Steam Cleaning the Carpet, Floors, Your Home, and Car (TIPS & TRICKS)

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Cleanliness is vital and next to Godliness. Whether at home, work or anywhere else, almost everyone undertakes some form steam cleaning for their items, but how effective is it? How can people improve their steam cleaning practices? In this article, I am going to take you through the best steam cleaning tips for you.

Steam cleaning is perhaps the most effective cleaning method for both commercial and residential purposes. Indoor steam cleaning applies to most household items such as carpets, floors, tiles, curtains, mattresses, furniture, ovens, showers, and windows.

It also applies outdoors, such as steam cleaning auto, car seats, car interior, and even auto detailing. There are various steam cleaning machines favorable for these jobs and most of them are made effectively to assure the cleaner maximum results.

Steam Cleaning the Carpet

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Steam Cleaning Carpet

The carpet is notorious for accumulating lot of dirt, dust and other particles. This calls for constant steaming to take out any form of dirt. All you need is a suitable carpet steamer to do the task. To clean the carpet, it is essential to sweep out all solid particles before steaming. If you need not interfere with other household items, it is advisable to perform the job outdoors.

Below are some of steam cleaning carpet tips

  • Vacuum the carpet: After you have put the carpet at a strategic cleaning surface, pass a vacuum over it. The purpose of this is to suck out all dirt and dust particles on the carpet. The end result will be a cleaner carpet.
  • Remove any stains before cleaning: Before you start steam cleaning the carpet, it is necessary to take out all the spots on the carpet. That might be pet waste, spilled drinks or anything that causes stains. The best way to remove stains is by using carpet stain removal products.
  • Fill the steam cleaner with water: Fill the cleaner with water and adjust the required temperature to form steam. All steam cleaners require enough amounts of water to perform the task. Little water can destroy the cleaner and hence you need to be careful.
  • Begin cleaning from the corner of the carpet: The most effective way of cleaning is starting at the corners. Since the machines are different, use the cleaning tool as required. They are either designed to pull or push around, thus necessary to read instructions.
  • Switch on the cleaner: The cleaner pours steam on the carpet and sucks the dirty water leaving the carpet clean
  • Formulate a cleaning pattern: To avoid repetition or missing out some parts, devise a formula to follow all through, and that can involve cleaning in lines. As you pass the machine, use moderate speed.
  • Rinse the carpet: The carpet ought to be rinsed with running water. This is necessary if you used soap on the carpet. This is the final cleaning step of the carpet.
  • Allow the carpet to dry: You can dry the carpet on direct sunlight. Ensure that all water and moisture dry up before returning it into the house. You can also add air refreshers if it has some bad odor.

To achieve success, having the necessary tools is important, and that means reliable steam cleaners. There are many brands out there, but you need trusted cleaners.

For example, Hoover, BISSELL, Shark, and McCulloch steam cleaners are some of the many carpet steam cleaner makers available. These brands offer reliable services to carpet cleaners whether for residential or commercial purposes.

Below is an example of the best steam cleaners in the industry

  • BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine
BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine
Click image for more info

This carpet steam is designed for home. You can even use it for commercial purpose. The machine has powerful motors and an extra-large brush that pulls out the deeply the embedded dirt.

Its powerful suction power makes it to deep clean your carpet. it has two simple tasks that keep the clean and dirty water separate for easy cleanup. It is made of durable and high-quality materials for a sturdy material. The machine will serve you for longer time if you maintain it.

  • Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet
Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet
Click image for more info

Pet hair and dust are regular guests in our carpet. They tend to embedded on the carpet and removing them is not an easy job. However, Hoover with Fh50251Pc Power Scrub Elite Pet, they have nowhere to hide. The steam cleaner is designed for an improved cleaning performance and superior drying.

Many steam cleaners leave behind dampness that make carpets to have bad odor. With Hoover with Fh50251Pc Power Scrub Elite Pet, the steamed carpet dries in less than 45 minutes. The carpet dries quickly thus no need to wipe it in order to dry.

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Steam Cleaning for Floors

Steam Cleaning for Wood and Hardwood floors

hardwood floors

Although steam cleaners are not the best tools for hardwood floors, they are still useful. The major shortcoming is that they squeeze hot water onto the hardwood surface causes cupping can leads damage in the long run. Before using a steam cleaner on hardwood, make sure the floor is sealed.

Also, do not use a steam cleaner on a worn-out hardwood floor. The worn-out parts lets in steam that is not good for the floor. Canister and upright steam cleaners are the most useful for hardwood floors.

