How to Clean a NuTone Bathroom Fan with Light

A sponge being used to clean a bathroom fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are necessary to keep odors at bay and prevent humidity, which could promote the growth of mold and mildew. There are different types of bathroom fans currently available in the market. Many of the homeowners are using NuTone bathroom fans to manage moisture and odor in the restrooms.

NuTone bathroom fans are quite effective at reducing humidity in the bathroom to manage moisture and prevent fogged mirrors. They can also be equipped with a light bulb to keep your space well-illuminated. While they are an effective device, NuTone bathroom fans can get dirty overtime and may start making noise due to dust buildups. Signs of decreased efficiency also indicate that the fan requires cleaning. You don’t necessarily have to call a professional to clean your NuTone bathroom fan as you can do it on your own. Below, we have provided instructions on how to clean a NuTone bathroom fan with light.

How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan– Instructions

· Turn the Switch off

Before you start the clean-up process, turn off the NuTone fan. Leaving the fan on could result in a serious injury.

· Remove the Fan Cover

Grab the cover of the fan and pull it down a couple of inches. You would see a slider spring clip on all sides of the cover. Pinch the slider spring clip and pull it down from the cover to remove it. Remove the spring clip from all the sides so that the cover can be removed.

· Loosen the Screws

Grab a ¼-inch socket head wrench and loosen three screws that should be visible from the front of the NuTone fan. Don’t remove the screws right now.  

· Pull the Housing of the fan

Pull the housing of the fan away from the wall about an inch. Remove the fan from the assembly, allowing it to drop down to about seven inches. Unplug the fan cord from the socket and place the fan on a newspaper.

· Clean the Ceiling Housing

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Clean the ceiling housing using a soft cloth and some type of cleaner. Some of the cleaners that you can use include:

· Remove the Screws

Remove the three screws that you had loosened earlier to release the motor and the fan from the housing.

· Clean the housing

Clean the housing of the fan with a soft cloth and acleaner.

· Scrub the blades

Scrub the blades of the fan with cotton swabs dipped in a cleaner. Don’t bend the blades as doing this could damage the fan.

· Put the fan Together

Now put the fan together and connect it back to the electricity. Your NuTone bathroom fan should now run quietly and effectively.

How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan – FAQs

Q.1) How to maintain NuTone bathroom fan?

Cleaning a NuTone bathroom fan isn’t easy. Therefore, follow our advice to maintain it properly so that you don’t have to completely remove it and clean it on a more frequent basis:

  • Keep it off when you are not taking a shower or using the bathroom.
  • Wipe it off with a soft dry cloth every week to ensure that dust and debris on the surface don’t make their way inside the housing of the fan.

Q.2) How to clean the kitchen exhaust fan?

Kitchen exhaust fans should be cleaned once a year. Cleaning these fans is a little harder, which is why we recommend you refer to the documentation of your specific model if possible. If you have lost your exhaust fan’s manual, look for its model number to search the cleaning information on the internet.

The reason we suggest you follow model-specific instructions is that kitchen fans are exposed to grease. Some kitchen exhaust fans come with pre-installed grease filters, which prevent grease from gumming up the vent pipe. Some kitchen fans have mesh filters that can be cleaned and used again, while others come with disposable filters. You would also want to check the documentation of your fan for cleaning materials that can be used to remove grease from the fan bladessafely.

Even if your kitchen exhaust filter has grease filters, a small amount of grease would get through them and deposit on the fan blades. To remove grease from the blades of the kitchen exhaust fan, you willremove the fan from the housingfirst. Then, use a soft damp sponge to remove grease from the blades of the exhaust fan. You can also pour some vinegar on the surface of the fan if the grease spots are hard to remove.

Final Thoughts

Do you now understand how to clean a NuTone bathroom fan with light? Follow our detailed instructions to clean NuTone bathroom fan every once in a while to increase its lifespan and ensure that it continues to work efficiently for a long time. We have also provided instructions on how to maintain NuTone bathroom fan and how to clean kitchen exhaust fans. If you have any other questions about cleaning a NuTone bathroom fan or kitchen exhaust fan, feel free to ask it from us. We’ll be more than happy to answer them and help you with your cleaning chores.

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