How To Clean Balcony Floor

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How To Clean Balcony Floor

It is hard to deny that cleaning the balcony floor is a hassle. But fortunately, it’s accordingly rewarding. Cleaning the high-rise apartment balcony floor or outside of the balcony or the rough balcony floors, we will have a look at all these things and how to clean balcony floor efficiently. 

Of course, we will make it super EASY using AFFORDABLE products for you. We also have to take into consideration the floor material which we will look at later in the article. So let’s get started.

What to use to clean the balcony floor

There are surface cleaners that serve the purpose. An all-purpose floor cleaner would do the trick. This can be used on both stone and wooden hard surfaces. A list of other items that will be required is mentioned below.

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How to clean balcony floor – The Easiest Way

Cleaning activities are difficult to initiate and speeding things up definitely looks tempting. But trust me, it does not take that much time to follow the steps and be effective as well. Whether it is a condo balcony, outdoor balcony, veranda, or porch, every place has a special thing about it. It is quick and easy achieving your cleaning goals by following the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Remove all the furniture

Rather than going around the furniture, it’s best to move the furniture to clean the whole area. It will save time for sure. Every time you do that you get a chance to re-do your balcony and enhance that personal touch by making it more comfortable & cosy. 

Your balcony must become the go-to place when you wish to just relax without a second thought. Just give all the furniture a slight dusting or scrubbing before putting it back. 

Use a microfiber or a paper towel depending upon the dust. If it seems too much, then in the next design execution, you can reduce the props in the outdoor areas.

Step 2: Clean the windows

If the windows are left unattended for long, the dust can accumulate and there is a chance that there might be a bacteria buildup. It’s best and simplest to use a sponge and scrub away all the spots. And there you have it, your pristine windows.

Step 3: Render the balcony floor spotless

When you remove the furniture you can see that it leaves behind some dust residue. This was the very reason we removed it in the first place. Start cleaning the ceiling, the walls, windows, and then finally the floor. Start from the top and reach the bottom. Be sure to have a cleaning bag handy and dump the waste in it. A broom would be best to get rid of dry dust.

Here is where some effort is needed. Use a scrub brush for the hardened dust. You can inspect the balcony flooring as well. Pour in the cleaner with water, start scrubbing lightly and then wipe away the water. Leave the balcony to dry. You can also use a vacuum cleaner if necessary.

Step 4: Power wash the entire balcony

After sweeping and vacuuming, powerwash the balcony. Try to reach all the visible corners. Make sure to use a towel if it’s a balcony of a high-rise apartment. You don’t want water dripping on the lower floors. It will also take care of the splashes. 

After this, just leave the balcony to dry on its own. You can then use a disinfectant to clean the balcony afterwards and maintain its hygiene as well.

How to clean the balcony floor in a high rise?

When cleaning the balcony in a high-rise building, make sure you don’t splash water on the floors below yours. It would be an inconvenience for the neighbours. In the last step while using a power wash, use towels to stop water from splashing. Put them in the corners and let them absorb the excess water.

Ways to clean different types of balcony floors

The procedure would remain the same. Just the helping tools will differ a bit. For example, It’s unwise to use hard brushes on tiles and wood. It might leave scratches. Let’s look at the ways to clean different types of balcony floors.

How to clean wooden balcony floor

As it’s mentioned above as an example, it’s better to use a scrub with soft bristles for the wooden floors. This will preserve its shine. Also, use a PH balanced cleanser. It shouldn’t be highly alkaline or acidic. You can have a look at this cleaner. You will get an idea of what is safe to use on the wooden floor.

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How to clean balcony concrete floor

Using hard brushes and any kind of soap is fine. Concrete floors are very durable and are not affected by scrub or soap harshness. Using hard brushes doesn’t mean you have to put in excess force though. It will only make you more tired. This is only to give you a choice to choose from. 

How to clean condo balcony floor

Condo balconies are mostly in high-rise buildings. It’s best not to cause any inconvenience to your neighbours. Don’t let the water drip on the lower floors. It’s best to use a high absorbent towel on the edges while doing the cleaning while using water.

How to clean metal balcony floor

It’s very rare to see metal balcony floors. It usually has a rough finish. It creates quite some noise even when walking softly. If you have a metal balcony floor, use a mild detergent for cleaning it. Then wash it right away for preventing any water stains.

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How to keep the outdoor balcony clean? 

To enjoy the Balcony properly, it’s best to use props for arranging the plants and use space-efficient furniture. Here are some tips on how to keep the outdoor balcony clean.

Tip 1: Take everything off the floor 

You can use a garden shelve. It will beautify the balcony and occupy very little space. This way you can have all the plants you always wanted to have without any mess.

Tip 2: Clean at least twice a month

Clean the balcony at least twice a month. You can also use a steam cleaner for doing it. It is to be used after cleaning the roof, windows and brooming the floor. 

Tip 3: Choosing an apt decor theme

I personally don’t recommend using dark colours for balcony decor. It does hide away the dust which would be visible on light coloured decor. but the fact that it’s hidden doesn’t mean it’s not there. That is a thumbs down in the hygiene department. 

To counter this, install the furniture which would be easy to clean. For example, use anti-corrosive paints on the furniture, cover the sofa and other cushions with sheets or cushion covers. The covers can be washed any time but the sofa and furniture are quite difficult to clean.


Can I steam clean a balcony?

Yes, steam cleaning is an efficient way to clean the balcony. Steam cleaning is not mentioned in the article in detail assuming the availability of this equipment. It is a convenient way to clean the balcony and keep it hygienic.

Can I clean the balcony floor without water?

It will be extremely difficult to clean without water. We will require a little water. Even if we use a steam cleaner, a little water is required. For a power wash as well, the water required might be less but it is required. Only dusting and brooming can be done without water. But doing just that will not reap desired results.

How to Clean a Balcony Without a Water Hose?

The above-mentioned cleaning method doesn’t require a water hose and the results are tried and tested. It might be helpful in a few ways but it’s not a necessary tool.

Wrap Up on Cleaning Balcony Floors

To conclude it all, Just repeat all the cleaning steps at least twice a month. You might consider doing it every ten days if the climate is humid. This would be enough for keeping the balcony sparkling clean. All your balconies, be it wooden, marble, stone, or concrete, can be kept clean following the above steps. I hope it Solves all your concerns regarding how to clean the balcony floor.

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