Steps to Steam Cleaning for Hardwood Floors

  • Check the steamer: A steamer for hardwood must be at the right state, with a reusable filter and is simple to fill and empty. Also, check its sturdiness and if it has all the required attachments.
  • Vacuum the floor: Before bringing in the steam cleaner, pass a vacuum over the floor to remove any dirt on the surface. Robotic vacuum cleaners are well suited for that job.
  • Get an ideal cleaning solution: The floor might have some bad odor or stains and steam alone cannot work. It is therefore advisable to find a cleaning solution with neutral PH. To remove stink and bad odor, try Stink Free Clean Stain Remover products.
  • Fill the water canister and add the cleaning solution: Heat the mixture to form steam and start cleaning. Push the steam cleaner over the floor while releasing steam. Pull the cleaner to allow the cleaning pad take out all grime.
  • Clean the floor from one corner to the other until it is overly clean

When doing this process, you have to take maximum care since not all steam cleaners deliver on hardwood floors. The BISSELL has great models (PowerFresh 1940 and Symphony 1132A). Other hardwood steam cleaner makers include the O-Cedar, Shark, Hoover, and Perego. They are the most preferred steam cleaners well-known for delivering results while keeping your floor safe from damage. When Steam Cleaning Wood Floors, avoid using a lot of water to prevent any form of damage.

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Steam Cleaning Laminate Floors

laminate floor

You love your laminate floor, then give it an ultimate treatment, and this is none other than the perfect steam clean. Steaming a laminate floor is not only important for hygiene but also ideal to its durability.

Just like hardwood floors, they require some level of attention and care while cleaning. Planks might have spaces in between themselves and getting in a lot of water is not recommended. Also, using detergents might dull the floor. Therefore, try to stick to the steam only.

Here are some of the tricks to ensure maximum cleanliness.

  • Vacuum the floor to remove debris
  • Clean the microfiber pad before using it on the floor
  • Place the mop central to any spot for a few seconds to allow steam break down the particles.
  • Always rinse the cleaner fibers after every clean to remove any dirt particles

Steam Cleaning Tile and Grout

Tile Flooring

Cleaning tiles and grout has never been a walk in the park. It is tedious and boring especially when the tiles have stains. Steam cleaning grout and tile has revolutionized the process. The tiles have to been clean, you want them tidy and clean for you want to wow the visitors, then a steam cleaner is the best way.

The reason is that steam cleaners break the dirt easily and sanitize the floor thoroughly. If you have a problem with pet hair or such wastes, these cleaners leave the floor as clean as possible. If you want the tiles disinfected, there is no need tiring over traditional, inefficient means, steam clean them.

Steps to Successful Tile and Grout Steaming

In this case, steaming works differently on tiles than on wooden floors. It applies a different cleaning mechanism where the huge amount of heat loosens soap, mold, and dirt since it exceeds their melting point.


  • Steam Cleaner
  • Sponges
  • Rags
  • Bucket

Step 1- Vacuum the Room: Sweep the tile and grout to remove any dirt on the surface. This paves way for the actual cleaning. Removing dirt on the tile surface reduces the accumulation of waste that might hinder effective cleaning. You can also wipe down the tiles with the cloth rag to remove dirt.

Step 2- Fill the holding tank: Fill the water tank with clean distilled water and adjust the necessary temperatures. Avoid using detergent on the ceramic tiles. To clean thoroughly, you need to have a steam cleaner to at least 175°С to produce a decent steam pressure. Get yourself a high quality of commercial steamer as it produces the desired amount of steam.

Step 3- Scrub Gently: Attach nylon of a microfiber cloth to the lance. Scrub gently until the steams removes grime and dirt. When the steam is ready to use, squeeze the trigger and allow steam to the tiles through the microfiber cloth. Move the cleaner back and forth on the tiles removing and stuck dirt.

Step 4- Replace the Microfiber Cloth: When dirt accumulates on the microfiber cloth, unplug the steam cleaner, and change it to prevent overlaying dirt and repeat the process.

Step 5- Reprise the Process: Repeat the process on countertops and bathroom walls wiping the tiles up and down. After you are done with cleaning, allow the ceramic tiles to dry up. Since the floors can be slippery after cleaning, keep off until the tiles are dry.

Here are some important tips to know

  • Do not use chlorine or other bleaching agents
  • Use protective gloves and make the area well ventilated
  • Make sure your body does not come into contact with the steam.
  • A still nylon brush is a great alternative to the microfiber cloth.

When cleaning tiles and grout using steam cleaners, make sure you have the best steam cleaner that will maintain the floor even after cleaning time and again.

