How to Clean Quarry Tile Floor

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People that have quarry tile floors will tell you that it is a very beautiful floor to look at and can often remain undamaged as long as you know how to look after it. There are a few steps you need to know how to clean quarry tile floor surfaces to keep them in good condition. 

how to clean quarry tile floor

Read on to find out more on how to clean this type of floor should a mess occur.

How to clean quarry tile floor – Step by Step (Mopping)

1. Vacuum or sweep the floor

You should never begin cleaning or mopping your quarry tile floor without sweeping or vacuuming it first. Floors of this type no matter where they are, at home or a workplace will always see a lot of traffic. This heavy traffic will bring dirt and debris and using a vacuum or a broom will make the floor debris-free before the mop touches it. 

2. Begin cleaning the floor 

Once all the debris is gone and the floor is clear of it, you can pour water into a bucket and begin moping. This type of floor is wonderful for many homeowners because it doesn’t need a strong floor cleaner; however, there’s no harm in using a floor cleaner. Focus your attention on areas that have the most dirt with your cloth until the floor is shiny.

3. Dry your floor 

When you have cleaned the floor with water and the cleaning solution, you can dry using a rag or a dry mop. You shouldn’t let water sit on the floor because it will bring about mold, which isn’t ideal if you want to keep your floor in good condition for many years. 

How do I make quarry tile shine?

It is very easy to make quarry tile floors shine using a high-quality cleaner on the floor. You can do this as often as you want till you get the shine you desire.

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Best cleaner for quarry tile floor

The heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser below will remove and clean grease from dirty porcelain ceramic, natural stone, quarry tile, concrete, and terracotta floors.

The best thing about this formula of this cleaner is it can be used diluted and undiluted.

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Cleaning quarry tiles with caustic soda 

Cleaning the floor using caustic soda is very simple and you begin by;

  • Mixing a few crystals with water and letting them mix. 
  • When the mixture is complete, you need to paint it on a bristle paintbrush, wipe it off using an old rag when you see it bubbling up. 
  • Always remember to wear goggles, gloves, and various other protective equipment before you begin cleaning for your safety.

Cleaning quarry tiles with vinegar – Step by step

Even though vinegar is known to have a distinctive smell, the good news is it disappears very quickly if used to clean a room that is well ventilated. It is not harmful or overwhelming to people or pets, it is a great product to use if you are cleaning tough stains on hard surfaces. 

Vinegar dries up very quickly and will leave a lovely neutral scene behind once you’ve completed the cleaning process. The question now is, how does one clean quarry tile with vinegar? Below are the steps but before one begins cleaning, they’ll need white vinegar, a bucket with warm water, a mop (a sponge, and a towel if you are cleaning bathroom tiles), a broom, or a vacuum.

1. Make the cleaning solution

Like many other cleaning floor cleaning methods, you need to make the cleaning solution if you didn’t buy a ready-made one from the store. Combine ½ a cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of water in a bucket. Make sure that the vinegar blends and mixes well with the water to get the best results.

2. Clean the floor

With your cleaning solution properly mixed, the next step is to get rid of any dirt or debris on the floor. You can use a vacuum cleaner if you have one or you can use a broom as long as you make sure to not forget the corners. If you don’t clear the floor of any debris before cleaning, the left behind particle will scratch the tile floor as you clean.

3. Begin cleaning the floor

With all the debris successfully out of the way, it is time to begin cleaning the floor by dipping the mop in the vinegar mixture and applying it on the floor. Move from side to side or from top to bottom, it is up to you.  If you are cleaning bathroom tiles, you need to use a sponge. Dip it in the cleaning solution and wipe the floor and if it gets stained, you can use a dry towel to get rid of any remaining residue.

4. Let the floor dry

Once you are finished cleaning, open the windows to let some fresh air come in which will make the floor dry faster. Fresh air will also get rid of the strong vinegar smell in a matter of minutes.


1. Can you clean quarry tiles with vinegar?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean quarry tile floors however when it comes to other types of tile floors like ceramic or porcelain, you are better off using a commercial cleaner.

2. Can you use a steam mop on quarry tiles?

You should use a still cleaner on quarry tile floors if you happen to have one in your possession at home.

3. Can I use bleach on quarry tiles?

Yes, you can use Bleach on quarry tile floors especially if you have this type of flooring in your bathroom and kitchen. You can buy bleach to clean your floor from the supermarket however, you shouldn’t use it on porous unsealed tile surfaces, unfinished wood surfaces, or marble floors.

Wrapping up on cleaning quarry tile floor

Quarry tile floors can get grimy and dirty very quickly and when you search for how to clean quarry tile floor surfaces, you will see that many people use products like vinegar, commercial cleaners, or even caustic soda. 

No matter the method you use, if you follow the step mentioned in this article, you will have a good-looking quarry tile floor without breaking a sweat.

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