How to Use Oreck Orbiter (7 Tips and Techniques)

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Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine
Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

Rediscover the beauty of your floor by using Oreck Orbiter. It is most advanced and an easy to use a machine that has ever existed. It produces excellent results in all floor types. Every device needs to be maintained to increase its lifespan. Oreck Orbiter switch has on/off symbols to make it easy to operate. It comes assembled and is ready to work once you fit the Drive Pad Holder.

The best way to maintain a machine is by using it rightly. The tool should only serve its purpose. Using the device for a wrong purpose reduces its lifespan. In this article, I am going to show you how to use Oreck Orbiter.

Tip 1: Attach the Drive Pad Holder Properly

The machine is not well fitted with the brush once you buy it. You attach it for you to start cleaning. Lay the floor machine on its back with the handle facing on the floor. Place the holder over the brush holder on the device. Make sure the brush is tightly held on the machine. Always make sure the machine motor is switched off.

If you would like to remove the brush from the machine to clean it or to replace it. Lay the device on its back and pull off the brush from the round holder. Do it politely to avoid damaging the holder pan.

Tip 2: Lubricate the Oreck Orbiter Motor Bearings Efficiently

Orbiter machine has motor bearings that need to be periodically lubricated. Oil the bearings with light oil at the pivot points from the bondage to the housing. The tool should be serviced by authorized service providers or experts.

Tip 3: Clean the Dirt Area on Your Floor

Clench the “T” handle on the machine and glide it across the floor you want to clean in a back and forth motion. The “T” handle enables you to have complete control of the machine. Move it over the dirt areas. You can go over a dirt area as many times as you want until you are satisfied. The machine’s Balanced Counter Weight System enables it to clean the floor smoothly since you can control it with fingertips.

It is advisable to put on shoes when using the machine. Test the device when you buy it to ascertain if it is in excellent condition.

Tip 4: Avoid Common Problems that May Arise while Cleaning Your Floor

  • The Machine does not run. It is either you have not plugged it into the socket correctly or there is no electricity in the wall outlet. Make sure the cleaner is decisively plugged into the wall outlet. If there is no source of power, check the outlet fuse and the circuit breaker. If the fuse is worn out, replace it.
  • If the floor cleaner bounces. – It is either the brush or the pad holder is not appropriate in its place. If you use the floor machine on a surface without dry shampoo or wet shampoo, it is likely to bounce. In case the brush is not well detached on the round pad, fix it properly. Use the necessary shampoo either dry or wet when cleaning.

Different floors have different cleaning procedures.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine
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Tip 5: Clean Your Dirt Carpet

  1. Vacuum – Use Oreck Orbit vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dust particles on the floor.
  2. Pre-mist -Wet the carpet by using Soil Realizing Pre-Spray which will mist the carpet to an area of approximately 6×6.
  3. Sprinkle – Fill the carpet cleaner half way and sprinkle over the fogged 6×6 area. Work on the sprinkled area at a time to certify the cleaner has brushed the carpet while still wet.
  4. Hat with Orbiter – Detach the carpet bonnet to the brush holder then place the cleaning machine onto the brush holder. Work the device in a forward and backward motion.
  5. Turn on the machine – Operate the cleaning machine on the wet 6×6 area. After some few minutes, switch off the device and flip over the bonnet and continue.
  6. Clean the soiled hat – If the bonnet is soiled, rinse it under running water to remove all the dirt and soil.
  7. If the carpet is too big, repeat steps 2 through 6 on the next 6×6 area until the whole carpet is super clean.

Tip 6: Clean Your Hard Floor

In order to clean a hard floor, use All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner. It will enable the machine to remove all the grease, oil, food and grime on the floor. The effectiveness of the machine depends on the concentration of the cleaning agent and ferociousness of the brushes.

  1. Sweep the hard floor thoroughly – Make sure the floor is swept before you start using the cleaning machine by either sweeping it using a broom, dust mop or even Oreck Vacuum cleaner.
  2. Mix All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner – Mix the cleaning agent with warm water according to the prescription.
  3. Apply the mixer – Apply the solution to the hard floor in a 6×6 area. Do not pour large amount of water on the floor.
  4. Scrub with the brush – Scratch the hard floor using the machine brushes by moving it on forward and backward direction.
  5. Dry the solution from the floor – Do not allow the mixer to dry on the floor, mop it with a wet-dry vacuum or a rug.
  6. Finalize – Since the floor has the solution particles on it, use clean water and a clean mop to rinse it. Change the rinsing water frequently. 

Tip 7: Handle Oreck Orbiter Carefully While Cleaning and Storing

Machines need to be handled with great care. Dropping, unreasonable bouncing or irregular handling may lead to damage to the balance and counter-weight balance system. After cleaning the room, shawl your cord lightly around the two knobs on the handle. Detach and clean the brushes after use.

Remove the bristles that may be damaged due to the weight of the machine and replace them. Make sure all the machine nuts and bolts are well attached to the device. Tighten the loose bolts. Store the machine in an upright position and make sure you remove all wax and bumper on the brushes with a damp cloth


Oreck Orbiter is an ideal cleaner for all floor types. It has minimal maintenance since its precision-engineered inductor motor is made up of durable zinc and steel. It does not have gears and belts that quickly wear out. Oreck Orbiter removes all the stains on the floor bringing back its shinning nature.

If you are experiencing daily cleaning difficulties like me, Oreck Orbiter is the best cleaner. It will make sure your floor is as clean as new.

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