Choosing the Best Steam Cleaners for Floors

As you know, there are very many tools in the market that can be used for steaming floors and carpet. However, not all will deliver the expected results. You have to check both the features and previous customer reviews to get an overview of the expected results. Below are some of the things to look for when purchasing a steam cleaner;

  1. Type of floor surface.

Each type of floor surface needs different types of cleaners. For carpets, you can choose a wide range of products that can pass over the surface easily. It should also have carpet attachments to keep the carpet safe. When it comes to hardwood floors, you have to choose a steam cleaning that has adjustable steam setting so that you can control the amount of heat and moisture getting into the floor. Too much of it is dangerous.

  1. Size of the cleaning area

Different steam cleaning machines are designed to work on a particular surface area. Small machines are made to work on a small surface area while large steamers are for commercial purposes and large homes. A large cleaner will clean a large floor area and is applicable to areas with large area to cover.

With a small home, a small, lighter cleaner will work effectively unlike a large, expensive cleaner that will occupy enormous space in the house. With a larger home, a person needs a bigger water tank, therefore, one should not choose that which will waste time refilling every now and then.

  1. Pressure and Temperature

The ultimate steam washer has to generate of the necessary steam temperature to break down dirt from the floor. For wood floors, the cleaner has to have adjustable temperature according to the level of flooring. Since tile floors need a temperature of 175°С, so a temperature above 175°С is not adequate for this type of floor.

The amount of pressure produced by the steam cleaner also matters depending on the type of dirt. For example, you need low-pressure steam for a home floor and high-pressured steam for an industrial floor. A high-pressured steam cleaner produces dryer steam and sanitizes floors better than low-pressure steam cleaners.

  1. Cost

Money does not grow on trees, and we tend to have a budget for everything. If you have a very tight budget, try to get a product that will undertake the task without “drilling a hole” in your pocket. However, it is important to know that you are making an investment hence the price range should be moderate to avoid purchasing a cheap but low-quality product.

  1. Noise

If noise is a major concern to you, consider a quiet model that won’t pollute the air. Some models are noisy while others are quiet. If the cleaner provides specs on their noise level, it will be easier to choose. However, since many of these models do not disclose much information, it is advisable to check customer reviews to know how much noise to expect from a certain model.

  1. Accessories and Attachments

A cleaner without necessary attachments like a tree without leaves-dull! Attachments not only aid in cleaning but also complete the machine. Without the necessary attachments, the steam cleaner might not deliver maximum results. While some cleaners come with the attachments, others come without and you have to dig into your pockets to acquire separately.

The best case is when you purchase the device together with the attachments. Primary attachments are more versatile and have a high level of functionality than attachments that you have to purchase separately. These attachments include nylon brushes, hose extensions, adapters, solution tanks, and cleaning pad.

Below is a sample of the best steam cleaning machine for floors.

  • BISSELL Vac & Steam
BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam
Click image for more info

This is an interesting steam cleaner, it is both a cyclonic vacuum cleaner and a steam mop. It has two washable cleaning pads, a measuring cup, two fragrance discs and an anti-calc water filter that makes sure large particle don’t get their way inside the steam cleaner.

The machine is easy to use since you only press a button and go. it takes less than twenty-four minutes for the steam to heat up. It has a heat indicator on the handle that shows you when water is super-heated. The machine wipes all the dust and debris on your floor.

Like carpets, floors to need to steam cleaning. A floor tends to attract a lot of dirt and it’s the work of a steam cleaner to ensure the floor is ever tidy. Depending on the type of floor, you have to use different types of cleaning.

Cleaning hardwood and laminate floors is not similar to cleaning tile and grout counterparts. Thus, a well-laid formula is essential to prevent damaging the floor. Also, the types of cleaners vary as per the floors.

Expert tips:

This blog post at has explained the difference between the various cleaning methods;

  • Floors & hard surfaces
  • Plant & machinery, and
  • Carpets and upholstery

Read full article here.

Steam Cleaning Sofas and Couches

Cleaning sofas is not an easy thing. If you are not keep enough, dampness will be left behind making your couches to have bad odor.

Tips to steam cleaning for Sofas and Couches

  • Vacuuming is a must: Since the sofa surface has debris, a hand vacuum helps remove all of it. When vacuuming the sofa, first remove the cushions to reach deeper in the spaces between the planks. Suck all solid waste to pave way for the actual cleaning.
  • Identify the type of material: This is the most crucial part of all. Identify the upholstery using the codes attached.

W- This means you can use water to clean.

