How to Remove Rust Stains from Plastic Tub (QUICK & EASY)

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how to remove rust stains from plastic tub

If there is one thing that can totally ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom, it is rust stains. Almost all households face the problem of rust stains on toilet or bathtub. One of the common causes of these stains is the wet met object left on the plastic tub for too long. Another reason for the rusting on your bathroom is old plumbing. It causes rust in the water which, in turn, leaves stains on your plastic tub, etc. If you are worried about how to remove rust stains from a plastic tub, this article is just for you.

How to Remove Rust Stains from Plastic Tub

The process of rust stain removal is quite easy. Read this section until the end to know how you can tackle stubborn rust stains.

How to Remove Rust Stains from Plastic Tub Using Cleaning Agents

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There are plenty of cleaning agents – such as Bar Keepers Friend – available in the market that can help you fight against the tough rust stains. However, before using the product, make sure that you have to remove shower curtains, towels, or even bathroom rugs. This is important because some cleaners often left stains on fabrics.

Once the fabric is securely removed, fill a bathroom cleaner in a spray bottle and spray evenly on the stained portion of the tub. Leave the solution on for about 10 to 15 minutes. During this period, you’d begin to see that the foam of the product has started to turn rusty. This is the sign that tells that the product is actively removing the stain from the plastic.

Using a soft-bristled scrub brush, gently scrub the tainted portion in circular portions. After you have thoroughly scrubbed the portion, wipe it clean with the help of a soft cleaning towel or a paper towel. Now, rinse the tub with fresh water to remove any product residues from the surface.

How to Remove Rust Stains from Plastic Tub Using Household Products

Many people are not open to using cleaning agents to remove rust stains from their bathroom fixtures. This is because they believe that such products are destructive in nature. Even though there are so many products that are perfectly safe to use, if you are still not convinced about using them, you can get rid of rust stains with the help of household products.

Remove Stain Using Vinegar

Take some paper towels or cleaning rags and immerse them in vinger. Now, take out the saturated towel and put it over the stain. Let the towels sit on the stain for around 10 to 15 minutes and follow it by wiping the area clean.

Take table salt and sprinkle it over remaining stain. On top of the salt, pour 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Let the mixture sit on the stain overnight. With the help of a clean rag, wipe clean the salt-and-lemon mixture. If you still have stubborn rust stains, use a pumice stone for a thorough cleanup.

Rust Stain on the Fabric

In the event where your shower curtain or any other fabric has rust stains, you can easily remove them by following the following step.  

In a bucket, create a mixture of 3-part water and 1-part vinegar and soak the shower curtain or any other fabric into it. Leave the fabric there overnight. Wash the fabric the next morning and, voila, you will find that all stains are gone.

Remove Stain Using Coca-Cola

Who would have thought that the refreshing drink which is a must at all parties will be used for regular cleaning? Well, the carbonated drink can perform miracles when it comes to bathroom cleaning. However, before you consider cleaning the rust stains with the help of the carbonated drink, do remember that the cola is not designed for this purpose and will act slower than other cleaning agents. So, if you are in a hurry, cleaning the stains with the help of Coca-Cola may not be a good option. However, if you are okay with experimenting with different household products, follow the following steps to remove tough rust stains.

Take a sponge and pour the coke on it. Slowly and gently scrub the tainted portion to clean the rust stain. Rinse the portion rigorously to avoid the buildup of any residue.


Q: Will rust removal cleaning agent damage the surface of my tub?

Many cleaning agents available in the market are bleach-free. Besides having the impressive feature of removing strong stains, they are also completely safe on all kinds of surfaces.

Q: What causes rust on plastic tub?

There can be multiple reasons for the buildup of rust on any surface. The most common is the wet metal-bottom objects left on the surface of the tub for a long time. Another reason can be the rust caused in the water due to old plumbing. All of this can contribute to building up rust on your tub.

Q: Can toothpaste get rid of rust?

Using toothpaste for the removal of rust stains is definitely a good idea. Apply the paste on the stain and let it sit for around 10 minutes. Then, wash it clean with the help of clean water. You can also use baking soda along with the toothpaste for even better results.

Q: Why does Coca-Cola remove rust?

You might wonder how it is possible for a carbonated drink to act as a cleaning agent. Well, most soft drinks contain phosphoric acid – one of the ingredients found in commercial cleaners. Obviously, the amount of this acid in drinks is less – so that it is safe for people to drink it. Using soda to clean such stains is a green cleaning solution and has desirable results.

The Final Word

So, if you are facing the problem of stubborn stains on your bathroom fixtures and have no idea how to remove rust stains from plastic tub, you can refer to any of the methods listed above to get rid of the problem. The tried-and-test ways will help you get rid of the toughest stains in no time.

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