3 Best Steam Cleaners for Walls and Ceilings 2019

Nearly everyone has heard of steam cleaners for floors, but did you know that you can also use different types of steam cleaners for walls and ceilings? As a home owner, you’re going to notice an abundance of dirt build up in the areas that you don’t regularly clean.

This is especially true for people with children and pets. Walls and ceilings can attract a variety of different types of grime, especially when you think about the amount of times people touch the walls in high traffic areas. If you’re one of the many home owners that’s beginning to wonder how they can clean all areas of their home, it’s time to find steam cleaners for walls and ceilings.

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The Top Steam Cleaners for Walls and Ceilings

We’ve constructed a great list of useful steam cleaners for walls and ceilings to help you choose the right model for your home. Each has their own list of benefits for you to use to your advantage if you’re looking for something to get rid of dirt that would otherwise be forgotten. 

#1. Sienna Eco Pro

Sienna Eco Pro - The Best Steam Cleaners for Walls and Ceilings

The Sienna Eco Pro is an all-inclusive steam cleaner that helps you clean a variety of different surfaces, whether you need to clean your floors or the corners of your ceiling. With its user-friendly design and controls, steam cleaning walls and ceilings has never been easier.


#2. Bissell Hercules

As a company that is known for their cleaning products, Bissell has also created a steam cleaner that is great for walls and ceilings. Although it does not offer as many features at the Sienna Eco Pro, it is still a convenient and easy-to-use unit that you can keep around your home.

BISSELL BigGreen Hercules - Candidate for The Best Steam Cleaners for Walls and Ceilings

Originally designed for industrial purposes, you can rest assured that the Bissell Hercules will work with any type of dirt that you find on your walls and on your ceilings. Plus, it has a similar canister design to the Sienna Eco Pro so you don’t have to worry about lifting a water tank and cleaning attachment to get to hard-to-reach areas.


#3. ANKO Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Handheld ANKO Multi-Purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaner - Candidate for The Steam Cleaners for Walls and Ceilings

The ANKO Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner is unique in its own right because it gives you a convenient solution to tackling smaller areas of dirt without having to use a large steam cleaner. As a handheld unit that offers convenience and portability, it’s the type of tool that you can either keep in your home or bring with you on trips. Don’t let its size fool you – as it’s power and ease of use is nothing to be threatened. With additional accessories, impressive safety features, and versatility, it’s certainly one of the front-runners when looking at steam cleaners for walls and ceilings.


Comparable Features

Sienna Eco Pro Bissell Hercules ANIKO Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
Water Tank Capacity 50.7 Fluid Ounces 50 Fluid Ounces 200ml
Adjustable Steam Pressure N/A
Adjustable Heat Settings N/A
Included Attachments
Auto Shut-Off

What to Look for in Steam Cleaners for Walls and Ceilings

You might be thinking that it would be relatively difficult to use your traditional steam cleaner on the walls, especially when they’re designed to be used vertically rather than upside down and horizontally. You’d be right! If you need to steam clean your walls and ceilings, you’re going to have to find models with special features, including:

Our Favorite Steam Cleaner for Walls and Ceilings

At the end of the day it’s important that you not only have a device that is all-inclusive, but that is affordable and offers the perfect amount of features to get the job done. This is why we prefer the Sienna Eco Pro to any other steam cleaner for walls and ceilings on the market. It gives you the perfect level of power, the right amount of water storage in the water tank, and the ability to kill 99.9% of odor and virus causing bacteria without the need for chemicals.

Users will be able to easily adjust the steam pressure to protect the delicate surfaces of their home. You also have the ability to turn on the soft touch feature for when you’re dealing with said surfaces. It essentially has everything that you could ever need in a steam cleaner.

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