How Do Steam Mops Work On Laminate Floors?

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laminate floorLaminate floors can be excellent for your household, but how tricky can it be washing them with steam mops? Steam mops might prove a solution, but how effective are they? Laminate floors are made of wooden material, and using water on wood might not be a good idea, but it still works. Laminate floors tend to be highly sensitive to both moisture and heat.

But wait! What are these laminate floors? A laminate floor is a multiple layer flooring material made of pressed wood through a lamination process. The pressed wood is mixed with resin to ensure compatibility and keep off the water.

Passing a lot of heated water in the form of steam might run through the floor if it has planks to the floor bottom since the planks allow water to pass through. This causes damage to the laminate, floor in the form of swelling, bubbling, or even peeling off! Many people are however controversial on whether do steam mops work on laminate floors.

So then, why risk your hard earned home by using water on the laminate floor? It might not be dangerous as many people take it, but caution and a lot of care need to be taken. Heated water can pass through the tiniest of all cracks or spaces, thus socking up the flooring material. This risks both your floor as well as any warranty guaranteed on it.

Steam Mops on Laminate Floors

It’s somewhat awesome cleaning a laminate floor. You need to use some simple, yet effective techniques and have your work done. There are many ways on how to go about this. First keep in mind that a laminate floor is made up of a mixture of wooden material, fiberboard, and melanin resin.

Considering the materials used in making the floor, we have a hint of what to use of what not to use. For example, a steam mop is a useful cleaning device, and if you don’t know how to do it, hiring an expert can be a remedy to this problem.

However, there are chances of its durability when you use the best method to handle the floor. There are custom made steam mops to enable you to clean a laminate floor. The resin prevents water from entering the floor and hence using a steam mop can still work.  Resin acts as a waterproof in this case, so passing steam on it won’t do the floor any harm.

Examples of Steam Mops That Won’t Ruin Your Laminate Floor

There might be many types of steam mops outside there, but are they the best deal for you? Personal effort is needed in ensuring that you purchase the best in the market. Nevertheless, I am going to show you some of the best steam mops that will work magic for you.

  1. BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop

The blue Bissell 1940 is an excellent cleaning tool. It is highly efficient and cleans up 99.9% of the dirt on the laminate floor. One of the good things about it is that it has a built-in scrubber that makes it work three times faster than the average steam mop. It is not only digital set but also has the customizable steam control that can be set depending on your experience.

It is safe to use on your laminate floor as it cleans gently without the need of chemicals- steam alone is a sufficient cleaner. It is easy to handle, and you will not experience any discomfort.

  1. Shark Steam Mop S1000A

Shark Steam Mop S1000A also good for laminate floorThis is another brilliant steam mop to sanitize your laminate floor and leave everything clean. It takes out all bacteria and any other form of dirt. It is smooth and does not destroy your floor materials, making it perfect for your home. It is compact and light, and you need about thirty seconds to have your steam ready.

These are some of the best steam mops you break the stalemate if you have been encountering any problems when cleaning your floor. There are, however, other cleaning devices you can acquire and that’s up you to ensure they are the right equipment to use. Despite being state of the art equipment, there is need to ensure that care is taken when doing the cleaning.

How to Clean a Laminate Floor Using a Steam Mop

There are a million ways to kill a rat! With the best equipment, cleaning a laminate floor is a piece of cake. There are different types of laminate floors, and you need to choose a mop that suits your floor well.

Steps in cleaning a laminate floor

Before asking yourself how steam mops work on laminate floors, you should know how to do them. Here is a list of processes that you need to follow if you what the best cleaning experience;

Step 1. Sweep the floor with a broom

This enables the removal of any dirt or dust on the surface of the laminate floor. Removing the debris makes it easier to clean, and thus the floor. Eliminating debris before the actual cleaning is vital in keeping the mop head free of any substances.

Step 2. Check the temperatures

Make sure that your steam mop has the right temperature. Adequate high heat and a minimal amount of water leave the floor completely dry within seconds. Avoid using any cleaning agents.

Step 3. Pass the steam mob gently

Pass the mop over the floor to remove any waxing material. The distributive nature of the mop head ensures that every part is thoroughly cleaned. This process leaves the floor well gleamed and shinned its elegance.

If well cleaned, the laminate floor will dry up in seconds and will be left with no dirt or dust whatsoever.  Cleaning a laminate floor should be fun enough and should be done in a manner that leaves it looking great for years.

If you have ever wondered how steam mops work on laminate floors, I hope this finds you well. What is required in this care is a lot of attention as excess water might not be good enough? It’s time to make your floor thorough clean with a good steam mop!

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