S- You can only use a dry cleaner detergent

WS-Use a dry-cleaning detergent or a mild detergent

X- No water. Vacuum cleaner only.

This can be quite challenging since not all couches have the care labels and it is upon you to decide which way to go. Taking a gamble is risky since the probability of being correct is very low. If you are not sure of the couch fabric, consult an expert for further advice.

The following steps will ensure safe and efficient steam cleaning for Sofa and Couches;

Step 1: Treat the Stains

After you have vacuumed the sofa and removed all grime, treat the stains. A spot upholstery cleaner helps break down the stairs and makes hence easing cleaning. Apply the upholstery cleaner and allow for some minutes then scrub with a cloth to pull down the stain. If it leaves traces, leave that for the steam cleaner.

Step 2: Treat the Fabric

This is done using a soil emulsifier and upholstery shampoo. The emulsifiers help loosen the dirt elements stuck on the fabric. Spray the couch with this product and add shampoo and brush over all the coach. The type of fabric should be able handle steam otherwise don’t try this formula.

Step 3: Prepare the Machine

After you have identified the ideal device for the job, add water as per the provided guidelines, then check if all attachments are in place. In this level, do not add any cleaning detergent or soap since it might prove difficult to wash.

Step 4: Cleaning

Begin by steaming the cushions. A handheld steam cleaner works best on such furniture. Release steam onto the cushion surface and clean gently. As steam gets into the fabric, suck up the excess water to by pulling the machine opening over the wet areas of the cushion.

Step 5: Repeat the process on the rest of the sofa

As you did to the cushions, steam the rest of the furniture using little steam, while removing it at the same time. Take caution not to soak the couch because drying it up is tedious- and boring as well!

After you are done, allow the furniture to dry. You can place the couches outside to dry on the direct sun. You can use other drying means such as a blow dryer or a fan.

Steam cleaning for couch and sofa is this easy. Provided you are familiar with the type of furniture and have the best tool, then it is a walk in the park. The most important thing is to follow the guidelines and steam cleaning furniture will be a huge success.

Below is a sample of one of the best sofa cleaners.

  • BISSELL BigGreen Commercial Hercules Vapor Scrub Steam Cleaner
BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGST500T Hercules Vapor Scrub Steam Cleaner
Click image for more info

This is a good upholstery cleaner that is multipurpose. It is not only one of the best sofa cleaner but also produces professional results in cleaning the floor. it really shines when it comes to cleaning fabric and furniture.

The cleaner is lightweight making it easy to lift and walk with it from one couch to the other. It comes with cleaning attachment and accessories such as nozzles and hoses to clean almost every part of the couch even the hard to reach areas like under the sofas.

Will you rest on a dirty, dusty couch or would you opt to steam the gunk out of it and have the great rest or nap? While the answer is obvious, then steam cleaning sofas is vital. Sofas and couches tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and particles and hence you need to undertake thorough cleaning.

Sofas get filthy easily since all sort of dirt is at the disposal. Spilled drinks, food particles, pet hair, dirty hand rubs, dust and other sorts of dirt will leave the sofas wanting. However, you don’t have to worry since, with an efficient steam cleaner, it is simple to cleanse.

You should, however, take maximum care since you can damage the couch material within no time. A couch may be made of any type of material and you should check it well before you start steaming. At the end of the day, your sofa should not tear up due to steam exposure.

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Steam Cleaning for Mattresses

clean mattress

Treat your mattress with love and affection and it will reward you with a tender slumber. Give it some chocolate and you will get some butterflies. A clean, sanitized mattress is the secret to a great sleep and rest after long tiring days, and steam cleaning is the best approach.  It is eco-friendly, safe and easy depending on how you do it.

Steam cleaning mattresses removes not only dirt but also kills bacteria, allergens, bedbugs and other germs within. A rather inexpensive steam cleaner is all what you need. It can also be used for other cleaning purposes at home. However, since not all mattresses can be cleaned using steam, it’s important to determine the type you are dealing with.

Before you start cleaning know the amount of time it takes your mattress to dry. If it can dry within 6 hours, then you are good to go. Anything more than that should be worrying. Here are the steps to follow when steam cleaning the mattress.

Step 1 – Vacuum the mattress.

When using a steam cleaner, vacuuming is the first step. It takes out all dirt and solid particles in that the steam cleaner won’t remove. These can be soil particles, dust, or even hair.

Step 2 – Place the mattress in a cleaning position.

It has to be a strategic place where no other materials will be affected. Steam cleaning the mattress while in the bed is not effective. A standing position is ideal since it eases cleaning on both sides.

