How to Clean Linoleum Floors

Unlike other types of flooring such as hardwood and vinyl, linoleum is an incredibly resilient material that will last throughout the years. This is why many home owners opt for linoleum tiles to be installed in high traffic areas around their home. Over time, it’s common for your floors to get dirty, particularly around the wet season.

Learning how to clean linoleum floors is important, as you’ll want to make sure you use the right cleaning products to enhance the appeal of your home. Below are some important tips and tricks to take into consideration.

How To Clean Linoleum Floors

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Step 1: Finding a Vacuum for Linoleum Floors

When it comes to shopping for a vacuum for linoleum floors you’ll want to find a unit that offers superior suction, ease of use, and a variety of attachments.

Step 2: Find a Steam Mop for Linoleum Floors

Steam mops have become the latest and most popular way to get your floor clean because they don’t require the use of cleaning solutions, which can be preferable for home owners with children and pets. There are dozens of different types of steam mops, but choosing the right one will depend on its antibacterial features and its ease of use.

Step 3 (Optional): Find a Steam Cleaner for Linoleum Floors

For home owners that aren’t comfortable relying solely on steam to clean their home, a steam cleaner may be the better option. Steam cleaners are specifically designed to give you the option between using steam or cleaning solutions, depending on the amount of tough dirt you’re dealing with.

They also tend to be more heavy-duty than their steam mop counterparts, offering a deeper clean. A few important things to look for in a steam cleaner for linoleum floors include:

Step 4: Vacuuming the Floors

Before you start mopping, the most important part of cleaning linoleum is to make sure you vacuum the room. You’ll want to pay special attention to hard to reach areas such as under cabinets and furniture, as dust and dirt will only make your floor dirtier once you start mopping. 

Step 5: Mopping the Floors

Now is the time to pull out your chosen steam mop or steam cleaner and begin the wet mopping process. To get the perfect shine out of your floors, ensure that you take your time and work either length-wise or width-wise around the room in a cohesive pattern.

Step 6: Dry the Floors

If you opted for a steam mop versus a steam cleaner, it’s important that you take enough time dry your floors. You can use an old towel to help absorb any excess liquid as stagnant water can be sucked into the grooves of the linoleum and give it a dull look.

To have a perfectly clean home, you’ll have to start with your floors. Linoleum is a popular choice of flooring for its durability and its easy maintenance. With the use of the right cleaning tools, you’ll find that the upkeep of linoleum is easier than with other types of flooring such as natural stone.

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