How to Get Dog Urine Out of Wood Under Carpet

How to Get Dog Urine Out of Wood Under CarpetIf there’s one thing every dog owner can agree on it’s that it’s relatively impossible to prevent your pet from forgetting they’re not outside and using your carpet as a pee pad. As frustrating and annoying as it can be, it’s a common occurrence and it’s something that can happen with any dog ranging from puppies to older pets.

Although you might think the urine only breached the surface of the carpet, that is not always the case. More often than you think, urine can travel below your carpet and straight into your subfloor which leads more pet owners to figure out how to get rid of dog urine out of wood under carpet.

It can be a time consuming process, but it will be well worth the investment as urine in your subfloor will not only damage your carpet but also cause your home to smell. 

Do I Need to Remove My Carpet and Subfloor?

Before you start panicking and wondering whether you need to invest a lot of money into brand new carpeting and subflooring, it would be a very rare circumstance. In today’s day and age there is more than one product that can help you to get rid of pet urine that has traveled beneath your carpet, most of which are far less expensive than replacing all of your flooring.

With that being said, if you have tried all of the below methods and are still experiencing a strong uric smell in your home, you will have to consider the alternative. Once you have your flooring replaced, remember that prevention is the best method of preventing you from having to go through the renovations again. 

Tip 1: Using Store Bought Cleaners

There are plenty of different dog urine solutions you can buy from big box stores and pet stores, but the most important formula to look out for is a deep cleaner. You’re not going to want to rely on traditional stain removers as they may not travel as far into the carpet as you need to go. The deeper the clean, the more likely you are to get rid of pet urine from the wood under your carpets.

When you apply the store bought cleaners you are going to need to saturate your carpet as this helps to make sure the solution is making its way to your subfloor. After it is saturated, follow the included instructions on how to remove the solution. In most cases, you will need to use a cloth doused in warm water to scrub away at the urine and then pat the area dry with a clean towel.

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Tip 2: Purchasing a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are great tools to have in your home even if you’re dealing with moderate to slight pet stains on your carpets. They not only give you the ability to customize the way you clean, but you can also remove stains immediately without having to rent a unit from a store.

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When you start searching for a carpet cleaner there are a few important features you need to look out for:

Tip 3: Removing the Carpet and Treating the Subfloor

In many cases, you might be in a position to where you’ll have to remove the carpet in order to access the wood underneath, especially if you have particularly thick carpet throughout your home. If you have tile carpet installed, you’re in luck, as you will only need to remove a small section to target the areas where the urine is found. Alternatively, homeowners with traditional rolled carpets are in store for a lengthy removal process.

The only benefit to removing carpet to treat the subfloor is that you can do it on your own, as taking out carpet is easy when compared to removing hardwood or ceramic tiles.

Once the wood has been exposed, you can use treatments to get rid of odors and stains. You might also find that the wood under your carpet can be salvaged to where you might not need to replace the carpet at all!

Tip 4: Employ Preventative Measures

Once you have removed the smelly spots in the wood under your carpet, it’s time to employ preventative measures to ensure you don’t have to go through this painstakingly long process again in the future. Not only should you pay special attention to potty training your dog, but you should also focus on targeting urine spots before they soak into the subfloor.

With the help of the right cleaning tools, you’ll always be prepared for any accidents that may occur and as long as you are able to treat them ASAP, the damage will be minimal.

We all love our pets, but unlike humans they don’t have much regard for the things we put good money into, including carpeting. When you’re figuring out how to get dog urine out of wood under carpet, it’s important to have patience and to find the perfect products for the job.

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