How to Clean Saltillo Tile Floors

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Before you spend money on a professional cleaning service, this piece is a MUST-READ. This article is all about how to clean Saltillo tile floors and there are three easy steps you need to follow. 

If your floor looked amazing many moons ago and is now dirty, following everything mentioned below religiously, will breathe new life into your floor making it look clean and tidy in no time. 

how to clean saltillo tile floor

How to clean Saltillo tile floors

1. Vacuum the floor

while other people might opt to sweep their Saltillo tile floor using a broom, it is advised to use a vacuum cleaner as it is faster and will scoop up small particles of dirt that cannot be seen using the naked eye. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home, you need to go to the shops and buy one because it does such a great job.

2. Inspect the Saltillo tile floor

if you have had your floor for many years, it will naturally show signs of rust, bumps, cracks, discoloration, chips, and more. These are normal however if you want to do a good job cleaning this type of floor, you need to inspect any rustic characteristics you might have on your floor.

you can heal your floor by using a sealer which you can buy online or in the shops. if you don’t seal your floor properly, it will become flaky as time goes by but when applied properly, leave it for a few days so that the floor heals before you begin cleaning.

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3. Mop the floor

if the floor surface doesn’t need stripping, you can go ahead and begin mopping the mop. You need to make sure that you do get in between the grout as that’s the one area where you can find the most dirt. 

Since Saltillo tile floors are very sensitive, you need to pick the correct cleaner and avoid anything with harsh chemicals. You can use a bleach and water combination as this will disinfect and clean the floor at the same time.

Alkaline cleaner for Saltillo tile 

Using an alkaline cleaner on Saltillo tile floors is something that many people do but there are a series of steps that must be followed to successfully clean your floor. Below is how you should clean the floor using an alkaline cleaner.

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1. Dilute the cleaner

You dilute your alkaline cleaner with some water by mixing the two. The alkaline cleaner shouldn’t be more than the water as that defeats the idea of diluting it. If the alkaline cleaner overpowers the water, using it might damage your floor. Always make sure that the cleaner is less than the water at all times.

2. Use the cleaning solution on your Saltillo floor

Once you have diluted the cleaner with some warm water, you can apply it to your floor. You need to ensure you leave no inch of your floor untouched, cover the whole floor with the cleaning solution. After that, let the mixture dry and then let it sit for about 15 minutes, and in this time, the cleaner will loosen up any dirt that has built up for years.

3. Scrub the Saltillo tile floor

Once all the dirt has risen to the surface, you can scrub it off using a brush or a scrubber. Make sure you scrub the floor gently as pressing too hard might cause damage to your tiles. The brush that you use has to be soft as it will be gentle on your floor and not scratch it.

4. Use the cleaning solution again if the floor isn’t clean

after following the steps above and your floor still isn’t as clean as you would like, you can add more alkaline cleaner to the water. Pour it on the floor again and let it sit for another 15 minutes before you begin scrubbing.

5. Rinse your Saltillo floor

When the cleaning process is completed to your satisfaction, you can rinse the whole floor with some water. You need to ensure that there are no traces of alkaline left behind because residue might be left behind. To get the best results, many experts say you have to use hot or warm water and use a dry or mop to wipe the floor.

There are a few tips you need to know when you are using the steps above to clean your Saltillo floor with an alkaline cleaner

  • Don’t let the cleaning solution dry on your floor because this will damage the surface of your tiles.
  • Only use a small amount of the alkaline cleaner and don’t let it overpower the water. Dilute the product in water at all times before you begin cleaning.
  • always use soft brushes at all times when scrubbing as they are gentle on the floor surface and will not damage it.

Best cleaner for Saltillo tile

If you have Saltillo tile floors at home, it can be tricky to find the ideal cleaner that will get the job done. Below is a great product you can use

This incredible cleaner is ideal for Saltillo tile surfaces. It deep cleans leaving your floor looking shiny plus it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

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1. Can I steam mop Saltillo tile?

If you own a steam mop at home, you should never use it on your Saltillo tile floor because water can ruin the sealer which is the last thing anyone needs. Your floor with become dull, hazy, white, and begin to show signs of wear.

2. Can I use vinegar on Saltillo tile?

You should never use undiluted vinegar on your Saltillo tile floor because it will penetrate the surface and cause damage. It is recommended that you use a commercial cleaner.

3. How to restore Saltillo tile?

You can create a cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar in a bucket and then applying it on the floor. You shouldn’t let it sit for a long time on the floor because this type of flooring can easily be damaged by water.

4. Can I use a steam cleaner on Saltillo tile?

Using a steam cleaner on this type of floor is NOT recommended because heat does more damage to the floor than actually cleaning it.

5. Can I clean Saltillo tile with muriatic acid?

You should avoid using any chemicals on your Saltillo tile floor because acids are corrosive and can ruin the floor by causing the clay to break which is expensive to repair.

6. Can Saltillo tile be sealed?

Yes, Saltillo tile can be sealed by applying a small amount of sealer into a paint pan and then dipping it into a tile sealer. Once dipped, swipe the paint pad on the floor while not allowing the sealer to puddle in the grout lines. Always read the instructions on any sealer to get the best results.

7. Sealed vs unsealed Saltillo tile

If there are no smudges on your Saltillo tile floor, it is sealed; however, if it does create a smudge, and is vulnerable to things like water, it is unsealed. More on sealed vs unsealed Saltillo tile with visual guide.

Wrapping up cleaning Saltillo tile floor

People who know everything there is to know about how to clean Saltillo tile floors say that it doesn’t matter if it’s sealed or unsealed, you need to use the correct product and follow the right procedures. You don’t want to use the wrong cleaning method to clean such a sensitive floor because you will damage it. Use the steps highlighted in this article and you should have a clean floor with very little effort. 

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