Streak Free Tile Floor Cleaner Recipe

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Family clean tile floors with Streak Free Recipe

Looking for Streak Free Tile Floor Cleaner Recipe? 

Everyone can clean tiles, but not all cleaners can be used to clean tiles. You need a cleaner that will not damage your tiles. Some tiles like stone tiles are highly reactive with acid cleaners. If you use a detergent that contains acid, you are drilling the last nail in your coffin. The tiles will look like a hundred years old.

There are a thousand commercial cleaners in the market that are effective. But you must dig deep in your pockets to buy them. The great news is that you can prepare your cleaner while sitting on your balcony. It’s that simple. The soap will be better than commercial cleaner since you are aware of its ingredients.

Commercial cleaners tend to pollute the indoor air, which can bring some respiratory infections such as asthma and allergies. They leave behind harmful residue, which causes dangerous health conditions. You need a homemade cleaner that is pretty inexpensive to prepare and sufficient to use.


To prepare effective cleaner, you need the following ingredients;

  • Four cups of warm water
  • One cup of white vinegar
  • A half cup of alcohol
  • Six drops of pure liquid dish soap (Should not have any antibacterial ingredients or bleach)
  • 10-15 drops of oil such as peppermint oil

This cleaner is widely used to clean laminate, vinyl, and linoleum tiles. The vinegar in it can damage porous tiles such as slate tiles. Despite that, it leaves your tiles shining like new.

DIY Streak Free Tile Floor Cleaner Recipe


Step 1:

Pour the four cups of warm water in a bucket, add the white vinegar then stir until they form a paste. Add the alcohol followed by the pure liquid dish soap. Mix them to create a thick paste. Add the oil then mix. You can also put all the components in a mop bucket then stir to form a solution.

Step 2:

Once the solution is well combined, put it to a plastic or glass spray bottle then shake. That’s all, and you are done with preparation. It’s that simple.

Step 3:

Use your homemade cleaner on the tiles. Spray it on the tiles then wipe with a cotton mop. Rinse the area with fresh warm water then dry it with a piece of cotton cloth. Leave the floor to air dry.

Why do We Need the Ingredients?


It is used to loosen the dirt and helps the other ingredients to mix.

White Vinegar:

It is used to degrease and disinfect the tiles. It’s acid, but once it’s diluted, it cannot damage your stone tiles.


If the water doesn’t evaporate, the tiles are left with streaks, so they look dull. The alcohol is used to hasten evaporation. It also helps in disinfecting the tiles.

Liquid Soap:

The soap dissolves the link between the dirt and the floor and cleans it. However, don’t use a dish soap that has moisturizers or antibacterial ingredients.

Essential Oil:

Vinegar and alcohol produce odor which might be displeasing to your family. Essential oil is used to offset vinegar and rubbing alcohol smell. If you have pets, use oil that doesn’t have compounds like fragrance.

Disinfecting Floor Cleaner:

You have cleaned your stone tiles, what about purifying them? Germs will sneak under the mop and make your family ill. You need to disinfect the floor because kids crawl on it and they will contact illness.

The fantastic thing is, this cleaner does not require a lot of ingredients, it’s easy to prepare, and you only need the following elements:

  • One gallon of warm water
  • A half cup of Borax

There are tile floors that require regular disinfecting and deep vacuuming like the kitchen and washrooms. This cleaner will disinfect these areas effectively. To prepare it, you need the Borax which is also known as sodium tetraborate. It completely dissolves in water to form a solution.

Use a mop bucket to mix the two ingredients then stir them exhaustively. Dip the mop in the solution and wipe down the tiles. The solution will eradicate all the germs on the floor. Borax is immense for cleaning even the closets and kitchen counters.

The Bottom Line

From the above streak free tile floor cleaner recipe, the cleaners are natural and friendly to your stone tiles. They help you in cutting the cost since the ingredients are affordable. Above all, they are available in the nearest shop. Remember, the ingredients are used for special reasons. If you are planning to use different ingredients, you are altering the whole formula, and the results will vary. Follow the above procedure to prepare a homemade cleaner.

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