How to Clean VCT Tile Floor

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VCT is short for Vinyl Composition Tile and will enhance the decor of your home. As long as you know how to clean VCT tile floor surfaces, you will find them very easy to maintain as long wax or polish them properly. 

This article will shed some light on the series of steps that need to be followed to clean this type of floor successfully. Let’s begin.

How to Clean VCT Tile Floor

How to clean VCT tile floor

1. Use a rotary floor machine 

There are so many good-quality rotary floor machines you can buy on the market to use on your entire floor. This machine is pushable and covers a large surface area compared to other cleaning machines. One machine you can buy is the Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine.

To use it, all you have to do is turn it in and move it forward the same way you would a shopping stroller. Once you begin pushing it forward, it will do the rest for you plus the cleaning pads can be changed to meet the temperature needed to clean the floor.

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2. Use a detergent solution to clean the VCT floor

These cleaning detergents can be bought from the stores and should be used as directed by the manufacturer. It is highly advised to mix cleaning detergents with water to dilute them as some of them are strong enough to leave residue or damage the floor. 

You should wring the mop out as often as possible to ensure it is not saturated and should always remain damp. When you are finished cleaning the floor with the detergent, remove any traces of it with clean water

3. Time to polish the VCT Tile floor

Once the floor is clear of any detergent traces, you need to polish it as this will protect it from abrasion. The way you polish the floor differs from product to product but most of them require you to spray the polish on the floor using a mop. 

This process needs to be repeated between 3 – 5 times to see some good results. If you are unsure how to use the polish, you can contact the manufacturer and they will advise you on how to use their product properly.

4. Use rubbing alcohol to get rid of any tough stains

In this step, you simply pour the rubbing alcohol onto a rag and then scrub the floor. Always use a white rag when scrubbing the floor because the dyes found in colored rags do sometimes bleed with the cleaning product. 

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, you can use 4 parts water and 1 part bleach as a substitute. You simply leave a soaked rag on the stained area for an hour or more before you wipe the area using clean water.

5. Leave a wet floor sign

To stop any accidents from happening or people walking through the area you just cleaned, always leave a wet floor sign. This is very important if you are cleaning a VCT tile floor at a workplace where there are so many employees. 

The sign should be left there until your vinyl composition tile flooring dries up and doesn’t allow people to walk back and forth on the floor. You might also need this sign at home but since there’s a high chance the floor will see little traffic as there won’t be as many people as at a workplace, a simple warning that the floor is wet should be fine.

Best VCT cleaner 

This floor cleaner can rejuvenate your VCT floor. It will remove residue, grime, dirt from floor surfaces.

This product can be used daily and will make your floor look as good as new. It has a fantastic formula and many professionals highly recommend this cleaner because it gets rid of dirt particles or excess dirt.

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How to Wax a VCT Floor

You need to first open the bottle of floor wax and then pour it into a bucket. You need to make sure that the bucket is dry before dipping the mop head into the wax and then applying it on the floor going back and forth.

Best Floor Wax for VCT

This cleaner is known to provide a durable, high-gloss shine that resists a lot of things like scuffs and heel marks, dust particles and prevents slips.

If you are looking for a fantastic finish to your composite floor, this is the ideal product to buy online. You will see good results if you use this wax polish indoors on a wide variety of floors.

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  • 20 percent solid formula provides a durable, high-gloss shine that resists scuffs and heel marks and prevents slips
  • Intended for use on interior floors such as rubber, asphalt, vinyl and sealed concrete
  • Requires little maintenance and can be stripped and reapplied as needed

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1. How do you deep clean a VCT floor?

To deep clean a VCT floor, you need to sweet and dust mop it regularly as this will prevent damage. With a damp mop, dip it in a commercial cleaner and then remove any dirt that has been left behind.

2. How do you clean and wax a VCT floor?

You need to set a bucket of soapy water on the side next to a tray with VCT wax. You should then mop between 6 to 9 feet of the floor every time before moving on to other areas and then applying the wax.

3. Will vinegar damage vinyl floors?

Vinegar will not clean your vinyl floor and you should use commercial cleaners instead because it will cause damage to the floor causing stains and darkening it.

4. Does VCT tile need to be waxed?

When your VCT tile has been installed, it does need to be waxed with 2 coats as this is the only way to get the best results.

Wrapping up on cleaning VCT tile floor

Knowing how to clean VCT tile floor surfaces without any hiccups is very important to their longevity. There is little margin for error when you wax, clean or polish this type of floor because flaws in your regular cleaning process can cause damage to the floor.

If you follow the cleaning steps in this article, you will be able to increase the lifespan of your floor even if you clean it every day. Always remember to get rid of any dirt and debris before you begin cleaning and the perfect product to use in this case is a rotary floor machine.

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