoover Max Extract 60 vs 77

Hoover is a vacuum cleaner company based in Ohio in the United States that produces excellent cleaners. It is known for manufacturing wonderful products in the market that are friendly and professional. Some of its product include but not limited to Hoover Max Extract 60 and Hoover Max Extract 77.

This article is going to contrast two of the very common Hoover Max Extract Carpet Cleaners – Max 60 vs. 77. It will highlight their features and specifications so that you can gain a clear overview of exactly what each has to offer. The article will assist you in identifying the best model for your cleaning preferences and needs. Both machines are equipped with a spin scrub device that is multi-directional.

Hoover Max Extract 60

This is easy to use a carpet cleaner that eliminates dirt and debris with pressurized cleaning. It has a double chamber nozzle and an automatic detergent system that mixes the cleaning solution to a standard mixture. You can power-wash surfaces with even suction across a large path. It leaves your carpet virtually dry looking like brand new. It uses less detergent to deep clean carpets.

Features at a Glance

This carpet cleaner has sophisticated features that leave your carpet spotless. The heat activated drying makes the carpet dry immediately after vacuuming.

SpinScrub Brush Technology

It has patented counter-rotating, removable brushes that gently wash and scrub sealed wood, vinyl, tile from all corners. The SpinScrub rotating brushes surround the carpet fibers to lift the dirt and grime as the V-shaped nozzle sucks the dirty water into the dirt reservoir. Its six rotating brushes in the Wide path nozzle enable you to cover a large area in a single pass.

Widepath Nozzle

Its sixth brush provides twenty percent more cleaning action than other five-brush cleaners. It has a large nozzle fitted in front of the cleaner which sucks all the dirty water on the carpet. The nozzle is removable for easy rinsing in between jobs.

Automatic Detergent Mixing System

Hoover Max Extract has an auto detergent mixing system that provides the best ratio of detergent and water without the need to measure and mix. You only need to add water and washing detergent in the machine, and it will do the rest. The mixture is best for extracting tough stains on the carpet.

Fingertip Controls

Controlling the machine is easy. It has intuitive controls conveniently positioned precisely where they should be right on your fingertips. The On/OFF buttons are on the handle. You don’t need to unplug it from the power source to switch it off.

Powerful Suction

The carpet cleaner is powered by a 12-amp motor with a heated cleaning that gives you top-notch strength to power the dirt, detergent and water up and out while helping to dry the carpet. The heat activated drying also disinfects the carpet.



Hoover Max Extract 77

Hoover Max Extract 77 is a hard floor cleaner that uses pressurized cleaning and heated drying features for deep cleaning with a fast-dry time. It is designed to vacuum a variety of surfaces from carpets to sofa sets and sealed wood floor to tiles. It has Smart Tank System that fills, empties and cleans with ease.

Features at a Glance

It works great. It cleans up all pet messes, dirty spots, and pathways. It uses less shampoo than recommended and works better than the recommended amount.

Auto Rinse

When it comes to vacuuming the floor then come back to rising it, many users find it annoying. However, with Hoover Max Extract 77, you don’t need to worry. The cleaner has auto rinse. It sets the machine to wash with shampoo on the forwarding stroke, then automatically rinses with fresh water on the backward stroke.

SpinScrub Brush Technology

The machine is fitted with counter-rotating brushes that are engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt and debris at every angle. It is like treating your carpet to a deep, massaging detergent. Also, you can set the cleaning options by setting: Spill Pick up Mode, Gentle Scrub Mode and Power Scrub Mode.

Clean Surge

The cleaner detects tough stains and easily apply extra detergent on those stains and other traffic areas for easy removal. The cleaner leaves your carpet looking new and spotless.

Heated Cleaning

Hoover Max Extract 77 has a powerful motor with forced heated air to help you speed dry time. You don’t need to use a piece of cloth to dry the carpet. As the machine produces air, it disinfects the floor keeping it free from germs.



Comparable Features

Product Features Hoover Max Extract 60 Hoover Max Extract 77
Dimensions 23.75×16.25×26.75 inc 23.75×16.25×26.75 inc
Weight 28.5 lbs 22.5 lbs
SpinScrub Yes Yes
Nozzle Width 11.25 11.25
CleanSurge ___ Yes
Dual V Nozzle Yes Yes
Special Feature Auto Conversion Tool Auto Rinse
Warrant 2-Year 2-Year

Hoover Max Extract 60 or 77 ?

Should you buy Hoover Max 60 or 77? I know that is the question lingering in your mind. If you are in a state of dilemma, worry not. Hoover 77 is by far more advanced that Hoover 60. It has more sophisticated spin-scrub mechanism along with other extra range of features and attachments that come with it.

Both carpet cleaners have similar features like heating system and spinscrub that are advanced to make your cleaning enjoyable. The article has shaded some light, and the ball is on your coat to make a decision. Decide what machine suits your cleaning preference.

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