Oreck vs Shark Steam Mop: Which is Better?

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Oreck vs Shark Steam Mop – Which is Better?

Cleaning floors can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have the right cleaner. However, with the Oreck or Shark steam mop, you are guaranteed of exceptional cleaning experience. Both cleaners are designed to be lightweight but with commercial grade power. Although they might have some similarities, there are a lot of aspects that distinguish them, and this guide will explore each of the individual aspects to simplify your purchasing decision.

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Qualities To Look Out For In A Steam Mop

For a long time steam has been used to clean and sanitize. Steam cleaning technique has been revitalized around the world thanks to its ability to effectively clean and sanitize using water while eliminating any harsh chemicals. If high-quality steam mops are used properly, they can get rid of odor-causing bacteria on any hard surface, and this leaves your home clean and deodorized.

Below are some of the qualities you should look out for in a good steam mop.

  • Scent

If you love the burst of freshness, you should consider settling for a steam mop that accepts scent disks. The disk scents are placed into a scent disk holder where they are used to provide burst of freshness when steaming.

  • Water Reservoir

Water reservoirs come in different designs, sizes and shapes. Going for mops with a large reservoir means that you can clean longer before refilling and this saves time. Also, some models have removable tanks while others have fixed reservoirs. Settling for those with fixed tanks means that you’ll have to fill the tank by brining water from the sink constantly.

  • Scrubbing Ability

Most steam mops are designed with pads attached to the mops head which help to stick messes as well as capture and loosen dirt. A steam mop pad isn’t a scrubber, and if there are any tough messes stuck on the floor, the cleaner will have a hard time removing. Therefore, it is important that you go for mops with built-in scrubbers or those that have accessories for scrubbing.

  • Cleaning Path

The good thing about settling for mops with a wider cleaning path is that you will cover more floor space in a short time. It’s also important that the mop you choose distributes steam to the entire head. A steam mop with more jets is likely to evenly apply steam to your floor for an excellent cleaning result. A wider head provides a wider cleaning path, and this reduces the time it takes to clean your floor.

Comparable Features

Oreck Steam-It Shark Professional Steam Mop
Dimensions               45.5 x 10.3 x 4.6″              11.02″ x 6.69″ x 28.74″
Weight 10 pounds 4.8 pounds
Steam control Controlled Digital
Warranty One year One year
Pad material Microfiber pad Microfiber pad
Scent disk
Two sided-cleaning

What You Should Know About The Oreck Steam Mop

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop, Steam100LRH

One of the cool aspects about the Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop is that it uses low-pressure steam to get rid of grime and dirt. Also, the steam cleaner provides a cost-effective, safe and easy way to get a deep clean without having to use detergents or chemicals.

Once you’ve added close to a litre of water into the no-spill chamber then heat up for less than a minute you will be creating a low- moisture, high-temperature dry steam that cleans hard floor surfaces. Steam moping easily clears grime or dirt away. It comes with a one year warranty, a 4-piece attachment kit and four washable microfiber bonnets which make it tough for everyday use.

  • An All-Purpose Cleaning Wand

Oreck isn’t just a steam mop, but it’s also a full-powered vacuum. The 2-in-1 cleaning system covers grout, tile, bath fixtures and windows. Also, it provides a portable, easy and natural way to clean without having to buy replacement cleaning pads or using detergents.

  • A Wider Cleaning Path

One of the things that most homeowners love about the Oreck steam mop is the eleven and a half cleaning path which covers a large area but still offers easier manoeuvrability to clean the hard to reach areas. Also, you can easily sanitize surfaces by focusing steam on a specific area for over six seconds, and this offers safety and sanitization without the use of chemicals.


Easy To Use When Cleaning

The Oreck steam cleaner features easy to use fingertip control plus you’ll never have to replace the washable, reusable microfiber cleaning pads. If you prefer cleaning with your towel, then the steam cleaner comes with clips to easily attach them. Also, it comes with four cleaning attachments, a squeegee, steam head, spot brush and utility tool which offer exceptional cleaning result on any surface. You can operate the cleaner upside down to clean ceiling fans and windows without fear of spillage. The steam mop is not only durable for everyday use but lightweight for easy operation.

