How To Use Oreck Steam Mop

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Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop
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How To Use Oreck Steam Mop?

Steam mops are an efficient and eco-friendly way to clean your carpet and hardwood floors without having to take the grease out of the shifting grime or use harsh chemicals. Oreck steam mops use clean steam and a thick mop head to loosen and absorb dirt. The key to effective usage is the back and forth motions as you operate the cleaner. Apart from collecting and cleaning dust hot steam cleans 99% of bacteria which leaves your surface spotless and hygienic, unlike other regular mops.

Oreck Steam Cleaner: A Maintenance Cleaning Tool

The good thing about oreck steam mops is that you are always guaranteed of excellent cleaning experience. However, it’s important that heavy soiled carpets are properly vacuumed so that dirt isn’t smeared with hot steam. The cleaner works optimally on floors that are regularly maintained because all you need is light cleaning.

Mop Pads Come In Handy

When cleaning your floors, it’s important that you have more than one mop pad to avoid smearing or trailing dirt as you clean. If your home has laminate and vinyl flooring it’s advisable that you start with laminate then proceed to vinyl, but ensure that you change the pad as required especially when you reach near the entrance. You should also read on the product manual and take note of the care instruction for your steam cleaner and accessories

Steam Mop Are Effective On Sealed Floors

Using your steam mop on sealed floors is more of general floor care than an efficiency issue. This is because excess moisture can damage some surface. It is always advisable that you test certain hard surface area if you are not sure whether it can be used there. Once you are done using your cleaner, let it cools down on a sealed surface and get rid of the cleaning pad as soon as you can.

Prepping Your Floor Is Of Utmost Importance

Before you begin steaming your floors, it’s crucial that you start by vacuum your floors. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can sweep, but a vacuum is ideal because it pulls out things like surface debris, dust and lint which dirty the mop head.

How To Use Oreck Steam Mop

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop, Steam100LRH
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If you want a clean floor, using a steam mop should be your first option. The oreck steam technology is simple because the cleaner turns water into steam for exceptional cleaning action. The steam cleaner isn’t just excellent at cleaning, but it’s also cheap since you don’t need detergents and soap.

Although using the steam cleaner is easy, here are some of the steps you can take to get the most out of your cleaning experience.

Step One – Clear your room

The first step to using oreck steam mop is to clear out furniture and other objects out of the way. This is important because it leaves an expansive room for cleaning. Also, you won’t miss any spots plus it saves you a lot of time.

Step Two – Sweeping

Vacuum or sweep your floor to remove debris and dirt that might inhibit your cleaner from performing optimally. This is an important step because it keeps your steam mop in perfect working condition and you will get good results.

Step Three – Prepare Your Mop

Before using your oreck steam mop, ensure that it is unplugged before inserting the cleaning pad. Once that is done, you should fill the cleaner’s water reservoir with to the indicated gauge. Just like inserting the pad never fill up the water reservoir when the steam mop is plugged up because it heats up quickly and you can easily get an electric shock.

Step Four – Start Mopping

Now that your steam mop is ready for use, you should wait until the indicator light on the mop goes on which means that your cleaner is ready for use. When you begin cleaning your home ensure that you start from the far side as you come towards the entrance. Steam will be released when you push your vacuum cleaner forward, when it moves backwards it collects dust on the cleaning pad.

Step Five – Changing Your Cleaning Pad

Once you begin working your steam mop, you should change your cleaning pads to keep your mop working optimally. If this isn’t done, you will be pushing dirt around and streaking the floor.

Step Six – Storing Your Steam Mop  

A steam mop is an important equipment to have in your home, and while they are designed to last long, you need to ensure that they are properly taken care of. To increase their longevity, it’s important that you store them correctly.

In addition to changing the cleaning pad, you should remove all the water from the mop. Also, never put your mop away when it is wet as the dampness could result in mildew which can destroy your head.

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop, Steam100LRH

There are different models of Oreck steam mop available in the market. There are those that are designed to wash floors; some are simple while other come with different attachments such as a short handle to sanitize counter and stove tops and a cloth pad for garments. A number of them are great for cleaning short-haired carpet while others incorporate a flash heat system which means that you don’t need the tank to cool before refilling. Irrespective of the design you are using this guide will help you make the best out of your cleaning experience.

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