How to Clean Matte Black Floor Tiles

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Matte black floor tiles have now become a style oozing elegance. They are low on maintenance and high on aesthetic value. To keep this sense of positivity up and maintained, we will now see how to clean matte black floor tiles and let the aura of black be what it stands for, that is brightness and boldness. 

 We have also answered common questions on matte floor tiles in our later sections so you can maintain them better.

Before knowing how to clean matte black floor tiles

People who have chosen to go with matte black floor tiles have a few basic questions hidden somewhere in their minds. So, before knowing how to clean matte black floor tiles, let us get the answer to those questions and get rid of the doubt.

how to clean matte black floor tiles

Why do my black matte floor tiles always look dirty?

If you have matte floor tiles in the bathroom, watermarks and soap residue is more evident. As we know that soap residue and watermarks are both white and hence if the floor is not wiped, it is bound to look dirty. 

If the matte black floor tiles are in another room, it is more likely to have layers of dust instead of watermarks and soap residue. 

It’s not tricky to clean matte black tiles. The surface just lets the dirt stick to it and it needs to be scrubbed. We will soon see the steps for how to clean matte black floor tiles. 

Is matte finish tile hard to clean?

Matte finish tile is not hard to clean. We should abandon this common belief that matte finish tiles are hard to clean. Cleaning them is just a little more time-consuming than cleaning the glossy tiles. If there is mould or grime on the tiles, there are easy solutions for the same. 

Cleaning matte black floor tiles Step-by-Step

Things required for cleaning

Let us now look at how to clean the matte black floor tiles step by step. As I said earlier, it’s not hard to clean them, just a little more time-consuming. So let’s begin.

Step 1 – Brooming

Brooming is always the first step for cleaning any surface. Get rid of as much dust as possible. Doing this eases mopping and the further process. So it’s highly recommended not to skip this step.

Tips for brooming easily

Brooming does not require any higher form of understanding but a few tips can help you in avoiding any futile efforts and will prevent you from wasting your energy. Here are a few tips for you.

Tip 1: Go with small strokes

It’s recommended to take small strokes as It keeps the mop in your control. If you take small strokes, the amount of effort put in will be reduced and you will not get tired easily while brooming. Large strokes will make you more tired and might scatter the debris even more. It is better to avoid being excessively forceful.

Tip 2: Taking care of the broom

Avoid getting the broom wet. It will harm and bend the bristles and reduce its efficiency and shelf life.

Tip 3: In case it still gets wet

Hang the broom upside down in case it gets wet. If the bristles are facing the ground they won’t go out of shape. Make sure it dries completely before using. It would be best if you could expose the wet broom to some sunlight.

Step 2 – Scrubbing

Matte black floor tiles don’t require frequent cleaning as it has a non-reflective surface. Stains and smudges are camouflaged due to the non-shiny surface. Due to this camouflaging nature of matte black floor tiles, it allows such infrequent cleaning. This infrequent cleaning adds up layers on layers of dust which makes it harder to clean. 

Make a solution of warm water, vinegar, and cleaner. Pour it on the floor gently and where there are tough stains. Leave it for some time over the tough stains. And using the Scrub Brush, scrub the floor. Don’t worry about mopping right now. Scrub for now. Try to cover every nook and cranny. 

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A few tips for scrubbing

Tip 1: Scrub Brush

Use a scrub brush with a long staff instead of a hand brush for the whole floor. You can use the hand brush for tough stains. This will help you finish the task considerably faster. 

Tip 2: Taking care of the scrub brush

Wash the scrub brush right away so that the dirt doesn’t stick to it. Just put it under a high-pressure tap or twist it a bunch of times in a bucket filled with water. This amount of cleaning effort is enough when you are cleaning it right after you are finished cleaning.

Step 3 – Mopping

Scrubbing will get all the dirt loose. After which comes mopping. Dip the mop in the bucket of water and start mopping in an up-down motion. You can skip detergent and mop with just water because we used detergent while scrubbing. You can add disinfectant in mopping water if you like.

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Tips for mopping

Here are a few mopping tips to get you through the process by applying optimal efforts.

Tip 1: Mop Condition

The mop should be damp. If it is drenched in water it would create a mess for you to handle. Also, it will take longer for the floor to dry afterwards. 

Tip 2: Things to take care of while mopping

Make sure you rinse and wash the mop several times during cleaning. Change the water after a few rinses for the best results.

Tip 3: floor condition while mopping

Matte floor tiles have a better grip than most glossy tiles and stones. But be careful as the floor might be a little slippery because of scrubbing with cleaner before.

Tip 4: Recommended mop

You can have a look at mops here. This is the best mop I came across. It also eliminates the need to carry a bucket around. Its triangular build lets you get the dust and stains on corners and this is the most basic and impressive feature of this mop.

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Best cleaner for matte floor tiles

This is the best cleaner that I came across. It is slightly acidic and removes tough stains with ease. Just put it in the solution used for scrubbing and you are good to go. Just be cautious of the slippery surface.

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How do you keep black floor tiles shiny?

All you have to do is follow the steps that are mentioned above. Use distilled white vinegar for cleaning. Add it to the cleaning solution and clean away. This will make the dirt and grime cleaning easy.

How to clean matte porcelain tiles in the shower?

The above-mentioned steps are enough to keep the matte porcelain tiles in the shower clean. Cleaning once a fortnight will be enough if you are wiping the floor daily. Regular wiping of the floor will ensure that no soap or watermarks are left on the floor. But, the dust has its sneaky way to get accumulated. For getting rid of that we need to use a scrub a then use a wiper over it. That is how we will clean matte porcelain tiles in the shower.

Can you polish matte porcelain tiles?

The correct answer is yes. But, you will have to get it done. You need a professional to do that. It’s a very tedious process. For starters, you need a polisher and expertise to use it. This polisher is very small if you have to cover large areas and is usually used to cover corners.

The polishing requires at least four to five coats. Plus, different pads are used for different coatings. So, unless you are a professional, it is not a good idea to polish matte porcelain tiles on your own.

If polishing isn’t done right, it might tarnish the current look of the floor. Hence, it is crucial to have a professional do it for you.

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Wrap Up on Cleaning Matte Black Floor Tiles

The general perception is that matte black floor tiles are hard to clean. In my opinion, it is just a little more tedious. They have grace about them and this fact is undeniable. Everything asks for maintenance. Cleaning other types of floors is a task as well. So better go with the one that you like.

If you are cleaning frequently you can omit to scrub a few times. Even if the matte floor tiles have a much better grip, be careful while cleaning. Water and cleaner might prove to be dangerous.

Following the steps and tips will leave you with a sparkling floor, exactly what you desired. I hope this article helped answer your questions regarding how to clean matte black floor tiles.

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