ILIFE Comparison Chart – ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

House chores are tiresome, cumbersome and sometimes hectic, you cannot prohibit the kids from playing in the house and your pet from shading hair, it is absurd, they will still do it. Even if you stay one in the house, it will still be dirty due to the dust is blown by the wind. All in all, the house should remain clean. Everything should be in order.

There are a couple of cleaning vacuums which can help in keeping your house super clean. You cannot invite your friends in a dirty and disarranged house. You will be a laughing stalk in the town. Cleanliness gives us confidence. ILIFE A4s, ILIFE A4, ILIFE A6, ILIFE V3s, ILIFE V5s, ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaners are the best vacuum cleaners that you can trust. They produce perfect results.

In this article, I am going to review each product and provide an ILIFE Comparison Chart that shows various similarities or differences among the products.


ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4 cleans the carpet so quickly. Unlike A4s which is limited to broad carpet cleaning due to low suction power, ILIFE A4 has a dominant suction force that removes all the dust and hair stuck in the carpet. It outsmarts ILIFE A4s with tangle-free sensors which enables it to clean under the beds, chairs, and tables without hassle.

ILIFE A4 Features




ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4S is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner that is friendly to your pocket. It is an upgrade of ILIFE A4. It produces best results that’s the reason you should give it a trial.  It picks up to 12.9 grams per cleaning cycle which is a high amount. Though it takes a long time to clean a room, it leaves it super clean.

It is slightly shorter than ILIFE A4 with a height of three inches which enables it to penetrate under low profile furniture like coffee table, couches, beds, and shelves. ILIFE A4s is a combination of affordability and performance; you will save some money buying it and still serve you to the latter.

ILIFE A4s features




ILIFE A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILFE A6 is the new brand in the ILIFE A series. It is an upgrade of ILIFE A4. It has a powerful Li-Ion Battery than enables it to clean for a longer time than ILIFE A4. It also has a profound suction power to pick all the dirt and dust on the floor.

ILIFE A6 features




ILIFE V3S has improved features, and the price is enticing. It has improved navigation power and dominant suction force which makes it pick tiny and long pet hair. Simply because you want to buy a robot cleaner does not mean you spend all the money in purchasing any filter on the shelves. It must be worth the money and be able to meet your expectations.

ILIFE V3s features




ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5s is the upgraded version of V3s. It is fitted with some sensors that enable it to navigate freely and with ease. It can work in all kinds of floor; wood, tiles, marble and carpet floors. Unlike V3s which has mopping function, ILIFE v5s does not have it.

ILIFE V5s features




ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Battery longevity matters a lot when deciding what cleaning robot to purchase. ILIFE v8s battery lasts for two hours. V5s battery lasts for 150 minutes; this means V8s works for extra 30 minutes. V8s has a medium brush which enables it to clean the hard to reach areas. It has a powerful suction which picks all the dirt.

ILIFE V8s features



ILIFE Comparison Chart

Run-Time (minutes) 120 140 160 120 110 120
Wet Mopping ­- ­-
Noise Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet Noisy
Remote Controller
HEPA filtration
Battery capacity 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600
Min- room Technology
Weight (kg/lbs) 2.2/4.85 2.2/4.85 2.5/5.6 2/4.41 2.17/4.5 2.7
Virtual Wall Sensors _ _


30.9×7.5 cm 30.9×7.5 cm 30.5×8 cm 30×7.6 cm 30×7 cm 32×8 cm
Dust Bin Capacity 15.2/0.45 15.2/0.45 10.1/0.3 300ml 0.3 l 0.75 l
Suction Power 700 -1000 700 -1000 950 -1000 850 850 N/A

To Finish Up…

From the ILIFE Comparison Chart above, we can attest that all the six above are desirable products. With slight significant differences, it is evident that ILIFE has been consistent in improving the products in relation to the new technologies. Therefore, when purchasing any product, it is advisable to buy according to your convenience.

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