How to Clean a Cloudy Mirror

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We’ll never get a chance to see what we really look like. Mirrors are the only objects we have to see the closest version of our face as possible, apart from photos. So, if your mirror is dirty and cloudy, you’ll naturally want to do something about it. Here is how to clean a cloudy mirror for a brighter image:

Here is what you should know to clean a mirror that is hazy:

Water and Vinegar

Even if you were to buy a store-made window or mirror cleaner, it probably has a bit of vinegar in it. This is why it would be smarter to make a solution out of water and vinegar at home and see if that works to clean your mirrors. It saves you cash, but also saves you from some of the potentially harmful chemicals of window cleaners.

Use a funnel to mix water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. It can be tap water or freshwater, as long as it’s clean. Mix them together in the bottle and spray it on the mirror a little bit at a time, because water is runny and if you have a mirror frame, it will end up in the crevices if you spray on more than you can wipe down at a time.

Vinegar can cause damage if left on a surface for too long; so, make sure to rinse it off from all the mirrors that you spray it on.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

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Get a clean cloth, ideally a microfiber one. Try not to use tissues or paper towels, because they break down from moisture and end up forming clumps of tissue residue on your mirror. The best part about a microfiber cloth is that it doesn’t leave any marks on the mirror. Always clean using circular motions.

If you need a good microfiber cloth, try checking these out. They’re soft and make sure that you don’t end up scratching your mirror. They also don’t leave any lint or residue.

A tried and tested, old-school way of cleaning the mirror is also to use an old newspaper. Newspapers are stronger than paper towels and are easily available. They also don’t cost you any extra money unless you go out and buy them solely for the purpose of cleaning your mirrors and windows. One newspaper page is usually enough for at least half of a regular mirror that you have on your vanity.

Use Shaving Cream

If you want to explore new ways to figure out how to clean a mirror that is hazy, try shaving cream. This technique is different because it also prevents your bathroom mirrors from getting cloudy after a shower.

You simply take out some shaving cream and apply it all over the mirror. Then, take the microfiber cloth and wipe the shaving cream off using circular motions. This will keep your mirror looking brand new and prevent it from fogging up whenever you use hot water.

Shaving cream is an inexpensive solution for keeping your mirrors cleaned all the time. If you have a can of shaving cream in your medicine cabinet, just use it to clean the mirrors as soon as you notice that they’ve started to cloud up or become dirty.


Q) How to clean a mirror without Windex?

One technique for cleaning, especially dirty mirrors without using a cleaner, like Windex, is by using rubbing alcohol and water. Use the rubbing alcohol that you use for medical purposes and mix it with water. Like the other techniques, mix them together in a spray bottle. There should be one-part alcohol and two-parts water for an effective solution.

Spray the solution onto your mirror. Use a cloth, like a microfiber one, to wipe it down using circular motions. If it doesn’t work after the first clean, clean it again until all the residue is gone and the mirror is clean.

Q) My mirror is still hazy no matter what I try, and if I manage to clean it, it gets dirty again almost immediately. What can I do?

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A) If you want more ideas for how to clean mirrors that are cloudy, here are a few:

  1. Jeweler’s rouge. This is also known as red rouge and is often used by jeweler’s (as if it wasn’t obvious) to polish and clean metallic jewelry. It can be available in powder or block form but is found in a paste form as well. If there are areas of your mirror that are particularly dirty, apply the paste on the dirty area and wipe it down with a cloth. If you have actual dirt residue that seems to be engraved in the mirror, this technique will work but will take some time.
  2. Make your cleaning solution and clean your mirrors regularly before they get too dirty to handle. Mirrors are a place of traffic in homes since everyone needs to use them before leaving for work, after taking a shower, or while doing their makeup. Kids love touching mirrors, and this makes them dirty and greasy too. Make a solution of water and soap, or vinegar and dish detergent, and keep it in your bathroom cabinet. Whenever you notice that the mirror is starting to get dirty, give it a quick clean to avoid a dirt build-up.
  3. Keep your mirrors scratch-free. The more scratches a mirror has, the more likely it is that small pieces of dirt and debris will end up inside the crevices and make your mirror look unclean. These scratches are almost impossible to get rid of, so it’s better to prevent them from happening in the first place.
  4. Use simple water and a microfiber cloth. This is the safest way to clean a mirror to make sure no dangerous chemicals are being used on it. In places where children are also using the same mirrors, it’s better to keep the surfaces chemical-free, in case they cause allergies or reactions.
  5. In extreme situations, you can also have your mirror re-silvered. This basically makes the mirror brand new by removing all scratches and signs of damage. This should only be an option if you feel like you’ve tried everything, and your mirror shows no chances of ever getting clean. This is mostly an option for those who have large, antique mirrors that they do not want to replace by selling it and buying a new one. If you have a large vanity with an attached mirror that has become damaged, you could consider getting it re-silvered.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these ideas help you figure out how to clean a cloudy mirror. Remember, if your mirror has a frame, make sure chemicals like vinegar and rubbing alcohol don’t touch it. They could damage the finishing or cause discoloration as well. If you’re afraid of ruining the finishing or have just gotten your bathroom renovated, it is best to avoid using harsh chemicals in case they end up damaging the color of the sink (in case drops of the solution fall onto it).

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