Miele vs Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

Miele and Electrolux are well-established vacuum cleaner manufacturers. They produce a range of top products for either residential or commercial use. They use the latest technologies to provide the best products in the market. With many products to choose from in the market, they are what you need for your use.

To get the best, you need to compare Miele vs Electrolux vacuum cleaners before making a purchase. There are many dynamics in which the products differ, and this article brings you to light. Here are some of the top products that might serve you well.

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Miele Models

1. Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum

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This is a phenomenal vacuum in the Miele S2 series. Unlike other similar products, it has far-reaching benefits enjoyed by the users. It is made of uncompromised high quality for maximum performance.

About the Miele S2121 

All these are unique features that can rarely be found in other canister vacuum cleaners. So, what makes this cleaner a top product for you?

If you a homeowner that wants the thorough floor, carper, or rug cleaning, this might be a great addition. The turbo brush has a rotating roller that loosens dirt or pet hair from the surface to ease cleaning. This brush also collects thread and lint in the process.

When you have been facing allergens arising from cleaning, this is an excellent remedy for you.  The bag locks in hair, dirt, and dust to prevent you from contacting the allergens. It is necessary for effective cleaning and waste disposal since the collected debris are quickly emptied.

The VarioClip holds a variety of accessories such as crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. This enables the owner to cruise through unreachable parts for ideal cleaning. The accessories make it easy to access every portion of the surface as well as delicate items.

Ask for a tremendous suction tool, and I will show you this canister cleaner. With easily adjustable power selector, you can choose the required power level to clean. Since different surfaces such as carpets and rug require different power, you don’t risk damaging any of them.

A rusty device is a complete turnoff for the user. No one wants to have a filthy material, and that’s why Miele decided to go for the stainless wand. The wand gives an operating radius of 29.5 feet, offering the operator an easy encounter. The stainless steel material guarantees you a long-life usage.



2. Miele S7280 Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S7280 Jazz Upright Vacuum

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An upright cleaner is more natural to use than most robotic, and canister models, and so is the Miele S7280. Made in an ergonomic design, what more do we know about it?

The upright model can offer us something different from the canister, given the differences in cleaning mode and shape.

Top features of the Miele S7280 Vacuum

This technology is the most outstanding feature of this device. It features a flexible swivel joint that steers the upright cleaner in hard-clean surfaces taking out dirt. This enables you to clean under the furniture without having to move them. This control and versatility give the upright vacuum a phenomenal addition.

It is neither short for tall people nor is it too large for shot people. Since it is adjustable to the preferred height, anyone can use it. It avoids the risks of body strain and since all you need is to set the most suitable height.

The HEPA filter acts as a remedy to the ever allergic reactions arising from dust or hair. To make sure that the allergens don’t find a way into your body, Miele included this feature. Now, neither you nor will your family mind sanitizing the floor surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner can attract the dirt, hair and dust particles and pass them to a collection surface. The suction power takes out debris from the most deep pile carpets ensuring a thorough cleaning exercise.

This model is suitable for both commercial and residential use courtesy of its cleaning radius. It can capture take out dirt higher than many upright models, therefore, offering the ultimate cleaning experience.



3. Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum

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Robotic vacuums are different from the stick, upright, and canister counterparts. They differ in design, and if you might need one, then the Miele Scout RX1 is an ideal option.

About the Miele Scout RX1

With advanced technologies, the Miele RX1 is creating an enabling environment in the cleaning industry. These smart features make this cleaner a real “robot”;

Triple Cleaning System. This tool has two front-side brushes that rotate while collecting dirt from the floor surface. It has also had side brushes that keep the surface thoroughly clean. The dirt is then attracted by a turbo brush with high suction power and compiled into a dustbin.

This robotic vacuum gives you several cleaning modes with remote control. These modes are;

Turbo mode. It is a relatively faster mode. It creates more significant gaps between the cleaning lines before returning to the base.

Corner mode. The vacuum cleans all corners in an auto mode program.

Auto mode. Cleans each part of the floor up to 1600 sq. ft.

Spot mode. It reaches up to six sq. Ft.

Remote control. The user can direct the Scout using the remote.

The Scout has an intelligent navigation mechanism that detects its movement and position to prevent a messy affair. This system is designed in a way that it can’t miss parts of your floors while cleaning. The Gyro sensor creates a cleaning path and is very consistent to avoid collisions with furniture or walls.

This is a unique feature found at the top of the vacuum. The camera maps the area thus enabling the vacuum to identify done areas to avoid repetition.



Miele Vacuum Cleaner Comparable Features

Miele S2121 canister Miele S7280 upright Miele RX1 robotic
Weight (pounds) 18 20 6
Technology SwivelNeck Technology Gyro Sensor technology
Warranty (yrs) 7 7
AirClean Sealed System
LED light
Cleaning Area 29.5 ft. radius 54 ft. radius 6400 sq. Ft.