Exceptional Cleaning Performance

This steam cleaner has a superb cleaning performance especially when it comes to spills forgotten temporarily or those spread under the table and chair. It excelled at cleaning mustard mess which is one of the things that most competing products struggle to achieve. The steam cleaner comes with a large water tank which results in a long run-time which is ideal if you are working on a big cleaning project.

Incredible Design

One of the features that stand out in the Oreck steam mop is the adjustable steam levels that help you get what you need from the mop. Lower steam levels are great for every day, maintenance-type cleaning while the higher levels are great for removing tough set-in spills. The cleaner can stand on its own which makes it easier to store or temporarily step out of a project when you need to.

Multiple Accessories

The Oreck steam mop is a superb multitasking tool since it comes with different accessories for exceptional cleaning results. For instance, a squeeze mop makes it easier to clean mirrors and windows while the carpet glide comes in handy if you are looking to freshen up the carpet with the steam cleaner. Also, there are other smaller brushes included which facilitate cleaning shower walls and stovetops. With the right attachment, it can tackle clothing and upholstery.


Can Be Heavy At Times

The overall weight and the large water tank makes the cleaner seem a little heavy at times. When the tank is full, it is a little heavy especially when you are trying to get the mop through the tightest area of an obstacle course.

Difficult to keep the cleaning pads in Place

It can sometimes prove difficult to keep the cleaning pads in place. There are also other customers who think that the clips on the mop head seemed hard to manage but seemed to stay in place once moistened on a few tests. 

A Closer Look At The Shark Professional Steam Mop

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

Cleaning your home is a tough task, but this burden can be relieved if you have the right cleaning machine. The Shark professional steam mop is lightweight and easy to use which makes it a great tool for all your cleaning needs.

  • Steam Flow

Steam flow plays an important role in the overall functionality of the Shark steam mop. Since the mop is designed with a digital control button to select your desired steam flow, you can easily settle on the one that suits your cleaning requirements. The different selection options include scrub, mop, and dust. In the case of daily cleaning, you should go for the mop or dust steam flow options. If you are looking to remove the sturdy and heavy stain, then scrub steam is your best bet.

  • Microfiber Pads

Shark steam mop comes with a dual-sided cleaning microfiber pads which are fabricated in rectangular and triangular shapes. The triangular shaped pads are ideal if you want to reach and clean corners and other small regions while the rectangular designs are perfect for cleaning a large area.


XL Water Capacity

The Shark professional steam pocket mop features an extra large capacity tank which makes it easier to clean your room without having to refill the tank constantly. Also, the tank capacity saves time and energy while producing exceptional cleaning results.

99% Sanitization

When using the steam pocket cleaner, you are guaranteed of impressive results, and you will hardly have any chemical staining issues. The steam is powerful enough to handle stubborn stains and doesn’t leave any chemical damage to your softwood flooring or tiled surface. This is the reason why it comes highly recommended for general purpose cleaning around your home.

3 Control Levels

Unlike most steam cleaners the Shark professional steam mop features three steam control levels for a variety of floors. You can choose between scrub, mop and dust to give your desired amount of steam for a particular task. “Scrub” is meant for dried-on and sticky mess, “mop” is ideal for linoleum, tile and marble floors. The “dust” option comes in handy if you are doing light cleaning around your home


Doesn’t Have A Manual Control

The shark steam mop doesn’t have manual control, and this means that it isn’t possible to directly alter the amount of steam coming out of the mop.

Can’t Stand On Its Own

There are clients who’ve found the steam cleaner uncomfortable to use since it can’t stand up on its own which is due to the loose hinge that connects the mop to the steamer. This means that you can’t take a break without finding a place to lean it against.

Oreck vs Shark Steam Mop – Final Thoughts

Both Oreck and Shark work well on hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. Most people love the removable canister on the Shark which can be used to clean other areas apart from the floors. However, with Oreck you can use your towel, and it’s easier to switch cleaning cloths. Both steam mops are great for cleaning floors, and accessory and your decision should be based on the features that you believe will make your cleaning experience better.

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