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House chores are tiresome, cumbersome and sometimes hectic, you cannot prohibit the kids from playing in the house and your pet from shading hair, it is absurd, they will still do it. Even if you stay one in the house, it will still be dirty due to the dust is blown by the wind. All in all, the house should remain clean. Everything should be in order.

There are a couple of cleaning vacuums which can help in keeping your house super clean. You cannot invite your friends in a dirty and disarranged house. You will be a laughing stalk in the town. Cleanliness gives us confidence. ILIFE A4s, ILIFE A4, ILIFE A6, ILIFE V3s, ILIFE V5s, ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaners are the best vacuum cleaners that you can trust. They produce perfect results.

In this article, I am going to review each product and provide an ILIFE Comparison Chart that shows various similarities or differences among the products.


ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4 cleans the carpet so quickly. Unlike A4s which is limited to broad carpet cleaning due to low suction power, ILIFE A4 has a dominant suction force that removes all the dust and hair stuck in the carpet. It outsmarts ILIFE A4s with tangle-free sensors which enables it to clean under the beds, chairs, and tables without hassle.

ILIFE A4 Features

  • Powerful Battery
  • Cliff Sensors
  • 3-Step Cleaning system : ILIFE A4 uses 3-step cleaning system which enables it to pick dirt, dust and the tiniest pet hair on the floor. The rotating brushes remove all the debris on its way while the side brushes get the dust on the corners and the edges. The system provides thorough cleaning.
  • Tangle Free Sensors : ILIFE A4 has tangle free sensors that keep the vacuum cleaner off the obstacles. It avoids your furniture while cleaning with no annoyance. This means it is not prone to break down and your furniture will not be broken.
  • Infrared Sensors : The sensors enable it to avoid stairs and keep off from falling. When the sensors detect a height of 8 centimeters, it chooses another path. The vacuum cleaner keeps off from hitting the stairs which may cause break down.
  • Automated Recharge : It recharges itself once the battery goes beyond 15%. It switches off the motor and starts detecting the home base to recharge. This means the user can set it to clean the room as he/she performs other duties.


  • Thorough cleaning. ILIFE A4 picks all the dirt and dust on the floor making the room clean. It has a dominant suction force which pulls the tiniest pet hair on the floor.
  • Universal. It can clean all floor types; carpets, tiles and hard floor. It smoothly navigates from floor to floor without stacking.
  • Simple set up. Use of ILIFE A4 is not complicated such that you do not require a manual for guidance. You press a button on the top of the cleaner for it to start cleaning. It has a remote control which you can use to control its movement.
  • It is designed in such a way it is eye-pleasing. It looks like a decoration in your room as it moves around while cleaning. Many people who use it have noted how attractive it is to visitors.


  • High Maintenance Cost. The HEPA filters are not washable once they are exposed to dirt. You are forced to replace them every 3 -6 months which might be very costly to some of us.
  • Docking Failure. ILIFE is designed to dock itself once the battery drains. People who have used it have complained that it fails to anchor itself. When left unattended, you find it stuck between the furniture when the battery drains.


ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4S is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner that is friendly to your pocket. It is an upgrade of ILIFE A4. It produces best results that’s the reason you should give it a trial.  It picks up to 12.9 grams per cleaning cycle which is a high amount. Though it takes a long time to clean a room, it leaves it super clean.

It is slightly shorter than ILIFE A4 with a height of three inches which enables it to penetrate under low profile furniture like coffee table, couches, beds, and shelves. ILIFE A4s is a combination of affordability and performance; you will save some money buying it and still serve you to the latter.

ILIFE A4s features

  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • HEPA filtration
  • Max cleaning mode
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Remote control
  • Mini-Room Technology : This is a feature that is suitable for people with small rooms; it helps it to save battery life; thus it can clean place for a long time. For an average vacuum cleaner, when it is switched on, it engages into rotating the brushes on the cleaning pattern until the battery runs below 15%. It shuts the motor and starts detecting a home base to recharge. The problem comes in when cleaning a small room; it runs for so long which makes the battery to degrade. ILIFE A4s eradicates this issue by reducing the time it takes to clean the room. This feature makes A4s better than ILIFE A4 which lacks mini-room technology.
  • Tangle-Free Bearing System : Unlike ILIFE A4, it has tangle free bearing system which enables it to navigate freely on the room as it cleans. This feature makes ILIFE A4s clean on the carpets without causing any damage.
  • Li-Ion battery : It has a powerful battery of 2600mAh which enables it to clean for long hours. ILIFE A4s saves time while cleaning since there are few stoppages to recharge the battery. The battery lasts for about 120 to 130 minutes. It last longer than ILIFE A4 which last for 110 to 120 minutes.
  • Dirt Bin : ILIFE A4s has a more substantial dustbin than ILIFE A6. ILIFE 4s dustbin is emptied from the back whereas that of A6 opens from the bottom making it hard to unload. A4s is much easier to unload than A6.


