How to Clean Garage Floor After Winter

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Do you have a garage at home? Want to know how to clean garage floor after winter?

Looking after a garage floor can be very tricky and leaving things like stains, salt, oil, or rust on there for a long period can cause irreversible damage. 

This article will highlight tips on how to keep garage floor clean after the winter months to prevent any irreversible damage. Read on..

How to clean garage floor after winter – Step by Step

Step 1: Remove any items found on the garage floor

The first step is to remove any items found on the garage floor before you begin sweeping up any debris and dirt. It is important to do everything properly because taking shortcuts just so you can get the floor cleaned quicker will not produce good results. You might want to buy plastic drop cloths if you happen to have drywall in your garage so that you can cover the lower 3 feet.

Step 2: Use a cleaning solution or degreaser on your floor

After all, items have been removed from the floor, it is time to soak the floor with a degreaser or a cleaning solution. Since not many people know how to clean a garage floor with muriatic acid, they opt for a degreaser or cleaning solution. 

When the floor is soaked, it will get to work lifting some of the debris, oil stains, or salt residue on the garage floor. You should leave the solution on the floor for at least 5-7 minutes minimum without letting it dry.  If the solution allows you to mix it with hot water, do so because this prevents the solution from drying up quickly.

Step 3: Pressure wash or scrub the floor

Once you are happy that the cleaning solution has been soaked in, you can add a little bit more before you begin scrubbing. Scrubbing will help dig oils and dirt out of the floor pores to ensure it is clean and shiny. Using a deck brush for scrubbing is highly recommended because they withstand the pressure and will not wear out. If you own a pressure washer, feel free to use it instead of a deck brush as it will make your life easier.

Step 4: Rinse the floor

As pointed out above, do not let the solution dry before you scrub and rinse it away because the grease stains and dirt you’ve lifted from the pores will settle on the garage floor. Use a hose with a high-pressure nozzle to rinse your garage floor and always remember that the higher the pressure, the easier it is for you to blast grease, debris, and dirt found on the floor.

how to clean garage floor after winter

Garage floor cleaner

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How to remove winter salt stains from epoxy garage floor

If you want to remove winter salt stains from epoxy garage floors, you need to mix a gallon of warm water with a squirt of dish soap and 1 cup of vinegar. Apply this solution to your stained floor and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then scrub it off with a deck brush.


1. Can you pressure wash a garage floor?

Yes, you can pressure wash a garage floor as long as you have the proper machine at your disposal. It is recommended that you use a gas-powered pressure washer that has a minimum rating of 3,000 PSI and a water floor rate of 3 GPM. If you go for anything less, you will not be able to clean your garage floor properly.

2. How do you clean an unsealed concrete garage floor?

You need 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of white vinegar, and dish soap in a bucket to successfully clean an unsealed concrete floor. You can also mix 4 parts ammonia, 1 part all-purpose cleaner, and 2 parts warm clean water to create a cleaning solution that is also effective for cleaning an unsealed concrete garage floor.

3. How do I protect my garage floor from road salt?

You will need to purchase containment mats to protect your garage floor from road salt and anything winter throws at it. What these mats do is collect snow, debris, salt particles, and more that can damage your floor.

4. Does salt damage garage floor?

Yes, salt does cause structural and cosmetic damage to your garage floor because it creates stubborn stains. If these stains are left on your garage for some time, they will leave residue making your cleaning task a lot harder than it should be. Always clean salts on your garage floor as soon as you see them.

5. Does salt corrode epoxy?

Saltwater is known to reduce the solubility of water that is found in epoxy coatings.

6. Does vinegar remove salt?

You can use vinegar to remove salt by mixing one tablespoon of it with 1 cup of water. Pour the solution on the affected area and wipe to get rid of the salt.

Wrapping Up on cleaning garage floor after winter

You should know how to clean garage floor after winter if you live in a country that experiences a lot of snow. Your garage should never be left unattended no matter how big or small the mess is because salt and rust stains get harder to clean the longer one waits. 

Cleaning your garage floor shouldn’t cause you sleepless nights and following the steps pointed out in this article, you will be able to clean your garage floor leaving it clean and shiny without spending money on a professional cleaner.

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