Step 3 – Deodorize the mattress

The mattress is prone to lots of sweat and thus bad odors. To remove the bad stench, you can use alkaline solutions or baking soda. Apply the baking soda over the mattress and allow for a few minutes. It helps break down the sweat compounds and neutralizes any acidity on the mattress.

Step 4 – Steaming the Mattress.

The steam cleaner should have an upholstery tool. When steaming, use both dry and wet cycles minimizing the amount of water used. Use the provided cloth to dry up the water and collect as much moisture as possible. If there are stain on the mattress, you can pass the steam over severally to break it down. Repeat the process on both sides and at the edges of the mattress.

Step 5 – Drying the Mattress.

Expose the mattress to direct sunlight and overturn it severally to dry evenly. It should dry up before nightfall and ready to sleep on.  However, you should avoid a lot of moisture since it makes the mattress a bit stiff and less comfortable while sleeping.

Here is an example of mattress steam cleaning machine.

  • SteamFast Steamer SF-407 Fabric Steamer
Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
Click image for more info

This is an effective, reliable and efficient cleaner that belongs to every laundry room. Its hot stream penetrates deep into the fabrics and relaxes the fibers on the mattress cover. It removes the wrinkles on the mattress cover faster than iron it.

The steam cleaner comes with telescopic pole that is detachable and adjustable to a variety of heights for optimal mattress steaming. The cleaner sanitizes the mattress.

Steam Cleaning for Ovens

Your bake-master should not be left behind when it comes to cleanliness. Ovens accumulate dirt very fast and becomes smelly with grime. To avoid that noxious smell and have your kitchen the place to be, look for a wonderful steam cleaning machine for ovens.

To remove breadcrumbs and other debris on the oven, you need a highly efficient steam cleaner with overheated steam. Here are some of the materials you need to have before you begin cleaning.

Steps in Steam Cleaning Ovens

Step 1 – Remove large food particles on the oven

Food particles makes cleaning difficult and hence it is necessary to remove them. Carbonized food present on the shelves, walls, and floor of the oven can be removed using the wallpaper scraper. Collect the waste in a bin to avoid dirtying the kitchen.

Step 2 – Make a cleaning paste

Paste helps remove the hardened food substances. In a bowl, mix 50ml of vinegar with 200 grams of baking soda. Mix thoroughly to get a paste. Wear the gloves and apply baking soda paste on all parts of the oven. Make sure all the areas in the cleaner get the sufficient contact of the paste.

Step 3 – Clean the Shelves

Sock the scorers in the soapy water and scrub all until they shine clean. Using the clean cloth, dry the shelves and leave them aside.

Step 4 – Scrub the oven parts

Using the bristle brush scrub robustly and systematically to cover every inch of the oven. Clean the floor, ceiling, and walls until all sticky substances get loose.

Step 5 – Rinse the paste.

Use a clean cloth to wipe all the dirt mixture. Dip the cloth in hot water for better results.

Step 6 – Steam Cleaning the Oven

Using your steam cleaner, prepare the steam and get to the oven. Redirect the wand to all parts of the oven and blast away the food remnants and baking soda mixture. Hold the nozzle close to the oven to maximize pressure. Repeat the steaming severally until you are satisfied that all areas are covered. Dispose the final waste in a bin and leave the oven to dry.

This is a tedious approach, although the most effective for steam cleaning the oven. It takes out all dirt, stuck food substances is a cheap procedure.

Here is an example of a oven steam cleaner.

  • Karcher SCI Steam Stick

In order to cook healthy food, your oven must be clean. Karcher SCI Steamer Stick will save you from stomach running. It has extended hose and attachments that help you to remove the food remains stuck on the oven.

The steam cleaner is more devotes on removing the tough stains on your oven and also disinfecting it. it takes three minutes for the water to heat up.

Steam Cleaning Windows

Clean window

Steam cleaning is the best cleaning method that keeps your windows clean. Wiping your window glasses with a piece of cloth may remove the stains but not the germs and fingerprints on them. Your windows will look spectacular clean with steam cleaning. Remove all the grease and fingerprints that remain on the windows when we hold them during opening and closing with the best steamer.

Don’t worry about detergents that might not be friendly to your kids and pets because steam cleaning will enable you to clean your windows without them. Enjoy beautiful scenery by looking through clean windows. It sanitizes and kills the germs on the windows.

Vileda Steam Mop is one of the best windows steamers cleaners. Use it to clean your windows and you will not regret.

