Karcher vs Ryobi vs Generac vs Greenworks vs Simpson Pressure Washer

Ever found yourself having to deal with the worst cleaning jobs? You may have tried to find a powerful pressure washer to blast away dirt, debris, and molds. It may also be quite tricky to acquire the best pressure washer for your home. Pressure washers work by adding air to the water supply to increase the speeds to provide a clean environment.

The main feature to consider when purchasing a pressure washer is the PSI. This review will look at and compare the characteristics of five pressure washers:  Karcher vs Ryobi vs Generac vs Greenworks vs Simpson Pressure Washer to help you make a more informed decision when shopping for a pressure washer.

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Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer 2000 PSI TruPressure

Karcher K2000

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The K2000 Electric Pressure Washer not only offers one of the best cleaning performance but the ease of use. The washer is driven by a rugged induction motor to provide 2000 PSI to ensure a very high level of cleaning power. The K2000 comes with the following features to make it your ideal cleaning companion for your outdoor cleaning;

With the K2000 you will not need to keep bending over to turn it on or off. You can quickly turn the K2000 Pressure Washer by stepping on the foot pedal that comes with it. With the footswitch, you can instantly switch the washer off and on when you need to.

When the work is done, and you are wondering how to store the hose as neatly as possible. The K2000 comes with a built-in pressurized hose reel that neatly stores the 25-inch thermoplastic hose. It provides proper storage so that you are not stressed out about how the 25 inch will stay.

The K2000 pressure washer comes with two removable 0.5-gallon detergent tanks. When you need to switch detergents to suit your needs you merely use the tank selector knob.  The detergent tanks are removable ensuring that it is easy when you need to clean them or refill them with your favorite detergent.

The K2000 pressure washer comes with a variety of accessories that need to be stored well as soon as the cleaning process is over. The appliance comes with a hefty removable storage bin that can hold accessories or your items. It also has a cord storage that offers complete cord management.



Some customers are disappointed that some of their existing Karcher tools cannot be connected to the K2000 and are therefore forced to purchase new appliances.

Ryobi RY14122 Electric Power Washer

Ryobi RY14122

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The Ryobi 1700-PSI Pressure Washer is made to handle even the worst cleaning jobs. It comes with a 13 Amperes Electric Motor to deliver a force of 1700 Psi to clean all the areas of your home.  Like the Karcher K2000, it has a design that allows it to transport easily. Other characteristics include;

The Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI is a lightweight pressure washer weighing about 30 pounds. It mounts on a two-wheel metal cart that prevents it from tipping. With these features, the Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI is easy to transport.

The Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI comes with 13 Ampere Electric Motor that makes it quite powerful. With this power, it will provide you enough force to clean all the windows and other areas around your home. The 13 amperes motor provides consistent power that will ensure you complete your cleaning activities with the same power.

This Ryobi comes with a turbo nozzle that provides an extra 50 percent cleaning power that also gives the spray the characteristic spray pattern. The turbo nozzle gives the Ryobi the extra force that will remove all the tough and stubborn debris.



Generac 6922 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac 6922

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The Generac 6922 Pressure Washer provides 2800 PSI powered by a sturdy Generac OHV horizontal shaft. It comes with a quick-change nozzle tip, to provide different angles and one nozzle that is dedicated for soap application. Each nozzle snaps on quickly, limiting the downtime between cleaning tasks.  Some of its other characteristics include;

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Generac come with cushion grip handle that improves comfort during cleaning. You can also hold the easy-to-pull spray trigger with minimal effort helping you to minimize fatigue. This pressure washer features user-friendly controls all in one single location – including on/off, choke and fuel shutoff.

Generac designed the residential power washers with never-flat wheels for easy maneuverability. It is always easy to move this pressure washer regardless of the terrain. Maneuverability with this pressure washer is easy. The engine and pump are almost perfectly balanced over the axle for almost effortless maneuverability. Another feature that improves its mobility is the 10-inch never-flat wheels help you move across any terrain.

