How to Clean Syrup off Floor

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Syrup if spilt may attract ants. It is better to clean it as soon as it spills. Before we go to the steps as to how to clean syrup off floor, let us look at the reason why it is something easy to deal with. 

Most of the syrups are mainly composed of dissolved sugar or concentrated natural juices. And hence are soluble in water.

It will take some effort but it is completely cleanable from any type of floor (except carpet floors as they absorb moisture quickly). 

 how to clean syrup off floor

Let us now look at steps to clean syrup from different types of floors.

Things required for cleaning syrup off the floor

How to clean syrup off hardwood floors

Let us first look at steps to clean syrup off hardwood floors.

Step 1 – Remove excess syrup

Use regular or paper towels to execute this step. Remove excess syrup. You can also use a spoon. Doing this will make it easier to do further fine cleaning. You can simply throw away the paper towels that you used. In case you used regular towels just put the towel in a bucket filled with water. 

All the syrup will get dissolved in the water and you can then wash the towel with the rest of the clothes.

Step 2 – Pour some water and soap

After removing the excess syrup pour some water. Warm water will be better than cold water. Cold water will take much more time than warm water to dissolve the sugar. Don’t put too much dish soap for cleaning a small area on the floor. Leave the water there for ten to twelve minutes,

Step 3 – Mopping

Take a damp mop and mop the area where you had poured water. Remember to use a damp mop only. If you will wipe the syrup water with a dry mop it will be difficult to clean the mop later. After mopping you can use a dry mop to dry the floor off. If you leave the floor wet it might leave watermarks.

Tips for mopping

Tip 1 – Mop Condition

The mop should be damp, not drenched. If it is drenched in water it would create a mess for you to handle. Also, you will have to put more effort into drying the floor. Hence it is better to keep the mop damp.

Tip 2: Things to take care of while mopping

It won’t be necessary to spin and clean the mop multiple tiles. Mopping the floor twice would be enough.

Tip 3: Floor condition while mopping

The floor will most probably be dry except for the area that you have to clean. So it is unlikely that the floor will be slippery. 

Tip 4: Recommended mop

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How to clean syrup off tile floors

Cleaning tile floors will not be any different from cleaning hardwood floors. You can use any floor cleaner to clean tiles. Just follow the exact steps mentioned above and you will be just fine. 

How to clean syrup off the carpet

Cleaning Syrup off the carpet is a little challenging as the carpet will immediately start absorbing moisture from the spilt syrup. It would be best to take action as soon as the incident happens. It will become even more difficult once the syrup starts drying. 

Just follow the below steps and you will know how to clean syrup off the carpet. 

Steps for cleaning the syrup off the Carpet

Step 1 – Remove the excess syrup using a spoon

It’s recommended to use a spoon while cleaning the syrup off the carpet. Towels might push the syrup deep into the carpet fabric and we don’t want that. You can also use a little kitty litter for absorbing the syrup. 

Step 2 – Removing the Syrup

Unlike removing it from the tile floor, you have to be gentle here. Rubbing it in all the directions might end up pushing the syrup deep into the carpet and we don’t want that. It is best to use a paper towel in a brushing motion to get rid of syrup from the carpet floor. Repeat this until it’s removed completely

Step 3 – pour warm water

Pour some warm water over the affected area. Soak it up completely. Use warm water and not hot water. Hot water might leave a syrup stain. We need the carpet to bloat up and we can do it by soaking the carpet with warm water.

Step 4 – Dab

Use a dry towel and dab the wet area. Do not rub or press too hard. It will only allow the syrup to go deeper. Dab the area lightly and repeat this process as many times as is required to get rid of the stain.

Step 5 – Use dish soap while dabbing

If you can’t get the syrup off just by using warm water, use a little dish soap with warm water instead of just plain warm water. Put 2 spoons of dish soap in 250 ml of water. Pour the solution over the affected area. Dab until the stain is gone.

Use liquid laundry detergent if dish soap also doesn’t work. Prepare a solution with similar proportions and repeat step 4. Do not use laundry detergent on a wool carpet. It might damage the wool fibres.

Step 6 – Using a vacuum cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner after step 4 or step 5 is complete. Vacuuming the carpet gives you the mental satisfaction of getting the job done. It will remove all the tiny flooring elements and give you better results. Use a vacuum cleaner that has both wet and dry cleaning functions. This step is recommended but it is completely optional.

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Step 7 – let it dry

Let it dry. It would be best to leave it under the fan if you want it to dry quickly. You can leave it be. It would be best to expose the carpet to some sunlight. Expose the lower layer to the sunlight as a lot of sunlight might affect the carpet’s colours and dull them a bit. After it dries, check if there are any traces of syrup or a stain. If there are, you might need to repeat all the steps starting from step 4.

How to clean up dried syrup

Cleaning dried syrup would be different on hard floors and carpets. Let us look at both of them one by one.

Cleaning dried syrup on a wooden or a tile floor

Pour near-frozen water over the spilt dried syrup. The syrup will become hard. With the help of a scraper scrape off the hard dried syrup. After doing this, follow the steps starting from step 2 on How to clean syrup off hardwood floors and you will get what you expected.

Cleaning dried syrup from carpets

If you use a scraper to take the excess dried syrup off the carpet, it will most likely harm the carpet fabric. When dealing with carpets, it is best to soak the carpet and allow the syrup to dissolve in water. Warm water with a little dish soap works best.

Once this is done you can refer to the steps starting from step 4 in the section ‘how to clean syrup off the carpet’. In no time, you will have a spotless carpet.


Is syrup hard to clean?

The short answer is NO. syrup might be a little time consuming but it is not difficult to clean. It is better to clean before it hardens. Even if it does dry up the time to clean might go up slightly but it would still be easy to deal with. All you have to do is follow the above-mentioned steps and you will be fine.

How to clean spilt syrup in the fridge?

Syrup properties will remain the same. A fridge is more intricately built and may require a lot of cleaning in case any syrup spills

Wrap Up on How to Clean Syrup off Floor

Whether it is cleaning the syrup off hardwood floor or carpet floor or carpets, we have a solution for everything. All you have to do is follow the steps and you will know how to clean syrup off the floor. Take extra care of cleaning when cleaning on carpet floors. I have tried to simplify the steps and the reasoning as much as I can to give you a better idea of what are we doing and why are we doing it.

I hope you now know of ways to clean syrup off the floor. Happy cleaning!

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