How to Clean Up Grease Spill on Floor

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When grease spills are not cleaned up properly, they can leave stains on your home or restaurant floor.  Knowing how to clean up grease spill on floor surfaces properly is very important because using the wrong products or tools will only make your floor worse. 

If grease spots are not cleaned up immediately in areas of heavy traffic like restaurant kitchens, they can cause slips and falls. While there are so many cleaning methods out there, this article will explain how you can keep your floor grease-free the right way.

How to clean up grease spill on floor – step by step

1. Make sure you are safe first 

Before you begin cleaning any grease spills, you have to prioritize your safety because accidents can happen. If the oil is a result of a droplet from a cooking spoon, it can still be too hot to clean up right away. Wait until it cools down before you begin cleaning and if the grease spill is from a bottle, this might mean there is broken glass on the floor. 

Remove any glass safely before you begin cleaning to reduce the chances of you accidentally cutting yourself. If you have things like gloves, protective clothing, and tongs, use them because you don’t want to step, touch, or miss any broken glass.

2. Make use of absorbent materials 

Once you have successfully secured your safety, grab an old rag and then soak up the grease, and then use kitty litter, salt, or baking soda on the dirty area. Leave the material used for an hour so that it soaks up the stains.

3. Remove mixture

When you see that all the oil has been soaked up by the absorbent material of your choice, you can use a spoon, spatula, or a dustpan to take off the mixture from the floor.

4. Clean off the stains

When you use a spoon, spatula, or a dustpan to take off the mixture from the floor, there is a very big chance that there will be a small stain left on the floor. You can easily scrub this off by using a detergent or soap mixed with warm water.

5. Vacuum the surface

If the spill was caused by a bottle of oil, for example, made of glass which you dropped by accident when the surface is dry, you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any glass or debris left behind. Just be careful not to step on them because you might cut yourself. Always warn others if there is any glass on the floor so that they don’t step on it before you clean it up.

Best grease cleaner

Cleaning grease with baking soda and vinegar

To successfully clean grease with these ingredients, you need to mix two parts of vinegar with one part of baking soda. What this mixture does is effectively remove any hard stains on surfaces or even drains.

How to clean up grease spills on concrete

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Cleaning grease off concrete with baking soda

The first thing you do is sprinkle some baking soda on the area that’s stained and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. Add a few squirts of Dawn and some water to create a paste. With a brush, scrub in a circular motion for a few minutes and then rinse with water to remove the grease. Repeat this process if dealing with tougher stains on concrete.

How do you get grease off tile floor?

With a spray bottle, add a spoonful of baking soda, 1 cup of white vinegar, a squirt of castile soap, and some water. Shake this mixture well and then spray it on the area where the grease is located.

How to clean kitchen grease

Best kitchen grease cleaner

This is a great product for cleaning and removing grease on cabinets, microwaves, cooktops, stoves, ovens, sinks, and more.

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How to prevent grease build-up in kitchen

If you want to prevent grease build-up in your kitchen, you need to wipe the cupboard doors and the hob every week. Just grab some degreaser with a cloth and use it to wipe any grease marks you see plus always wash your hands when you are cooking.


1. What removes grease from tiles?

To remove grease on your tiles, you will need ¼ cup of dish soap, 1 cup of white vinegar, and a gallon of water in a bucket. Mix everything and pour it on the stained area and then scrub over the tiles using a nylon scrub brush.

2. How do you dissolve thick grease?

To dissolve thick grease, you need to use a 50:50 mix of white vinegar to remove grease from the lining and hot water to melt the fat. 

3. Does vinegar dissolve grease?

Since vinegar is very acidic in nature, it will easily dissolve grease and all you have to do is mix it with water then spray it on the area that needs cleaning. leave it for 10 minutes and then scrub it down with soapy water. All the grease should come off with relative ease as long as you’ve left the vinegar on long enough.

4. Will baking soda and vinegar remove grease?

Both these two products work well on grease because vinegar contains acid that breaks down grease while baking soda acts as a neutralizer when mixed with vinegar forming a powerful combination.

Wrap Up on Grease Spill Clean Up

As mentioned before, if you don’t clean up grease spills as soon as they happen, they can cause serious injuries especially if someone slips and falls. Following the how to clean up grease spill on floor surfaces instruction pointed out in this article will ensure you can have no accidents at home or work. Your floor will be shiny at all times as long as you mix your cleaning solutions properly and follow the steps above religiously.

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