How to Clean Plastic Shower Curtain by Hand

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how to clean plastic shower curtain by hand

When cleaning up your bathroom, you may occasionally miss out on one of the most important parts of the cleaning process: cleaning the shower curtain. Read on to learn more about how to clean plastic shower curtain by hand.

We often forget that although shower curtains keep our bathrooms dry and free of moisture outside the tub, they have to pay the price with potential mold buildup and stains from the water residue. If you don’t regularly wash your shower curtains, they’ll become black and moldy, and your bathroom will lose your aesthetic appeal.

How to clean shower curtain liner without washing machine

  • Take the curtain off of the curtain rod 

Doing this  will make cleaning the curtain easier than trying to clean it while it’s still hanging. If you notice that the rings on which the curtain hangs have gotten dirty with water residue or mold as well, place them in a bucket of water along with the shower curtain.

  • Fill the tub or a small bucket with water

You can add a light cleaning agent to it that will make the mixture stronger. The buildup won’t be easy to wash off, so plain water is not the best option. You can make a homemade cleaner or buy one as well. If you’re using your tub to collect the water, fill it about halfway before turning off the water. Too much water will cause spillage and create a mess in the bathroom.

  • Create a Homemade Cleaner

For a homemade cleaner, add vinegar, or bleach if you’re not worried about the discoloration that it can cause. Mix them together and put them in the shower curtain. White vinegar is good for removing soap buildup. Bleach is for when there is black mold or mildew residue on the hem of the curtain. You can also add two tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent.

  • Soak the Curtain in Water

Soak the curtain in the water for at least half an hour. Make sure that the entire curtain is submerged in the water. If you’ve thrown the curtain rings in too, then make sure they’re in the water and not floating around. You’ll notice that just soaking the curtain is not going to remove much of the dirt, especially from the edges that often touch the tub water when you’re taking a bath. Most likely, they are riddled with soap buildup and mold.

  • Scrub off the Residue

You can use a sponge to scrub off the residue. While keeping the curtain in the water, use the soap and foam from the tub to lather onto the curtain. Use a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with baking soda and water for tougher stains.

  • Add drops of Vinegar or Bleach for Tough Stains

If you notice that some stains are being stubborn and are not washing out, add a few additions drops of vinegar or bleach to those spots and let them sit for a few minutes before scrubbing them off from the stained area.

  • Rinse out the Curtain

Next, you’ll have to rinse the curtain out to get rid of all the leftover chemicals. If you have also used bleach, you’ll have to rinse the curtain a few times to get all the chemical out. Fill the tub up with clean water after draining out the soapy water. Soak the curtain in it several times until all the foam comes out of it.

  • Allow the Curtain to Air Dry

Let the curtain air dry. Drying it with a hairdryer or clothes dryer could damage the plastic. Since your curtain is made out of plastic, it could melt inside the dryer and cause serious damage. Using a hairdryer can also cause the same results. It might also make the curtain stiff and misshapen. It’s better to hang the curtain back on the rod (like it was before) and letting it dry into its natural shape. Make sure you spread the curtain out across the whole curtain rod, so it can dry properly.

Make sure your bathroom is ventilated properly to let out the remaining fumes of the bleach and chemicals. It also helps the curtain dry faster. It’s best that you don’t let anyone use the curtain until it has fully dried. Keep the bottom edge of the curtain inside the tub when hanging it, so that water doesn’t spill on the floor.


Q) Can I use Magic Erasers to clean plastic shower curtain?

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A) Magic erasers work in almost any situation where you need to clean up a spill or a stainspeedily. If you want to save up on time and water, a Magic Eraser works almost perfectly. You just damped the eraser and scrub all the spots of mold and grime. Since you’re not going to be soaking the curtain in water, it will make the sponge get dirty repeatedly, so you will have to keep rinsing it out. However, it does do the trick just as well as a cleaning agent, minus the soaking and rinsing. If you want, you can still give the curtain a quick rinse to restore its shine after you clean it.

Q) What is the best way to clean plastic shower curtain in washing machine?

A) One of the best ways to use a washing machine to clean a shower curtain is to throw in two adult size towels into the machine along with the dirty shower curtain. The towels act as a scrub for the curtain; otherwise, the water won’t be able to remove tough stains by itself.

If you feel like the curtain is extra moldy and riddled with grime, you can add baking soda or vinegar to the water. Remember not to add bleach, because it could ruin the color of the towels and also discolor the shower curtain. Run the machine on delicate, in warm or hot water. You should also add in some laundry detergent without the fabric softener. Hang the curtain back on the curtain rod to dry after the cycle is complete. Remember; don’t put it in the dryer.

Q) How to clean plastic shower curtain with a microfiber cloth?

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A) Microfiber cloths are often used to clean dirty surfaces. Use a damp microfiber cloth or an old towel that has been sprinkled with baking soda to scrub the curtain. For stains that are difficult to remove, add more baking soda and vinegar directly on the spots that aren’t coming off. You might have to resort to a sponge in some circumstances.

Final Thoughts

We’ve given you the most effective waysof how to clean plastic shower curtain by hand. If you want the curtain to remain mold-free, the best thing you can do is keep it away from moisture as much as you can. Keep your bathroom ventilated so that the curtain can air dry whenever someone takes a shower. If possible, get a small fan installed to keep the bathroom dry as often as possible. Mold and mildew only build up because of moisture, so protecting your shower curtains from moisture is the best way for you to keep them clean and stain free.

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