Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Checklist

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Looking for ultimate Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Checklist?

We fall ill because some diseases or germs has knocked down our immune system. The same thing happens to the vacuum cleaners. With constant use, they are prone to wear and tear. Regular inspection of the cleaners should be done to repair the damages before the cleaner turn to a toy.

Inspection and minute repairs done on the cleaners should be well documented to help you track the number of times the cleaner has been serviced. Wear and tear reduce the machine efficiency and drains the battery lifespan. If the battery was taking 120 minutes, it takes 90 minutes to drain.

The cleaners help us in keeping a nook and cranny cleaning, making our houses shine. They remove all the dirt, debris, pet hair and dust on the floor. To keep them on toes, we need to have a vacuum cleaner maintenance checklist. 

General Checklist for Every Type of Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Brush Roller

The brush roller plays a crucial role in the cleaning process. It removes the debris. During the cleaning process, some trash and other sticky items are trapped on the roller bristles. Such items include hair, strings, and papers.

If the brush roller is not cleaned and items removed, the vacuum cleaner will not be able to wipe the floor efficiently since it will be hard for it to rotate while cleaning.

While cleaning, always make sure you use gloved hands or a long stick to remove the debris. Wash the brush roller with water and soap. If you have a disinfectant, use it to kill all the germs.

  1. Roller Belt

The belt is attached to the roller. It rotates the roller for it to clean. Due to consistent use, it becomes loose, and the tension grows poor. Check the belt to make sure it is tight, and it has proper tension to rotate the belt.

If the tension is weak, the cleaner will take too long to clean the room, and the machine will not be capable of completing the task. It will leave some dust on the floor. Steady checking will help you notice if the belt is about to tear and replace it in advance.

The belt sometimes slips out of place. When it rotates, it can cause mass damage to the cleaner. Replacement of the belt should be done every 6-12 months. This depends on the vacuum cleaner usage. If you use it more often, replace it after six months or less.

  1. Hose and Filter

Dirt passes through the tube and sometimes get lodged and trapped inside it. If it piles up in this hose, the machine will not be able to work well since there is a blockage. It will not be picking debris.

If the machine is not picking debris and is producing funny noise while cleaning, check the hose. There might be some debris stuck there. Consistent checkup should be done on the filter to make sure the holes are not clogged with debris.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner Dustbin

All the debris picked by the vacuum cleaner are deposited in the dustbin. You should be proactive and preventive in checking the baggage and if it is worn out, replace it. Empty the trash when it is 2/3 full.

Worn-Out baggage will start overflowing, dirtying the floor. You can know if the bag is full is the machine suction strength diminishes or if the vacuumed areas are covered with dirt after it is cleaned.

  1. Vacuum Cord

Cord enables the vacuum cleaner to move freely. The ropes should be evenly checked while the machine is in use and during storage.

Robot Vacuum Maintenance Checklist

Robot vacuum cleaner is a machine, just like any other machine, it requires a regular checkup for it to produce excellent results. If you are unwell and your boss forces you to carry a tree trunk, will you make it? The answer is NO. The tree log might even land on your head sending you to the grave.

The same thing will happen to robot vacuum cleaners if not maintained. Maintenance prolongs the machine life spam. If your machine is experiencing some difficulties while cleaning, this article is right for you.

  1. Check Space Isolator, Docking Station and Remote Controller

Robot vacuum cleaner like Roomba 960 has Home Base charging station that enable it to auto-charge itself once the battery drains.

To maintain it, make sure the docking station is working. Do not leave the socket on. Once the machine is done charging, switch it off.  Wipe the remote controller and the docking station regularly to remove the dust.

  1. Infrared Sensors

If dust accumulates on the sensors, they will not be able to sense any dirt. The vacuum cleaner will not perform maximumly. Clean the sensors regularly with a dry cotton piece of cloth or a soft cloth. The sensors should be super clean.

  1. Clean the Removable Dustbin

Once the bag is 2/3 full, empty it. Clean it with a brush and water then wipe it dry. Check if the container is tone to avoid dirtying the floor while cleaning.

  1. HEPA Filters

Some Robot vacuum cleaners use HEPA Filters. The HEPA filters should be kept clean for it to be efficient and competent.

