How to Clean a Bathtub with Bleach – Instructions and FAQs

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how to clean a bathtub with bleach

A warm bubble bath in the hot tub feels great. It can even diminish feelings of pessimism and depression because baths give you a combination of seclusion, quiet, and comfort. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy a good bath if your bathtub is covered with yucky stain spots that don’t come off on their own. If this has happened to you, the cleaning fairies are not on your side.

Stains in the bathtub aren’t rare. Luckily, they can be removed with bleach. So, if you want to know how to clean a bathtub with bleach, continue reading as we have explained the process in detail.

Cleaning bathtub with Bleach – Step-by-Step Instructions

· Get the Right Amount of Bleach

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Buy a bottle of good quality bleach – like Clorox Bleach Regular. You’ll need at least half a gallon to clean the entire bathtub. You can use any kind of bleach for this purpose – they all do the same job, i.e., clean.

· Rinse Your Tub

Use a damp cloth to rinse your tub to remove dirt that may have deposited on your bathtub.

· Turn the Hot Water on

Turn the hot water tap on and leave it running until your entire bathtub is completely filled with water. If you aren’t getting hot water in your tap, consider boiling water in a kettle and then pour it in your tub.

· Put the Bleach in

Take a look at the bottle of the bleach for proper proportions. You’ll most likely be required to add a few cups to the water. Generally, half-cup bleach is mixed with a gallon of hot water.

· Let the Mixture Sit

Once you have poured the bleach in, wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to let the bleach and water solution soak in your bathtub.

· Rinse Your Tub Again

After you have left the bleach and water solution in the tub for at least 10 minutes, dip a sponge in water and wipe the entire tub with it. Move your hand gently in circular motions to remove spots from the tub.

· Drain the Solution Out

Now let the solution drain out of the tub. At this point, your bathtub should be looking shiny and stain-free. If you still see some stubborn spots, make a solution of water and bleach in a spray bottle and spray it on those spots. Then give them a scrub with a damp cloth.

· Fill the Tub with Water Again

Fill your entire tub with water again and let the water sit for 20 minutes. Then, drain it out. This should remove all traces of bleach from your bathtub, ensuring that you don’t slip while taking a bath.

· Wipe the Tub

Wipe the tub dry with a towel.

Cleaning bathtub with Bleach – FAQs

Q.1) What is the ideal bleach dilution ratio?

For standard cleaning purposes, half a cup of bleach per one gallon of water is good. If you want a slightly stronger mixture for stubborn spots, pour ¾ cup bleach in one gallon of water. Either dilution ratio would work for bathtub cleaning, but remember to use the bleach and water solution immediately. This solution doesn’t have a long shelf life and will quickly break down into water and salt.

Q.2) Is bleach safe to use for cleaning a bathroom?

Cleaning bathroom with bleach is completely safe when bleach is used in diluted form and not mixed with any other cleaner. Chlorine bleach is also used for preventing the spread of infections in schools, hospitals, daycare facilities, and homes. In order to use bleach safely, follow these precautions:

  • Never mix the bleach with any other cleaner. Bleach should also never be mixed with ammonia as doing so creates a toxic gas.
  • When using a bleach solution, wear a mask to ensure that you don’t breathe in the fumes and keep the window open for ventilation. Also, wear rubber gloves for protection.

Q.3) Can I use bleach to clean bathroom mold?

Cleaning bathroom mold with bleach is a good idea. To kill the mold, you’ll need a strong bleach solution – ¾ cup of bleach per gallon of hot water. To remove mold from your bathroom with a bleach solution, follow these instructions:

  • Create a solution of bleach and water – with the ratio described above – in a spray bottle
  • Spray down all the surfaces with the bleach and water mixture
  • For tougher mold, apply the mixture with a brush
  • Allow the bleach and water mixture to sit for at least 5 minutes
  • Rinse the surface with a damp cloth or sponge and let it dry

Q.4) What are some of the best bathtub cleaners?

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner-32oz Bottle
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  • WORK SAVER: No scrubbing required for most jobs. Just spray and wipe away. For tougher jobs, may need to spray and let sit and some scrubbing. Leaves a beautiful, protective shine that will show up after the next shower or rinse.
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A few of the best bathtub cleaners that you can use instead of bleach include:

Final Thoughts

We have answered the question, ‘how to clean a bathtub with bleach.’ If you ever see unsightly stains on your bathtub, use a solution of bleach and water and wipe them away following our instructions. If you don’t want to use bleach, you could opt for commercial cleaners that we have listed above.

We have answered some common questions that you might have about using bleach for cleaning a bathtub. However, if you have any other queries, feel free to send it our way. We’ll happily attend to all your concerns and queries.

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