  • Powerful battery – It has a powerful array of 2600 mAh that enables it to last longer while cleaning. The battery saves time since it minimizes stoppages for a recharge when cleaning.
  • Long battery life spam. The min-room technology reduces the time taken by ILIFE A4s to clean a small room. This reduces the degradation of the battery making it have a long life.
  • Easy to use –Control of the ILIFE A4s is not complicated. It has a cleaning schedule of seven to one day. You can control it using the buttons on top of it.


  • ILIFE 4s cleans using a random algorithm which makes it inefficient. It can clean the same place for two or three times since it is doing it randomly.
  • It is for maintenance. ILIFE A4s cannot perform deep clean on a dirty carpet. It is suitable for cleaning a floor that is not so dirty. The suction power diminishes when cleaning dirty floors.


ILIFE A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILFE A6 is the new brand in the ILIFE A series. It is an upgrade of ILIFE A4. It has a powerful Li-Ion Battery than enables it to clean for a longer time than ILIFE A4. It also has a profound suction power to pick all the dirt and dust on the floor.

ILIFE A6 features

  • Navigation
  • HEPA filtration
  • Remote control
  • Motorized Brush : ILIFE A6 is fitted with rubber flaps that sweep dirt and debris towards the suction chamber for filtration. It is suitable for picking long hair and tiny soil particles scattered on the floor. A4s lacks the motorized brush.
  • Virtual Wall : IILIFE A6 has virtual wall sensors, unlike A4s which does not have. The virtual wall blocks it from going the off-limit areas such the garage and laundry area. These places can cause break down of the vacuum. It is a unique feature saves the user the energy of tracking the device. It is contained in the room.
  • Large Li-Ion Battery : ILIFE A6 has a powerful battery which lasts for 160 minutes, unlike the A4s battery which lasts for 120 minutes. It can clean for extra 20 minutes. The battery has improved the running time for A6. A6 users are mesmerized by this feature.
  • Navigation : A6 can move from one room to the other while cleaning. It does not require the user to ferry it from place to place. The navigation system directs the vacuum to go random direction when cleaning. This is an improvement worth noting since it is not available in A4s.


  • Thorough Cleaning. It is slightly short than A4s. A6 is short making it clean under the low-profile furniture. The shortness enables it to clean the hard to reach areas. If you, your wife or daughter has a long hair, this is the best robot cleaner to purchase. It has Gen 2 motor that provides ten times more air power when cleaning carpeted and rugged floors.
  • Long Runtime. ILIFE A6 has a powerful Li-Ion Battery that enables it to clean for a longer time than ILIFE A4s. A6 cleans for about 160 minutes before the battery dries while A4s lasts for 140 minutes.
  • Easy to use. The operation of A6 is not complicated. Anyone can do it. You press the button on top of it, and it starts cleaning. The single button on top engages it to default cleaning mode.
  • Well Furnished. It is finished with piano black and grey accents which makes it look so attractive. When cleaning in your room, it seems like one of the many decorations in the room.


  • Random navigation. It uses random navigation when cleaning which can make it clean the same place twice. It does not have dirt sensors which will make it concentrate on cleaning the dirty areas.
  • Small dust bin. ILIFE A6 has a little dustbin compared to ILIFE A4S. Its dirt bin opens from the bottom making it hard to empty. Due to the small size, the user must be present to drain it when full.
  • No dustbin indicator. It does not have a dustbin indicator to show the user when the bin is full. Due to an absence of gauge, the bin can be full and start overflowing dirtying the floor. You have to keep on checking the dustbin.


ILIFE V3S has improved features, and the price is enticing. It has improved navigation power and dominant suction force which makes it pick tiny and long pet hair. Simply because you want to buy a robot cleaner does not mean you spend all the money in purchasing any filter on the shelves. It must be worth the money and be able to meet your expectations.

ILIFE V3s features

  • Low noise
  • Large battery
  • LCD remote
  • Vacuum and mop
  • 3-inch sleek design : This feature enables ILIFE V3s to penetrate under the chair and bed making it clean the hard to reach areas. The sleek body design and the pet hair technology enable it to thoroughly clean the room saving your time.
  • Automated docks and recharge :ILIFE V3 has sensors which detect when the battery drains, and the vacuum stops the motor and embarks on recognizing the home base. Majority of the users are delighted by this feature since it saves them time. You can schedule it to clean the room as you attend other matters.
  • Front obstacle sensors : The front obstacle sensors make ILIFE V3s avoid bumping over the furniture. Once it detects the furniture, it chooses an alternative path. The RoadRover wheels enable it to navigate comfortably in the room.


  • Easy and efficient. By pressing the clean button on top of it, ILIFE V3s will embark on default cleaning. It has a remote control which enables you to control its movement.
  • Low noise. 55db around low noise when working. It provides a comfortable environment. It gives you ample time to conduct other activities. Due to the low noise, it is friendly to the pets since it does not scare them.
  • Thorough cleaning. The sleek, slim design enables it to clean under the low-profile furniture. It also has a 2600 mAh battery which lasts for 100 minutes constant cleaning.


  • Once it gets stuck on the floor, it does not have an alert alarm to notify you. You might think it is cleaning, but it got held. It should be fitted with a signal that goes on when it is stuck to seek for assistance.


ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5s is the upgraded version of V3s. It is fitted with some sensors that enable it to navigate freely and with ease. It can work in all kinds of floor; wood, tiles, marble and carpet floors. Unlike V3s which has mopping function, ILIFE v5s does not have it.

ILIFE V5s features

  • Convenient scheduling
  • Infrared sensors
  • Cliff detection sensors
  • Auto charging
  • LED indicators
  • Automatic Cleaning Mode : Unlike V3s, V5s has an automatic cleaning mode which enables it to clean the entire room. The spot cleaning mode tells V5s to concentrate on a particular dirt area. It starts by cleaning on small circles which gets bigger making the dirty surfaces to get more attention.
  • Edge Cleaning Mode : This is a feature that V3s lacks. Edge cleaning mode directs V5s to move close to the edges and wall corners to clean. You have to switch this mode on to make it clean the corners. Failure to do that, V5s will avoid the walls. Once it comes to 6 inches closer to the wall, it will turn away. The mode allows V5s to choose the nearest wall and concentrate on cleaning it until it is clean.
  • Suction Power : The vacuum has a suction power of 850pa which does more than leaving your floor super clean. The suction enables V5s to clean all dirt and pet hair. V5s can navigate on different floors that have different slopes up to 150 degrees.


  • Long battery life. ILIFEV5s has a battery of 2600 mAh which last for 150 minutes. The powerful battery enables it to clean an area of around 1600 sq. ft before recharging. The battery works best when it is charged for at least five hours. It has two charging options, the manual or the automatic charging; you can choose any of it depending on your convenience.
  • Remote controller. ILIFE V5s comes with a remote controller which enables the user to control its movement. The controller allows the user to tell the vacuum cleaner to go back to recharging once the battery drains. The user can also set its cleaning schedule.
  • Navigation. ILIFE V5s moves easily around the room while cleaning avoiding obstacles like furniture. It also navigates from room to room, so the user does not necessarily ferry it from room to room.


  • ILIFE V5s might not be perfect for cleaning thick carpets. It can easily be stuck on the carpeted making to spend a lot of time rotating in the same place causing damage on the mat.
  • ILIFE V5s battery allows it to clean for 150 minutes, but the water tank last for 45 minutes. It cannot mop the floor for more than 45 minutes. This is an area that needs to be improved. A big water tank can make it mop for a longer time.


ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Battery longevity matters a lot when deciding what cleaning robot to purchase. ILIFE v8s battery lasts for two hours. V5s battery lasts for 150 minutes; this means V8s works for extra 30 minutes. V8s has a medium brush which enables it to clean the hard to reach areas. It has a powerful suction which picks all the dirt.

ILIFE V8s features

  • Larger HEPA filters
  • Automatic recharging
  • Anti-tangle floating suction nozzle
  • Dropping water tank
  • I-move navigation system
  • 2-in-1 Cleaning : It performs dry sweeping, wet mopping using the anti-tangle floating suction nozzle and the dropping water tank. It navigates easily in the room since it has i-move navigation system which allows it to route plan for excellent results. This is a feature that is not found in ILIFE V5s.
  • Customized Scheduling : The customized scheduling allows V8s user to set cleaning time when he/she will be available. It enables V8s to clean the room even if in the absence of the owner. It has LCD and mechanical keys that makes the user control it easily.
  • Full Set of Sensors : ILIFE V8s is equipped with 11 sets of obstacle avoidance sensors and three sets of floor sensors that enable it to navigate from carpeted floor to marble or hard floor. V8s is suitable for cleaning all types of floor. It sweeps and mops your floor at once.


  • Self-charging. V8s can recharge itself when the battery drains. You only need to set the home base plugged in power. It will automatically detect it and dock itself.
  • Large water tank. Unlike V5s which has a small water tank for mopping, V8s has a large dropping water tank which enables it to mop the floor longer than V5s.
  • Large dustbin. V8s has a large dustbin of 750 ml which lets it accommodate more thrash than V5s. It saves you the burden of regular checking and emptying. You do not need to be there for it to clean.


  • Noisy. ILIFE V8s is a little bit loud compared to V5s. The high suction force makes it noisy. Some users have complained that it can wake a sleeping child.

ILIFE Comparison Chart

Run-Time (minutes) 120 140 160 120 110 120
Wet Mopping ­- ­-
Noise Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet Noisy
Remote Controller
HEPA filtration
Battery capacity 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600
Min- room Technology
Weight (kg/lbs) 2.2/4.85 2.2/4.85 2.5/5.6 2/4.41 2.17/4.5 2.7
Virtual Wall Sensors _ _


30.9×7.5 cm 30.9×7.5 cm 30.5×8 cm 30×7.6 cm 30×7 cm 32×8 cm
Dust Bin Capacity 15.2/0.45 15.2/0.45 10.1/0.3 300ml 0.3 l 0.75 l
Suction Power 700 -1000 700 -1000 950 -1000 850 850 N/A

To Finish Up…

From the ILIFE Comparison Chart above, we can attest that all the six above are desirable products. With slight significant differences, it is evident that ILIFE has been consistent in improving the products in relation to the new technologies. Therefore, when purchasing any product, it is advisable to buy according to your convenience.

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