  • Vileda Steam Mop

This is an excellent steam cleaning machine that will leave your windows spectacular clean. the cleaner is light making it easy for you to comfortably hold it when cleaning the windows. Its water tank is not directly heated; therefore, you can open it and refill it while still steaming.

The cleaner cleans incredibly well and is easy to use.

However, for you to get the best from your steam cleaner, follow these steps.

Steps in Steam Cleaning Windows

Step 1 – Fill the steam cleaning machine with water to the marked level on the cleaner’s tank. Plug in the cleaner in the source of power for the water to get heated and become steam. Remember, the cleaner will use steam vapor to clean not the water.

Step 2 – Hold the machine’s wand on your hand and press the on button on the machine to activate the steam.

Step 3 – Move the wand as it produces stem vapor across the window’s width. The steam will soften the grease and fingerprints on the windows making it easy to remove them. Cover the entire window with steam to ensure it is fully sanitized. Work down the window glasses until they are clear such that you have a clear view of what is happening from outside. The steam will fully clean and sanitize your window.

Step 4 – Use a piece of microfiber cloth and wipe the window horizontally starting at the top working downwards. If the cloth becomes too wet, use a dry cloth. Wipe the window until it is all dry.

However, there are things that you must adhere to as long as your safety is concerned.

  • Do not use any cleaning detergents in the steam cleaning machine’s holding tank since it is only made to hold water. Pure water will leave your windows glowing.
  • The steam is too hot, it can burn you. Avoid placing your hands or limbs in the path of the steam.

Steam Cleaning a Shower

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom and Shower Walls

I have heard people asking, why a towel get dirty and you only use to dry the water on your body after a bath. This means, even after we take shower, there is some dirt on our body. The bathroom tiles and glasses get dirty right under our noses. You only realize how dirty they once a bad odor starts coming from it.

The tile’s grout gets too moldy and embedded with gunk. Some people opt to remove the grout and replace it. This process looks easier and promising. However, there is no need to go to all of that trouble and expenses while you can comfortably and effectively steam clean your shower. Here is a sample of a shower steam cleaner.

exhaust fanExpert tips:

The exhaust fan in your bathroom is an often overlooked item for cleaning. You’ll want to regularly check and clean the fan as it has a tendency to suck up lint, pet hair, and dust. Add in some moisture when you’re taking a shower and these can quickly stick to and build up on/in the fan, reducing its

There are many different styles of exhaust fans so cleaning them will vary based on style and usage. If your fan doesn’t let a lot of airborne dirt get through to the motor, a quick once over on the cover with a quality steam cleaner will do just fine. This can easily be done while steam cleaning your bathroom. I recommend removing the cover and placing on a towel to clean both inside and out.

If you find that the exhaust fan motor gets built up with that nasty grime, you’ll want to cut the power to the fan from your electrical panel and clean it up. The great benefit of a steam cleaner is that you can blast into some small cracks or places that would be otherwise very difficult to clean. Have a towel handy to wipe down the loosened dirt.

Remember to never spray directly into electrical components or connections.

A clean exhaust fan is your first defense against mold and mildew in your bathroom. Keeping this fan working efficiently will keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh keeping that nasty mold at bay.

Steam Cleaning for Curtains

Many of us forget to wash our curtain until you want to see what is happening outside but you can’t because your curtain is too dirty. It is smelling dust or when you start sneezing. Removing curtains to be washed is a tricky idea since you don’t want your neighbor to see you from inside. You want to maintain your privacy. I have a solution for you. You do not need to expose your house to prying eyes of your immediate neighbors, just steam clean them, you won’t remove them from their rods.

Steam cleaning for curtains not only removes the dirt on them but also sanitizes it and removes any possible creases. Steam cleaning your curtain is same as steam steaming for clothes.

Steps in Steam Cleaning Curtains

Step 1 – Hang the curtains on their rods and read the manufacturer’s label to make sure the steam won’t affect it. Some curtains are made of nylon fabric which can be affected by the steam. As rule of thumb, curtains that can be washed with machines can be steamed.

Step 2 – Fill the steam cleaner to the marked label on the tank and warm it. Once the water is super-heated, unplug the leaner from the source of power and switch on the steamer to activate steam. Hold the hose-mounted steaming handle upright, with the steam holes away from you to avoid burning yourself. Test the machine’s spray power by holding it at least eight inches from the curtain.

Step 3 – First thing first. Start with the top part of the curtain. If you are not tall enough consider stepping on a stool. This allows the dirt at the top of the curtain to fall down.

Step 4 – Run the steaming machine slowly down the curtain. If the curtain is tall, break the length into small manageable parts.