Electrolux Models

1. Electrolux EL4335B Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux EL4335B Canister Vacuum

Click image to See Electrolux EL4335B on AMAZON

Multi-tasking has been a challenge to many people. The utensils are in the sink, you have not prepared the breakfast, and the kids need to be driven to school. Electrolux El4335B Canister Vacuum Cleaner will help you with the cleaning. It provides the best results everywhere.

It has on/off switch, a 3-level height adjustment suction power that allows the person cleaning the house to reduce suction to clean curtains and fabric.

The vacuum cleaner allows the cleaner to adjust the height of Electrolux EL4335B Canister Vacuum. It makes it easy to clean all the surfaces – hard floors, tiles and carpeted floors. It also provides excellent results in delicate curtains and fabric. It removes all the stains even pet hair on the floor.

Electrolux El 4335B can switch on and off the Brushroll when cleaning. It saves the cleaner time since it removes all the tangles from the brush roll. Dust and debris are often pushed away from the vacuum before it is suctioned. Switching off/On of the brush roll enables it to suction and easily clean hard floors.

Electrolux El 4335B Canister Vacuum enables you to move from room to room. It is lightweight allowing you to climb up and down the stairs. It weighs 11.6 pounds. This makes it easy for even an old person or a child to clean since they can get comfortable carry it.

As you clean your room, Electrolux El 4335B Canister Vacuum turns with easy to avoid hitting furniture and the staircase. It has large rear wheels, and its center of gravity is very low for easy turning. It moves with ease since the wheels are well structured to rotate without hugging.



2. Electrolux EL8802A Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux EL8802A Upright Vacuum

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There are various Vacuums out there with different features. The best cleaning vacuum should be less costly and lightweight for you to carry it from one room to another. You need to clean all the rooms, so portability of the vacuum is crucial. Also, the maneuverability of the vacuum as you clean the room should be considered.

Electrolux EL 8802A Upright Vacuum Cleaner moves swiftly as you clean the room. It also cleans all the debris and dust on the floor. It has the following features.

Electrolux EL 8802A Upright Vacuum Cleaner cleans all types of floors. It is not designed to clean a specific floor. Once you buy, it will be universal to all levels. The hard floors, carpeted floors or where there are tiles.

The brushroll removes all the tangles and dust glue with a simple touch of the button. It saves you time to clean it. The brush roll has the right power and size.

The hose is so long such that you don’t need to move the vacuum cleaner to clean a particular area. Moving from corner to corner while cleaning is cumbersome and tiresome. The movement can also cause breaking down of the vacuum especially when you are cleaning stairs. With this vacuum cleaner, you leave it on the floor.

Electrolux EL 8802A Upright Vacuum Cleaner removes all the debris and dust including the pet hair. The multi-cyclonic suctions do not lose the suction power. In conjunction with brushroll technology, it deposits the suctioned hair into the dust cup.



3. Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B and Handheld Vacuum

Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B and Handheld Vacuum

Click image to See Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B on AMAZON

If you intend to walk home with a cleaning vacuum that will solve your cleaning worries, Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B and handheld vacuum is your thing. It has all that you are looking for.

The battery supports it to work for long hours without charging. It cleans all types of floors producing excellent results. The battery is designed in such a way it works for long hours and charges very fast. Use of Electrolux Erforapido EL2055B and handheld vacuum saves you time since you do not have to charge now and then. The battery provides the required energy to rotate the brushes hence it cleans to the perfection.

Electrolux Erforapido EL2055B and handheld vacuum turn easily when cleaning thus making you use little energy. You can clean many rooms as possible since low power is required. It shifts smoothly when avoiding furniture to avoid damage to your couches, coffee table, and bed.

It can stand on its own allowing you to clean the floor, stairs and the crevices since it has motorized brush roll. A crevice tool and the dusting can is on the handle making it easy for you to clean flat surfaces. It stands on its own when left.



Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Comparable Features

  Electrolux EL4335B Canister Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux EL8802A Upright Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B and Handheld Vacuum
Battery voltage 10.8 V
Run time Up to 20 minutes
Weight 11.6 lbs 13 lbs 5.5 lbs
Demonstrations 11.5 x 13 x 20 in 11 x 15 x 14.5 in 5.5 x 10.5 x 42.5 in
Brushroll Self-cleaning  Self-cleaning Self-cleaning
LED light

Miele vs Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners – The Conclusion

There are a lot of comparable features between the two vacuum cleaner makers. Although both manufacturers make quality, reliable tools, the Miele models edge the Electrolux models in a few dynamics.

Each maker will provide products that give the value of your money. This is achievable if you know what you want and do your homework well. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and you need a product that will give back your investment.

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