How to Clean Brick Floor

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No matter the type of flooring you have, one thing is certain, each floor has its cleaning requirements. While easier to maintain, you still need to know how to clean brick floor surfaces inside and outside your home effectively because they both require different cleaning methods. 

Using the wrong clean method on the wrong floor can lead to disastrous results. Want to know how cleaning each type of floor is done? This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide that will help you clean indoor and outdoor brick floors. 

How to clean indoor brick floors 

Step 1: Choose a cleaning solution for your floor

When you are about to clean an indoor brick floor, you need to use a mild alkaline cleaner to get the best results. There is no problem going with a commercial product however, it is best to use natural products that are safe and will not cause damage. Other people opt for home remedies which include things like Borax, baking soda, and vinegar

When you use Borax, add two tablespoons of it in a gallon of water to avoid damaging your floor since it is a very strong substance. The same goes with baking soda, only use two tablespoons of it in a gallon of water letting the powder dissolve. Both ingredients are great for removing any odors and stains that your floor might have.

The last ingredient is vinegar and you can pour it in a gallon of water, stir it well so that it combines with the water to create a wonderful cleaning solution. If you want your floor to shine, this is the product to use.

Step 2: Begin mopping the floor

Once you are happy with the cleaning solution you have picked, it is time to begin mopping the floor. If you instead opt for using a commercial product sold in the stores, use as directed on the label otherwise you might damage your floor. Before you begin mopping, you need to make sure that you use a damp mop. Soak it in the cleaning solution, wring it out, and then use it on your floor. 

If you have a spin mop, that is even better because it can wring out any excess water easily. Go back and forth on your brick floor the same way you would clean any other floor while getting into the crevices in between the bricks.

Do not use a flat cloth mop or a sponge because they will wear off easily since brick floors are very rough. You can also choose to use a mop that has microfiber strings and if there are any tough stains 

present on your floor, you can use a stiff nylon brush to scrub.

If your cleaning solution looks dirty or murky while mopping, you can get rid of it and make a new solution. Using dirty water to clean the floor will not only alter the result but make the floor even dirtier.

Step 3: Dry the brick floor

Once you have finished mopping, grab a cloth or a soft towel to get rid of any excess water. Sometimes water can be stuck in the crevices or grout lines, pay attention to those to prevent any leftover water from causing damage.

Indoor brick floor cleaner

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Machine to clean indoor brick floor

The perfect machine to use when cleaning indoor brick floors is a steamer. This machine is fantastic for a variety of surfaces found in homes including bathroom tiles and kitchen counters. If you want to deep clean your brick floor at home, you need to buy a steam cleaner as it does a great job on stains and spills.

How to clean outdoor brick floors 

Outdoor brick floors are heavily exposed to the elements and dirt due to changes in weather and need to be cleaned meticulously. To properly clean your outdoor brick floor, you need to purchase a commercial cleaner or solution. Make sure you read the directions carefully and mix accordingly so that you get the best results when you clean your floor. 

To loosen dirt, grime, and mud, you need to use a pressure washer but, you need to be careful because high water pressure can scratch or damage your floor.

The same applies to scrubbing, if you scrub too hard you might damage the floor. Always maintain a good distance when you use a pressure shower and purchase nozzles to ensure you blast dirt off with the right pressure.

The best product to clean outdoor brick floor

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Machine to clean outdoor brick floor

The best machine to use on an outdoor brick floor is a pressure cleaner because you can easily remove any dirt that is stuck or has been building up over time.

How to clean brick floors in the kitchen

To clean brick floors in your kitchen, you need to use a moderately strong alkali like borax or washing soda. Add a tablespoon of it in a gallon of water then use a flat cloth mop, sponge, scrub brush mop, or a string mop to remove dirt.

How to make brick floor shine

To make your brick floor shine, you begin by grabbing a bucket, adding in 8 cups of water and a ¼ cup of ammonia. Once the solution is ready, grab a mop and use it on the floor to get rid of any old wax. When you have gone over the floor a few times with the mop, grab a long-handled scrub brush and use it on the floor again to ensure all the wax disappears before rinsing it with water and allowing it to dry.


1. Are brick floors hard to clean?

Brick floors are not very hard to clean according to many people that have them in their job as long as you know how to scrub; however, grit and dust do require a bit more effort to get rid of. This means you have to either vacuum or sweep the floor regularly and use a damp mop at least once a week.

2. How to deep clean interior brick floors?

You can clean your interior brick floor using a strong alkali solution like Borax or washing soda. You need one gallon of water and 1 tablespoon of either borax or washing soda. With a mop or sponge on your hand, you can get rid of any dirt on your floor.

3. Can brick floors be steam cleaned?

If you have a steam cleaner at home, you can use it on your brick floor however, you will need to use a hard floor attachment. Using steam will get rid of any grime, stains, and dirt that is trapped in between your brick floor.

4. How do you remove stains from a brick floor?

To successfully remove stains, you see you make a solution which consists of 3 parts water, 1 part regular bleach with a small amount of trisodium phosphate, or mild laundry detergent added to it. Let the solution sit on your floor for about 15 minutes then rinse it off while repeating this process if needed.

Wrap Up on cleaning brick floors

If you know how to clean brick floor surfaces properly, you will notice that they are relatively easy to clean as long as you use the right methods. When brick floors are exposed to the elements for an extended period, they will degrade. To prevent your indoor and outdoor brick floors from degrading, you need to follow the steps above. They are the best ways to ensure that your floor lasts for a very long time. 

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