How to Get Rid of Polyurethane Smell – The Easy Way

How to get rid of polyurethane smell

Your new hardwood flooring is being installed and you are very excited about this renovation project. You are finally changing out your dull floors for elegant wood flooring that will breathe new life into your home and make it more inviting. However, your excitement starts to diminish as you smell a strong odor. This painstaking smell has left you with the worst feeling – shortness of breath, coughing, and even head. What is this odor and why is it being produced in your house? Well, it is the smell of polyurethane.

Polyurethane is commonly used in new hardwood flooring to help maintain its quality and give it a vibrant look. This chemical releases toxic fumes into the air and breathing in these compounds can be damaging to your health. Here we’ll show you how to get rid of polyurethane smell from your home so that you can breathe in safe, fresh air.  

How to Get Rid of Polyurethane Smell – Instructions

1. Cut a Slice of Onion

This is an unorthodox solution but it works. Peel and slice an onion and put the slice in a saucer of water. Place this saucer in the room where you smell polyurethane and it’ll absorb the pungent odor.

2. Open up the Windows

The stench from smelly polyurethane will eventually dissipate. But you should speed up the process by ensuring that your house has good ventilation. Open up all the windows of your home to increase airflow and also turn on the fans. Keep the windows open and fans running until you can no longer smell the polyurethane.

3. Use an Air Purifier

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Using an air purifier will help you quickly get rid of polyurethane smell. These devices remove contaminants from the air to keep indoor air free of harmful particles. Some units can even purify the whole house. If you only want to use the air purifier to remove polyurethane smell from your house, rent a large unit that will clear the odor from your entire home. Follow the directions on the product to remove the odor and replace it with fresh and clean air.

4. Use a Box Fan

Set up a box fan in each window of your home and let them run throughout the day. This will help promote airflow and get rid of the smelly molecules from your home so that you can breathe fresh air again.

5. Crank up the Temperature

Heat should help the polyurethane smell to dissipate quickly. You can crank up the temperature in the rooms to speed up the process. Make sure to check the weather forecast because if the temperature dips below 50°F at night, you’ll have to turn up the heat in the rooms where the pungent odor is present to keep the temperature constant and ensure that the smell continues to be removed.

Getting Rid of Polyurethane Smell – FAQs

Q.1) How to remove polyurethane from wood?

When polyurethane fumes are being emitted from wood inside your home, it can cause serious health problems. Rectifying this problem after the new floor has been installed can be hard. Cleaning the surfaces contaminated by polyurethane is a difficult task, especially when you have to remove the chemical from the flooring completely.

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Fortunately, certain products can help remove polyurethane from wood floors. For example, you can use the EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator to extract odor from the floor. You can apply it directly to wood flooring using a sponge.

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Vaporsorb™ Eco Vapor Absorbent Granules is another product that you can use to remove polyurethane odor from a newly installed wood floor. Scatter it on the floor that is releasing polyurethane fumes into the air and leave it for a couple of hours, giving it time to draw out the solvent vapors and absorb them. Sweep up and repeat the process if necessary until you can no longer smell polyurethane.  

Q.2) What are some symptoms of polyurethane allergy?

If you are allergic to polyurethane, contact with it through fumes can ignite several health symptoms. The symptoms of polyurethane allergy include:

Q.3) How to remove polyurethane smell from small woodworking projects?

If polyurethane is used on a small woodworking project like a table, you can move it to your attic in warmer weather to remove the smell. Avoid putting your project outside because the sun rays can damage it.

You can also put your project in a ventilated room and turn on ceiling fans to promote air circulation. This will speed up the drying process and get rid of the polyurethane smell from your woodworking project.

Final Thoughts

We have shown you how to get rid of the polyurethane smell from your house and from the wood itself. Now that you know how to keep your home clear of this dangerous smell, you should be able to keep yourself and your family members safe from health problems resulting from breathing in polyurethane fumes.

We have answered some of the most common questions people have about polyurethane smell – like how to remove polyurethane from wood. But if you have any other query, feel free to shoot it our way. We’ll more than happy to answer it for your convenience.

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