To keep them clean, note that, HEPA filters should not be washed with water to avoid rusting. Water reduced the vacuuming power of the machine. You can use a dust brush or a hair dryer to remove the dust and debris.

  1. Wheels

When cleaning the wheels, do not use water. Water removes the lubricants on the wheels and makes them rust. Remove the wheels from the machine with a screwdriver. Clean them using dust brush.

  1. Mopping Pad

A mopping pad is an electrostatic dust paper. It wipes the floor as the machine cleans the floor. Check if it is dirt and replace it immediately. Dirty mopping pad does not mop all the dust. It leaves some debris behind. 

  1. Side brushes

Side brushes remove the dirt on the corners and wall edges. Once they are dirty, they will not remove the debris. Clean them by submerging them on lukewarm water, then use a brush to straighten the creases and twisted hair.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Features

  • iAdapt Responsive Technology – Robotic vacuum cleaners like Roomba 770 have iAdapt Responsive Technology that enables it to navigates smoothly in your unique room from one point to the other. It has Virtual Wall Technology to keep it in the rooms you want to clean.
  • Dirt Detect Series ii Technology – Some robotic cleaners such as Roomba 770 have Dirt Detect technology that enables it to concentrate on cleaning the dirty parts of the room. This saves time since it does not wander around the room randomly.
  • Low Profile – Robotic vacuum cleaners like ROLLIBOT BL618 have a low-profile design that enables it to penetrate under the low-profile furniture. The low-profile design allows it to clean the hard to reach areas under the furniture.
  • Auto Recharging – Robotic vacuum cleaners such as ILIFE A4s auto recharge themselves once the battery runs low below 15%. The programmable scheduling allows it to clean the room and dock itself automatically when it runs low.
  • Side brushes – Dirt tend to hide on the edges and wall corners. Robotic Cleaners have side brushes to clean all the dirt on the corners. The brushes clean the dirt from the corners to the robotic path to pick it. The brushes make sure your house is clean.
  • Mopping Pads – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners like iRobot Braava Jet have wet mopping pads that clean the floor to the latter. The wet pads tackle the debris, dirt and stains on the floor since they have a water activated cleaning agent. It leaves the floor glowing.
  • HEPA filters – large number of people are allergic to dust. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners such as KOIOS have HEPA Filters that remove all the dust in your room. The cleaner absorbs all the dust in the air thus improving your room air quality.
  • Remote Control – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners such as Roomba 980 can be controlled from the comfort of your couch using your smart phone. A HOME App on your phone enables you to monitor the cleaning history and the cleaner’s battery status. You can also start and pause it anywhere anytime using the App.

Bagless Vacuum Maintenance Checklist

People think that it is easy to maintain bagless vacuum cleaners than robot vacuum cleaners since they do not have bags. This is a mere myth; bagless cleaners require regular check just like there bagged counterparts.

Keep an eye on the hose, and filters. Replace them after six months or so. Regular maintenance keeps the machine on toes and produces to the highest level.

  1. Clean the Filters

Filters pick all the dirt when the machine is cleaning. Most bagless cleaners have one removable filter that can be washed and replaced. To clean it, warm water and use a little dish soap. Rinse the filters until the water runs clear.

Dry the filters before inserting it back. Check this video to see how to clean the filters.

  1. Clear the Brush Roller

Items trapped in the brush rollers makes it difficult for them to maneuver through the carpets and other dirty surfaces. Use scissors to smoke them out. Use a gloved hand to remove them manually one by one until the brush is clean.

For worn out brush rollers, replace them with new once by making an order with Amazon. Liaise with their technical team to fix it for you to avoid damages. 

  1. Check the Bagless Canisters

Bagless vacuum cleaners use canisters to keep the dirt picked while cleaning. Make sure you empty the cartridges once they are 2/3 full. Also, replace the canister if it is leaking or it is about to wear out. Wash the bins once you empty them.