Step 5 – If the wrinkles on the curtains don’t release, hold the streamer closer to it like ten inches and pass the steam over the wrinkles. If you observe wet spots on the on the curtain, you will be holding it close. Move the steamer some inches from the curtain.

Step 6 – Close the windows and don’t do any further dusting in the room for at least an hour. This provides enough time for the curtains to fully dry and prevents them from picking up dust.

A sample of curtain steamer

  • Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet

Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer with Foot Operated On-Off Switch, 1500-Watt, Blue
Click image for more info

This is a steamer with code-breaking design that is ideal for steaming garments. It has telescopic pole that allows you to adjust it to a height of your comfort. The steamer has large transparent water tank that provides a clear view of the water level. It is also removable for refilling.

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Choosing a Steam Cleaner for Clothes and Windows

For you to choose the best steam cleaning machine, consider the following factors.

  1. Size and Weight

Steam cleaners come in wide range of sizes, shapes, and weight. The size and weight of the steam cleaner will vary on the type of the cleaner you buy.

Before you pay for that steam clean you have picked, make sure you have read its dimensions and weight. After you are familiar with them, think about whether you are ready to push around a bulky cleaner or you prefer something lightweight and more portable. People prefer Handheld Steam cleaner because they are light and portable.

  1. Steamer Attachments and Accessories

Always go for steam cleaners that come with various attachments and accessories. The attachments will allow you to sanitize different surfaces of your home. If you want a steam cleaner that is versatile, consider the type of attachments and accessories it has.

A steam cleaner like ProduTrend Portable Handheld Steamer has many attachments that allow it to clean almost everything.

  1. Water Holding Tank Size

Just like iron boxes, steam cleaners come with different water tanks. A steam cleaner will continue to produce steam for as long as there is water in the holding tank to heat. Steam cleaners with small tank sizes imply you will keep on refilling it more often.

A steam cleaner like Steamfast SF-30 WH has an extra-large water tank that allows you to clean without refiling it. its tank capacity is 1420 ml.

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
Click image for more info
  1. Steamer Pressure and Temperatures

Consider how hot your steamer gets and its steam pressure. Steam cleaners that have high temperatures produce dryer steam and higher pressure. Super Max 6000 is a steam cleaner with high pressure that can be used for home cleaning and commercial purpose.

Steam Cleaning Car Seats

Different people rest in our car seats. We don’t have time to scrutinize them to ascertain whether they are clean enough to dirt them or not. Dirt and oil are transferred from clothing to the car seats. A steam cleaner is the best solution to steam clean a car interior. Whether heavily or soiled, steam cleaning is an excellent option to steam clean your car interior.

It will save you the need to use harmful chemicals. Steam cleaning penetrates deep into the fabric and allows you to clean the hard to reach areas. It softens and lifts dirt so you won’t scrub the stains the whole day. Most people tend to ignore car seats and concentrate on other parts. This should not be the case because there are many steam cleaners available to help in your job.

Steps in Steam Cleaning Car Seats

Below are steps to clean your car seats. Start by cleaning the car carpet and fabric with a steam cleaner

Step 1 – Vacuum the upholstery and carpet

Remove all the dirt and dust from the carpet for the steam cleaner to be effective. Use crevice vacuum tool to clean hard to reach areas such as between seats and pedals. 

Step 2 – Attach the brush to the steamer

Attach the triangular wand to the steamer and switch on the cleaner so as to activate the steam. The bristled tool will agitate the carpet, lifting out any dirt that the steam loosens from the car carpet and upholstery. 

Step 3 – Steam the car seats

Rub the bristles over the car carpet as you move the steam slowly over the floor. Make overlapping passes to make sure you clean every spot on the floor and the fabric seats. Be quick enough so that no steam will accumulate on one spot. 

Step 4 – Steam clean your car seats

Steam clean your car seats by passing the triangular tool over the fabric seats. Make overlapping passes against the seat. Be gentle on the seats to avoid pilling the fabric. 

Step 5 – Vacuum the carpet

After you are through with steam cleaning, vacuum the carpet again to remove any dirt that was loosened by the cleaner.

Here is a sample of car seat steamer

  • BISSELL 3624 SpotClean Professional

BISSELL 3624 SpotClean Professional combines powerful suction power, scrubbing action and cleaning. It removes all the stubborn and tough stains on your car seats. The steamer is small making it portable from one car seat to the other. Its water tank can hold ¾ gallon allowing you to clean more area without refilling it.

Steam Cleaning Auto Detailing

car detailing

Steam cleaning is safe for every vehicle surface. It is used for cleaning car interiors, they rehydrate, condition and restore the leather nature of your car seats. They do wonders on any water sensitive areas since no dampness is left behind.

