How to Clean an Area Rug with Pressure Washer

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For many of us, area rugs are a significant personality in décor. They warm up and add the color to our rooms as well as providing soft places for game playing, movie watching, and slumber partying. However, kids, visitors, and pets can make them dirty, and it’s up to you to maintain them tidy. This article shows you how to clean an area rug with pressure washer.

For rugs to last for long, you have to give them a regular cleaning. Sure, you can send out a carpet to be cleaned by professionals, but it isn’t necessary. You can perform excellently by cleaning your rugs at home if you have the right equipment. You only need the best pressure washer, and you will have it sparkling clean like a new one.

As they are made of different types of materials, you need to make sure your area rug can be cleaned with a pressure washer and if there will be any effects. Not all area rugs are made from power washable materials. Some are spot-cleaned, dry-cleaned, and others laundered.

What Materials Do You Need For This DIY Project?

Hint: This cool Youtube video demonstrates how to pressure wash polyester rug with Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Power Washer . According to the video, it is suggested NOT to try this on expensive antique rugs!! Don’t even try it on natural fiber rugs, like cotton or wool also.

Steps in Cleaning the Rug

  1. Choosing the cleaning area

Make sure you find a clean station not to dirty the rug. The most suitable areas for cleaning is a wooden deck or concrete sidewalk. You should never think of power washing your material inside the house as water from the power washer might be troublesome.

  1. Prepare For the Actual Cleaning

To begin cleaning, lay the rug upside down. This is to allow you to get the compacted at the bottom of the rug. You can first sweep it thoroughly on both sides to remove any loose dirt. This is the best way to prepare your material for thorough cleaning. Removing any debris, hair, food substances, and soil particles enable the pressure washer to clean the immense dirt excellently.

  1. Engage your Materials.

At this point, you need to check the most appropriate detergent to apply to achieve positive results. Some detergents might not be suitable because they can cause discoloration. To accomplish this, view the instructions on the area rug. Many people who don’t know how to clean an area rug with pressure washer end up messing at this point. So, take caution not to ruin your darling home décor.

  1. Check Your Machine

Before you press the trigger, attend to the machine. Check if it is well oiled, has the necessary attachments and accessories. If your device uses electric or oil, make sure it is well powered and can perform the task at hand. Some devices may be faulty and cannot hence clean well. Also, check if the nozzles are sturdy enough and connect the hose to the water source.

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  1. Wash the Area Rug Gently

Apply some detergent on the area rug if your washer doesn’t have a soap tank. It is essential to use a cleaning aid to sanitize. Hold the wand about 0.3metres from the area rug surface. Now pull the trigger on the washer to apply the pressure sufficiently on the material.

Do not hold so close or too far because it damages the area rug, blow it away, or fail to live to its expectations. To make sure that the pressure cleaner works efficiently, pass it over the surface moderately taking out any spots, accumulated dirt, or dust.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly

After you have cleaned the area rug with water, now rinse thoroughly removing all the soap and make it shine all over. Rinse up to every bit of it to ensure that traces of soap are not left. Repeat the process several times to become sure it is correctly done.

  1. Drying the Area Rug

After you have finished with the cleaning, find the perfect drying spot where you can place it to dry. Different places are suitable depending on the weight and size. Also, the ideal spot should free from any dirt or dust that and accessible to the wind. Many people prefer the hanging lines as they expose the area rug to sunlight and wind to dry up faster. 

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Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Area Rug with a Pressure Washer



To sum it up…How to Clean an Area Rug with Pressure Washer

Now you know how to clean an area rug with a pressure. It is a simple task and yields very positive results when done correctly. Make the process more comfortable and less cumbersome by following this appropriate procedure, and you will find it utterly fantastic. Get the best tools and get the job done without hiring a professional. For perfection, read through the user manual and get to know what is required.

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