How To Clean a Shark Rocket Vacuum

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum

Whether you have a lightweight or robust shark vacuum cleaner at your office or home, you understand how effective and powerful this cleaner can be. It has a large cleaning capacity and has never lost suction, and this is advantageous for cleaning bare floors and deep carpet. Designed with an extra long wand and hose, it is versatile when it comes to cleaning upholstery. To ensure that you have a perfect everyday cleaning and that your vacuum last long you should have both the vacuum and filters cleaned regularly.

This outline explores the different ways to clean a shark rocket vacuum.

Cleaning Your Shark Vacuum Cleaner

If you choose not to clean your shark vacuum cleaner on a regular basis chances are that there will be unpleasant, dirty odour. The cleaner will also sound weird like its grasping for air, and it will ultimately lose suction. When cleaning your vacuum, some of the things that shouldn’t be overlooked include the rotating brush, canister and filters.

Rotating Brush

When cleaning the rotating brush, you should begin by unplugging the vacuum and lay it on the floor so that you can have a good look at the brush. It is advisable that you place a towel or bag underneath to collect any dirt or debris that you are about to release. The strings of hair tend to get wrapped around the brush, and it’s advisable that you a pair of scissors to cut whatever wound itself around the brush so that it’s easier to remove. You may be required to tug and pull, but it will ultimately come off.


The suction on the shark vacuum cleaner is incredible. You will be collecting a lot of hair, food, dust and dirt and although the canister is a good size, it always fills up fast. The more the air that circulates inside the canister, the better, so if you realize that your canister is half full you should empty it into the trash. Although you will be emptying the canister on a regular basis, you should do more than that at least once every month.

You should open both ends if your model has that feature then wash it with soap and water. If you have a large sink fill it with warm soapy water, then use a long-handled bottle to get into the crevices. The canister doesn’t have any electrical connections so you shouldn’t be worried about submerging it in water. Once it’s cleaned and rinsed, you should place it outdoors to air.

Steps To Cleaning Your Filter

Shark vacuums are designed with two types of filters; the HEPA filter and plastic filter which should be regularly cleaned. There is nothing complicated when it comes to cleaning your filter, and it’s something that you can easily do. Here are the steps you can use to clean your vacuum filters

When cleaning your vacuum filter, you should start by removing the shark filter from the vacuum cleaner. It is impossible to clean your filter if you have them installed in the cleaner. Once this is done, remove the filter system from the cleaner by opening the top of the dirt container.

You should then tap on the side of the filter to clear and dump the remaining dust and dirt particles from inside the filter system. You shouldn’t do this too hard since the filter is sensitive and you might end up damaging it. Ensure that there are no dust or dirt particles before moving to the next step.

After dusting your filter, you should use running water to clean the plastic filter. The reason for doing this is to ensure that the filter is clean before using it again. If you want to know whether your filter is clean, the water coming out of it should be clean.

Something you would want to avoid is installing a filter that hasn’t properly dried. Although it might appear completely clean and dry, a little moisture can be a safety hazard. Therefore, you should have a different filter installed if you are certain that it is not properly dry.

Cleaning The HEPA Filters

Just like the filters, the HEPA filters inside the shark navigator also require regular cleaning. There is nothing wrong with using a modest amount of dishwasher to help you in the cleaning process.

These steps will help you achieve a clean HEPA filter for your shark vacuum.

There is no doubt that the shark vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your home cleaning needs. Although it hardly loses its suction, it’s important that all the vacuum is always clean especially the filters. If you follow the steps on how to clean your vacuum and filters, you will see changes in the cleaning and suction power from the beginning.

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