How to use a Steam Mop on Tiles

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Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if you could find a mop that allows you to not only clean hardwood floors, vinyl or tiles but also disinfect the area while it cleans? I think so too, but what if I also told you that you do in fact have that option?

By using a Steam cleaning mop, you can clean the left over residue off of your floor that a traditional mop may leave behind. For instance, the angle at which your wall and floor meet may remain built up of scum from your traditional mop while a steam mop can easily reach those hidden places and disinfect the area for you. Below, I have listed a few short details on How to use a steam mop on Tiles correctly.

How to Use a Steam Mop on Tiles

  1. Prepare the Floor:

As always, you will want to completely sweep the tile flooring in which you plan to use the steam mop on. Doing this will get any loose dust mites, dirt or hair off the tile that the steam mop may not be able to pick up and it will also prevent streaking.

  1. Preparing your Steam Mop

To best prepare your steam mop, you will want to make sure that it is NOT plugged in to any outlets before placing the water into the tank located near the handle of your mop.

Fill the water tank on your steam cleaner with distilled water and place it back into the proper place. DO NOT put cleaner into the tank.

Next, place the cleaning pad at the head of the mop.

Finally, plug in the steam mop and turn on. Once the light comes on this indicates that the steam mop is ready for use.

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Supplies you will need:

  • Broom and dust pan
  • Distilled water (recommended)
  • Steam Mop
  • Rag or towel
  • Cleaning pads
  1. How to mop a tile floor

To mop a tile floor, you will need to squeeze the trigger located on your steam mop to initiate the steam mist on your flooring through the microfiber cleaning pad you use. Move your steam mop back and forth over your ceramic tile the same way you would when mopping your floor with water. You will want to change your cleaning pad frequently especially when you move to new areas as your mop is disinfected as well as cleaning and you do not want to spread the bacteria on other areas of your home.

  1. After care of Steam cleaning your tile flooring

After you have entirely cleaned the tile flooring, unplug the mop from the outlet. Afterwards, you will want to dump the left over water in your tank completely out and discard or throw the used cleaning pad(s) into the washer to be cleaned for the next use.

In addition, depending on the type of mop or device you buy, some of the steam mops may come with a bristled head instead of a cloth head attachment. This bristled head is formatted to clean grout from your tiles. In this case, you can clean your floors with the bristle attachment by doing the following:

How To Clean Floors With The Bristle Attachment

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  • Prep your tile floor by following the steps provided above.
  • Attach the bristled head to your steam mop before plugged the mop into the wall and fill the water tank to the proper line and reattach the tank to the mop.
  • Plug the mop in and turn on to allow the water to heat up. Once the water has heated to the correct temp. a light may initiate that it is ready for use (Depending the brand or type of mop you are using).
  • Once you are ready for use, you will want to work in a circular motion back and forth.
  • Once you have completed cleaning the tile floor, turn off the mop then unplug it.
  • Empty the remaining water from the tank and thoroughly clean or toss the bristled head to replace for the next use.

Using the bristled head in place of a cleaning pad can make the mop capable of reaching deep in cracks or near walls, removing dirt, grime, mold or crumbs from that area.

Once you have completed your cleaning, the tile may still remain wet so you will need to take precautions. I personally would block the area off until it dries completely to prevent accidental falling or slipping.

The end result of using a steam cleaner on your tile flooring will be fantastic. Not only does using the steam cleaner leave a nice shine to your tile, it also, disinfects your tile and gets the hard to reach cracks and stains off of your flooring for you. Not all mops can do that without using harsh chemicals to do so.

Now that you know How to use a steam mop on tiles, do you think a steam mop sounds fitting for you and your household?

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How to use a steam mop on tiles?

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