Steam cleaning the car windows is easier than using chemical detergents. It does not leave any streaks behind and it is safe to the person using it.

Steam cleaning automotive is an easy task since the high steam pressure removes dirt and grease while the heat melts away stuck on residue resulting to completely restored trim. Wipe door jambs and trims with a piece cloth after the steam cleaning auto.

Here is a sample of auto detailing steam cleaner.

  • VapaMore MR 100 Pro

VapaMore MR 100 Pro is a disinfect chemical-free cleaner that will allow you to clean your automotive. It is a multipurpose machine that has strong suction power. It picks all the dust and debris hidden on the car screen, seats, carpet and even on the car boot.

Steam Cleaning Machines

The market is full of many steam cleaning machines, some are genuine while others are quacks. Before you make an order of any streamer, first know want you expect from the steam cleaning machine.

Some steam cleaning machines can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces. I will discuss types of steam cleaners that will help you to choose the best.

  1. Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld cleaner like BISSELL 2635e Steam Shot is small, lightweight and more affordable. Its small size makes it extremely easy to work with.  The cleaner takes small storage space.

Handheld cleaners are great at getting out small stains on your curtains and clothes. However, not every tale has a happy ending, these steamers are not hypothetical when it comes to cleaning large spaces. It is suitable for smaller cleaning jobs.

  1. Steam Mops

Steamer mops are designed primarily for cleaning floors. This type of cleaners is upright and easy to handle. They come with a holding water tank that stores water while cleaning. A steam mop like BISSELL Vac & Steam has adjustable height that allows you to clean different areas like walls and floor.

  1. Cylinder Steam Cleaners

They are also known as canister steam cleaner. They are larger than both steam mops and handheld steam cleaners. They are bulkier thus it is difficult to store and control them. The water tank is large thus making them bulky.

A cylinder steam cleaner like Vaporetto Classic 65 has four tools; window squeegee, a cleaning head, a concentrator nozzle and a small brush that is good for bathroom tile and fittings.

Hoover Steam Cleaners

Hoover is one of the trust brand for floor care products like vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, and steam cleaner. Hence, I am going to discuss some of the best hoover steam cleaners in the market. They include;

  • Hoover Steam Mop TwinTank Steam Cleaner

TwinTnak Steam Cleaner combines with the Hoover SteamPlus Disinfectant solution to deliver professional results. It has two separate tanks that allow you to steam your floor alone or add the solution. When used with the solution, the steam cleaner removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

The cleaner has triangular swivel mophead that can rotate and maneuver between tight corners to clean hard to reach areas.

  • FloorMate Steam Scrub Pro Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner is a trigger-controlled steam that lets you choose the perfect any place you want to clean. It uses SteamStream Technology that removes stubborn stains on your floor by spraying at them directly. It has large tank capacity that holds more water for few trips to your sink. Dirty and clean water in the tank is separated by the Dual Tank Technology.

  • FloorMate SteamScrub 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner

Make your floor restore its glowing nature by using this type of steam cleaner. Just like FloorMate Steam Scrub Pro Cleaner, the cleaner has Dual Tank Technology that separates the dirty water from the clean water so that you can easily clean your floor. The technology also allows you to fill, empty and rinse the tanks easily.

Its large capacity tank makes you clean a large floor without refilling it now and then. You can concentrate on cleaning and your floor will be spectacular clean.


Cleaning is not only removing the visible dirt but also disinfecting your floor, carpet, curtains and even car interior. Hot steam vapor is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent that allows you to eliminate any potential germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Do not let germs to breed its grandchildren on your floor or carpet. Kick out with steam cleaners. By using these cleaners, I have sure you will be recognized for your efforts in conserving the environment. The cleaners don’t use chemicals so they are eco-friendly.

However, when using these cleaners be careful. Always point the wand holes away from you to avoid burning yourself. The steam is usually too hot. As you clean you desired surfaces, move the wand very fast to avoid the steam concentrating on one area thus there is dampness left behind.

When purchasing the steam cleaner, make sure the cleaner you are buying is durable and has a reasonable holding tank that will allow you to finish your cleaning job without refilling it now and then. Lightweight steamers are the best since most of the surfaces you will be cleaning will be requiring you to walk up and down carrying the cleaner.

When steaming delicate surfaces like window glasses, car interior, and hoover, you must be extra keen not to cause any serious damages. Hold the steaming wand a few inches from the cleaning surface to avoid leaving behind dampness.

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