Because every Generac residential power washer features a Generac OHV horizontal-shaft engine, the pump is well above the ground at the same level as the engine, making hose connections a snap.

Generac designed the spray gun with ergonomics in mind. The cushion grip improves comfort during cleaning. And you can hold the easy-to-pull spray trigger with minimal effort, reducing fatigue.

The 25-foot high-pressure hose connects to the back of the spray gun, making it simple to get to hard-to-reach areas without straining. If you are cleaning a more extensive space within your home, the long cord provides you with the ability to pressure wash all the areas you have identified easily


The Generac 6922 2,800 PSI is lightweight at 65 it is easy to handle.  Customers say that it is easy to carry it up and downstairs, to clean all the areas of your home. Even on days, they have chosen to do deep cleaning you do not strain moving your most useful washing companion around your household.

The power washer is powered by a powerful Generac OHV and has been praised by customers for its power.  Its engine provides ample power for all its applications. The Generac provides consistent power throughout the cleaning period.


Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW1501

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The Pressure Washer provides a wide range of systems; the corded and cordless tools are available on offer. With the corded Lawn System, it offers an array of tools for efficiency and quick cleaning. It is easy to use even for the first time of use. The Greenworks 1500 PSI also comes with other characteristics that include;

The pressure washer comes with a 13-ampere universal motor to provide consistent power. The universal motor is water resistant to provide it with durability to ensure that you use it for an extended period without having to replace it.

The GreenWorks is ideal for Light to Mid Duty Applications. This GreenWorks pressure washer is perfect for many applications including cleaning windows and other areas around the house. It comes with multiple quick connect nozzles to ensure that you can clean all the surfaces of your home.

GreenWorks is an active and participating member of the PWMA that was established in 1997 to set standards for pressure washers made for household, consumer, commercial or farm use. Participation requires manufacturers to adhere to the Performance Verification Program, which is independently controlled by 3rd Party to ensure maximum pressure and water flow are verified.

The pressure washer comes with quick connect nozzles. It has 25 degrees and 40 degrees Quick Connect Nozzles to accommodate any job.



Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S Axial Cam Pump

Simpson MSH3125-S

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When you need a gas pressure washer that is both durable yet lightweight, the Simpson MSH3125-S might be the right choice for you. The Simpson Cleaning Pressure Washer is lightweight and provides comfortable transportation because of its compact construction. With onboard storage for the hose, spray gun, the wand, and nozzles. The pressure washer has a powerful engine and multiple spray tips. Other characteristics;

The Simpson pressure washer comes with powerful Honda engine provides reliability to complete your cleaning task. The appliance offers consistent cleaning power throughout the cleaning process.

The ergonomic spray gun with safety lockout is designed to provide support and control. The spray gun is designed to ensure that anyone who is cleaning your home surfaces is always comfortable and is easy to control. The spray gun provides one with ease of control even for a first customer.

The pressure washer features 10-inch Pneumatic tires for ease of movement. With these tires, you can move your pressure washer around regardless of the terrain. It is also lightweight so that when moving it around is hassle free

The pressure washer comes with Pro-Style Spray Gun & Wand. The five pro-style quick connect nozzles for almost any cleaning task. You have numerous cleaning tasks. The Simpson pressure provides quickly combines vents for all your needs. Each of the nozzles delivers efficiently to all your cleaning needs



Karcher vs Ryobi vs Generac vs Greenworks vs Simpson Pressure Washers Compared














1700 2800 1500


PWMA certified






13 amp motor

13 amp motor Gas 13 amp motor



Final Thoughts:

From the above comparisons, we can observe that the Simpson Pressure Washer maker stand out among the others. This is mainly because of production of more efficient tools and incorporation of the latest technologies. Their devices are top class and edge the others in terms of high mobility, good comfort and control.

However, the other makers also produce highly efficient tools and when purchasing one, take your time to consider the features so that you can come up with the best washer for you. The best pressure washer should leave your house completely clean.

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