How to Clean a Persian Rug – The Safe Way

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how to clean a Persian Rug

Persian Rugs are famous for the long history behind them as well as their magnificent design. Every piece of this carpet is a part of the history of a particular tribe that started over two thousand years ago. A Persian Rug can undoubtedly be a brilliant addition to the accent of your home décor, but maintaining it isn’t easy. These rugs come with specific cleaning requirements and if you aren’t careful, you could ruin them. If you want to ensure that your Persian Rug lasts a long time, follow our instructions. We will show you how to clean a Persian Rug without damaging it.

How to Clean a Persian Rug – Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Check the Label

Check the corners of your Persian Rug for the product label. On the label, you will find instructions on the right way of cleaning the rug. If the label reads ‘dry clean only’, there is a good chance that your rug isn’t colorfast. A Persian Rug that isn’t colorfast should not be cleaned with water. You should also avoid using chemical cleaners on it because there’s a good possibility that they’ll cause your rug to lose its original color.

2. Sweep Your Rug

Use a carpet sweeper or a broom with soft, straw bristles for the initial cleaning of your Persian Rug. Sweep in one direction and avoid rubbing the sweeper back and forth as this can damage the carpet. Repeat the cleaning process twice.

3. Take Your Rug Outside and Shake it

If you can easily pick your rug up, take it outside and then shake it thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. If the rug is too big, hang it somewhere safe and then beat it several times with your hands. This won’t damage the Persian Rug and dirt and dust will come off as you beat it.

4. Vacuum Your Rug on Both Sides

Lay your Persian Rug out in an open area and vacuum over it on both sides to get rid of dirt, hair, and other deposits that can damage your precious rug over time. Vacuum in the direction of the fibers of the rug, avoid doing it against them. Repeat the cleaning process at least three times to remove all the dirt from the rug. Avoid the fringes of your rug as they could get stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

5. Spot Clean It

If you spill something on your Persian Rug, tend to it as soon as possible because the stain will be harder to remove if you allow it to dry. Blot up the liquid with a clean rag or towel. Once you have soaked up as much liquid as possible, dampen the rag and use a small amount of water to blot the stain. Avoid rubbing the rag back and forth because you might end up rubbing the stain even deeper into the rug.

6. Use Vinegar for Pet Stains

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Mix ¼ cup white vinegar and half teaspoonful liquid dishwashing detergent in two cups of water in a bucket. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Pods, Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent and Finish – Quantum – 82ct are all great detergent options for this. Apply this solution on pet stains to remove the spot and odor from your carpet. Vinegar is safe to use as it doesn’t damage your carpet.


Q.1) How to clean dog urine from Persian Rug?

If you want to clean dog urine from your Persian Rug, use the vinegar and dishwashing detergent solution described above. This solution should be able to remove the stain and odor without damaging your rug. Remember that the quicker you address the urine stain, the less hard it’ll be for you to clean your rug.

Q.2) How much does it cost to clean a Persian Rug?

If you aren’t confident in cleaning your Persian Rug on your own, you can hire professionals to do it for you. There are several companies that offer professional rug cleaning services. Their rates vary but generally the cost of cleaning a Persian Rug is about $4 per square foot.

Q.3) How to clean handmade Persian Rugs?

The instructions we have described above apply to all types of Persian Rugs so you can use our guidelines to clean your handmade Persian Rug.

Q.4) How to Wash Persian Rug?

If your Persian Rug is colorfast, you may be able to wash it with water. Use these instructions to wash your Persian Rug:

  • Soak the Rug

Soak the entire rug on one side by spraying cold water using a garden hose and then flip it and spray the other side. Do this for just a few minutes and your rug would become saturated.

  • Mix Mild Soap and Water

Fill a bucket with three tablespoonfuls of mild soap and a gallon of cold water. Mix the solution thoroughly and then apply it on a small portion of the rug. Dip a non-shedding sponge into the solution and then go over a part of your rug. Wait for at least ten minutes to see if the solution has any adverse effect on the carpet. If the cleaning solution doesn’t change the color of your rug, continue using it. Otherwise, stop cleaning your rug and take it to a professional.

  • Clean the Rug

Continue cleaning the rest of your Persian Rug, lathering in the direction of the nap.

  • Rinse it off

Rinse the remaining cleaner off by spraying water with a garden hose. Once you are done with one side, flip your rug over and then rinse the other side. Wash off the cleaner from both sides before drying.

  • Let it Dry

Wet rug build mold and mildew over time, which is why it is important that you thoroughly dry your rug after washing it. Once you are done rinsing, use a squeegee to remove the water out of the rug and then let it dry on the ground. Flip your rug over so that both sides dry properly. You can also use a fan to speed up the drying process.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Persian Rug

We have shown you how to clean a Persian Rug so the next time you have to remove dirt or clean a stain out of your rug, follow our instructions. If you find this chore too tedious, let professionals take care of it.

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