  1. HEPA Filters

Bagless vacuum cleaner like Hoover Wind Tunnel uses HEPA filters to pick all the dirt on the floor. The filters make it the best choice for people who are allergic to dust. Clean the filters regularly with a dusty rug. Do not use water to clean them less they rust.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners’ Features

  • HEPA Filters – Bagless vacuum cleaners like Hoover Wind Tunnel cleaner has HEPA filters that enable it to trap all the allergens on the floor that are likely to affect you. It is recommended for everyone but particularly for those who experience allergic disorders.
  • Dirt Canisters – Bagless cleaners are very easy to empty. The dirt picked by the HEPA filters is stored in the canisters. When the cartridge is full, drain it by just tapping at the bottom of it or the top canister lid on the trashcan. It is advisable to empty it as close to the bottom of the trashcan as possible to avoid the all the dust which might turn into a cloud and cause some haling complications.
  • Low Maintenance – Bagless vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain since you don’t have to keep on purchasing bags. They have canisters which do not need to replaced now and then.
  • Eco-friendly – The need to conserve the environment is becoming strong since it directly affects us. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners use canisters not paper bags. Bags takes resources to be made and be transported to the end user. When you throw it after use, it goes into a landfill. When using bagless vacuum cleaners, the only thing you throw away is dust. it does not pollute the environment.
  • Easy to empty – Bagless Vacuum Cleaners are very easy to empty. You only need to remove the canister from the vacuum body and snap it on the bottom or on the top canister lid and the dust is emptied. It is advisable to put on breathing masks when emptying the canister.

Upright Vacuums Cleaners Maintenance Checklist

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is something that you want to last long. Like any other machine, if you take good care of the device, it will serve you many years. This article will show you how you can maintain your upright vacuum cleaner.

  1. Check the Filters

When cleaning the floor, dust and other debris pass through the vacuum cleaner and tend to get jammed in the filters. The trash builds up with time and the upright suction power making it ineffective. Clean the filters regularly to remove all the trapped dust.

  1. Crisscross the Brush

Due to constant use, the brush becomes worn out and sometimes tangled with all forms of obstacles. Remove the barriers on the brush. If the brush is worn out, go ahead and replace it entirely.

  1. Vacuum Bag

Make sure the upright vacuum bag is not worn out or tattered. Consistent removing of the packets from the vacuum can facilitate rapid wearing. It is recommended you empty the bag after every use and wash it with lukewarm water with a disinfectant. If the container is worn out, replace it by purchasing a new one.

  1. Storage

The way you store upright vacuum cleaner will determine its lifespan. The upright vacuum cleaner is not friendly to water. Just like some people are hydrophobic, they can fall sick when they take a cold shower. Moist conditions cause rusting of some parts of the cleaner.

Store it in a place where it is not dumb to avoid rusting and not too dry to avoid making the belt hard leading to tearing.

 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Pet Hair Eraser – Upright Vacuum Cleaners have adjustable height that allows them to be at the perfect level depending on the floor type. This feature enables the cleaners to pick all the pet hair on the floor. They have crevice tool which allow you to clean inside upholstered furniture.
  • Electric Hose – The Vacuum Cleaners have an electric Hose that is electrically powered to provide power for the electric attachments. The hose develops charges that trap dust is produced while cleaning thus your house is free from dust.
  • Adjustable Height – People have different types of floors; carpets, tiles and wooden floors. Hoover REACT Powered Reach Plus Upright has an adjustable height that enables you to clean any kind of floor. The adjustment is either manual or automatic. Manual has a knob that is used to adjust, and an automatic raise and lowers the cleaner depending on the floor type.
  • Light Weight – Upright vacuum cleaners are light such that you can walk up and down the stairs carrying it. The lightweight enables you to move it from one room to the other with ease.
  • Telescoping Wand – Some upright vacuum cleaners have a telescoping wand that enables it to clean the ceilings, ceiling fans, drapes and cupboard shelves. It gives an added advantage to your cleaning ability.


Vacuum cleaners are machines; they require proper maintenance for them to serve you well and live long. It sucks when you purchase a vacuum cleaner and the following month you are back on AMAZON buying another because the earlier one broke down. We all want to get the best from our vacuum cleaners.

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is regularly checked mainly on a weekly basis to make sure all the parts are working and note the parts that need to be replaced. The cleaners should be kept in dry areas, clean the dustbins before you store them.

Proper vacuum cleaner maintenance guarantees long life. This article will guide you on how to keep your cleaners in good form.

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